En ny sångfågel i marknadsföringsdjungeln

En kvantitativ studie om Twitters potential som marknadsföringsmedium

Advertisers of today are facing a great challenge in a landscape where it becomes even more difficult to break through the clutter and convince consumers to buy their products. In order to succeed, they need to come up with new ways of communicating with their customers. The purpose of this paper is to investigate if micro-blogging could be considered an effective media choice in order to enhance the perception of brand associations and traditional communication effects. The subject is of interest as brands are putting increasingly more resources into this communication channel. However, at the current date the marketing effects of micro-blogging is unexplored in academic research. We carried out an experiment, comparing a group of respondents that were exposed to brands on Twitter with respondents that were not exposed to the brands on Twitter. The experiment took place during a whole week and employed real brands in a real media, were respondents were randomly allocated to one of six brands. The paper adds to the research of marketing signals and media-context effects, and gives strong support for that a brand, by using Twitter to communicate with consumers, can enhance the perception of target brand associations as well as strengthen brand attitude, intentions to buy and intentions to WOM. Furthermore, the effects were greater for brands with a two-way communication on Twitter than for brands with a one-way communication.


Sofia Kocken Carin Skoghagen

Lärosäte och institution

Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi


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