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Starka varumärken : strategiska konkurrensmedel och utvidgning?

The purpose with this essay was to examine and bring a deeper comprehension about Brands as a phenomenon. We also wanted to study if strong Brands could develop in to strategic competition means and by that expand their market range. To do this we used a qualitative method. We started by gathering a theoretical basis. This gave us a platform, which helped us learn more about the subject, Brands.

Varumärkesutvidgningar för Personliga varumärken vs. Företagsvarumärken - Same same, but different

Today, branding is not a phenomenon but rather a prerequisite for a brand to be able to both survive and grow stronger. During the last couple of years, personal branding has come to be an established term, just like corporate branding. With the growth of the social media and the thousands of ways to interact with each other personal Brands face great competition. It is more difficult than ever to maintain a strong brand, partly because of this. There are several growth options for Brands.

Artisten och innebörden av det personliga varumärket

The purpose of this study is to understand and get increased knowledge about what it means to see artists as Brands. What are the typical assets and what kind of advantages and disadvantages are distinctive when it comes to applying a brand perspective on artists. Brands are an important part of our lives today, and the benefit of seeing a company as a brand has made that not only big companies are interested in building Brands. Beyond companies even persons now want to become Brands. The new perspective in seeing persons as Brands is interesting and something that made us curious to investigate.

Varumärkesvädering : Svagheter och Möjligheter

Brands are the instruments corporates use to create and communicate Brands reputation. Within the different industries for consumer products intangible assets such as Brands are known to have great importance for corporate prosperities. When consumers experiences a specific brand symbolizes best possible value for money, the corporate behind it has managed to create a unique competitive advantage that should be to its full potential. Strong Brands can pose the difference between winning or loosing on the market. Due to this Brands should be considered as cost-effective instruments since they help create financial advantages such as consumer loyalty.

Private brands on special display

This thesis is concerning private Brands on special display. ICA Gott Liv! was used as a study object and a latin square design was employed, using 2 ICA Kvantum stores. Two displays were built in order to compare which created the most awareness and interest, one with the best selling Gott Liv! product and one with four randomly chosen Gott Liv! products. The data was collected using triangulation, questionnaires, sales data and observations were conducted in the two stores. The results indicated that private Brands works as well as manufacturer Brands on special display and a display with four randomly chosen products creates more interest and higher sales than the display with the best selling product..

Varumärkets betydelse - en jämförelse mellan hur unga och äldre påverkas i köpprocessen

The thesis strives to answer the question whether there are any differences between how young customers, in comparison with older, are affected by Brands when buying different products. The purpose is to get a clearer idea about the Brands' importance in the future and in that way also to give guidance to companies about how to best market themselves and there products.To answer the question, an experiment was conducted with 480 respondents taking a survey where they had to rate a product after reading a short text about it. Some of the texts stated that a specific brand was behind the product while some said the product was produced by an unknown brand.The result of the study was that young people showed a greater propensity of rating products with a brand higher than products without Brands, in comparison with the older respondents. This gives reason to believe that Brands progressively will become an even more important tool for marketers and an unmatched asset for companies in the future..

Frontlinjen, Persson & Madonna : En uppsats om personer som bärare av varumärken

The purpose of this essay is to analyze and understand how people in different ways can take on the role as carriers of Brands and understand what part they play in today?s society. Brands are everywhere today and the competitions are becoming harder and harder for the customers? attention and consumption, which is why I am curious of how an individual in a company?s frontline or a celebrity can help the success of a brand. The essay is based on a qualitative method where six interviews have been performed.

Varumärket som strategisk resurs : Fyra värmländska varumärken och deras koppling till regionen

The purpose of this essay is to investigate how four companies in Värmland, Sweden, are working strategically with their Brands. This is a qualitative method in which we have used a combination of interviews and literature review in order to investigate the link between Brands and the Karlstad region.Even though there is a huge interest in Brands, there are only a few companies who can describe clearly what their own brand represents. This probably due to the fact that the brand is still regarded as a tactical tool, rather than as a strategic one. Because of this we find it very interesting to investigate how organizations in Värmland think about this issue. Are Brands regarded as a strategic resource, and how strong is the link between their Brands and the region?The result indicate that organizations are working strategically with their Brands, but they can still get better.

UNGDOMAR OCH DERAS UPPFATTNINGAR AV MODEVARUMÄRKEN : En studie av varumärkena Gucci, H&M och Canada Goose bland gymnasieelever i Stockholm.

ABSTRACTTitle: Teenagers and their perception of fashion Brands (Ungdomar och deras uppfattningar om modevarumärken)Number of pages: 42Author: Louise KindblomTutor: Göran SvenssonCourse: Media and communication studies CPeriod: Autumn term 2007University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala universityPurpose/Aim: To achieve a deeper level of knowledge and a better understanding of high school teenager`s perception of the three fashion Brands Gucci. H&M and Canada Goose and too distinguish potential gender related differences in their perceptions.Material/Method: A questionnaire about fashion Brands delivered to three schools in the Stockholm area.Main results: Teenagers perceptions of the three fashion Brands Gucci, H&M and Canada Goose are more different than similar. This differences in teenagers perceptions are discernible in a comparison between the most usual and unusual associations that are related to each of the Brands. Gucci is associated with success, wealth, excitement and uniqueness. H&M is for example seen as earth-bound and has in a comparison with the other Brands reached the highest level of positive associations.

Egna märkesvaror i dagligvaruhandeln : - En studie om hur egna märkesvaror påverkar konsumentens impulsköp

The thesis concerns itself with studying the effects private Brands has on the consumer?s impulse buying in the grocery industry, as in degree of unplanned spending and the selection process between manufacturer Brands and private Brands when such a purchase is performed. The study?s methodology is characterised by a qualitative approach, whereby the study acknowledges the inductive approach towards the empirical setting even though the Mehrabian-Russell model along with motivational theories serve as highlighters of relevant aspects in the empirical field. The study concludes that both the utilitarian and the hedonic consumer decide what to buy before entering the store, whereby a low degree of needs arise in the store.

Varumärken i idrottsgymnasiers marknadsföring - Vilka passar din idrott bäst?

The upper secondary school 2011 (Gy 2011) was a reform which created large changes in the Swedish educational system. One of the major changes was the requirement of certification for sport schools. Schools in Sweden have historically used sports in their marketing, this opportunity was impaired by the reform. This thesis aims to investigate how Brands are applied on webpages of sport schools that are certified in football and/or cross-country skiing. Content analysis was used as method of data collection.

Specialexponering av EMV - En pusselbit, till en mer lönsam butik

There is a tough competition in food-stores these days. Storeowners have been forced to try something new to attract customers. One way to accomplish that is to add private labels to the assortment. There are several benefits with these labels; its higher margins for this type of brand and the brand can also strengthen the stores image in the customers mind. When private labels first entered the market, the customer had a relatively low attitude towards the Brands.

Konsumtion som symbolik : Identitetsskapande genom klädvarumärken

The purpose of this study is to increase the understanding of how an individual's identity is constructed and reinforced through clothing Brands. This we intend to achieve by studying and analyzing the significance of clothing Brands on consumers. In close proximity to this purpose, we have chosen to work with three research questions:? How do consumers see clothing as a means to express themselves? ? What perception does consumers have on clothing Brands as identity creators? ? How do consumers value wearing clothes from a particular clothing brand?.

Nationella stereotyper i reklam

AbstractBackground: Countries can be seen as Brands (nation Brands) with brand values that transmitto the country?s products. Country-of-origin (COO), the Brands nationality, links the productto an associative network of cultural shared national stereotypes. Through associating thebrand with a country or a region, the credibility of the brand can increase and strengthen thebrand. Therefore COO is used in marketing to position a brand.Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine how luxury fashion Brands communicatetheir national identity through analyzing their advertising.

En ny sångfågel i marknadsföringsdjungeln: En kvantitativ studie om Twitters potential som marknadsföringsmedium

Advertisers of today are facing a great challenge in a landscape where it becomes even more difficult to break through the clutter and convince consumers to buy their products. In order to succeed, they need to come up with new ways of communicating with their customers. The purpose of this paper is to investigate if micro-blogging could be considered an effective media choice in order to enhance the perception of brand associations and traditional communication effects. The subject is of interest as Brands are putting increasingly more resources into this communication channel. However, at the current date the marketing effects of micro-blogging is unexplored in academic research.

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