Nationella stereotyper i reklam

AbstractBackground: Countries can be seen as brands (nation brands) with brand values that transmitto the country?s products. Country-of-origin (COO), the brands nationality, links the productto an associative network of cultural shared national stereotypes. Through associating thebrand with a country or a region, the credibility of the brand can increase and strengthen thebrand. Therefore COO is used in marketing to position a brand.Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine how luxury fashion brands communicatetheir national identity through analyzing their advertising. The brands examined in the studyare the French brand Chanel and the British brand Burberry. To be able to answer the researchquestion, the brands? advertising campaigns were analyzed to see whether they contain abrand personality built on a national stereotype or if there is a clear national theme or storieslinking to the national identity.Methodology:The national stereotypes of the two countries were examined through a pilotstudy. The advertising campaigns were analyzed by using an analyze model that wasdeveloped from image analyzing theories. It was then connected to the theory and the nationalstereotypes that evolved from the pilot study.Results: The results revealed in this study shows that the two different brands use theirnational identity in different ways. While Burberry has a clear British theme in theirmarketing, Chanel uses stories to link their brand personality with that of the founder CocoChanel, whom is associated with the stereotype of France.



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