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Ett sta?ndigt pausat krig? : En studie om attityder i Nordirland av den fo?rsta generationen efter ?the Troubles?

Ireland had, by the year of 1998, been an island of war and conflict to some extent for almost 1000 years. The northeast part of the island, called Northern Ireland, had been under British domination for over 25 years when ?The troubles? ended by the year of 1998. This essay aims towards explaining how the first generation after ?The troubles? has been shaped in terms of political and religious beliefs and attitudes in the society of Belfast.

Ådalen och bloody sunday: En jämförande fallstudie av militärt våld

The 1900s saw two incidents of states using their military in civil disorder situations, which resulted in the killing of unarmed citizens. May 14, 1931 in Ådalen, marks a significant part of Swedish history and its view of the use of military force.  On that day, a peaceful protest march escalated, which resulted in live firing by the military stationed there to uphold law and order. This resulted in the deaths of five civilians and the prohibition of the use of military force in incidents of civil disorder. In 1972 in Northern Ireland a similar event took place on January 30, which is commonly known as Bloody Sunday. The troubles were raging and resulted in protests for civil rights by nationalists.

Reala optioner : Konsten att tydliggöra värden i tidiga venture investeringar

Analysts at Venture Capital firms of today experience troubles when they try to explicate the intrinsic value, which they see in their investments. The traditional valuation models do not account the value of flexibility and analysts have to Through studies at a Venture Capital firm in Sweden, I have analyzed if Real Option analysis could help them to explicate the intrinsic value that they see.With the help from a decision tree, analysts can identify the hidden option values embedded in the investment. I find that real options can be a helpful tool for Venture Capital companiesto clarify the intrinsic values that they see in their investments. Real option analysis is however not a competitor to traditional value methods, it is rather a compliment..

Det individuella programmets populäritet: studievägledares perspektiv på elev och program i kommunerna Boden, Luleå, Piteå och Skellefteå

This work of investigation was to report how four study counsellors see upon the facts regarding the amount of admission, the students social surroundings and local designs for the Individual program (IV) at upper secondary school. Through interviews with four professionals set to guide the students at four different schools in the rural districts of Boden, Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå, this has become a paper that describes how they see these young adults today. Different handicaps and diagnosis, troubles at home, pregnancy and even drug abuse tend to make you wonder how they possibly can get through school at all. Regarding local development within the program there are no strings of what to do but for every district to deside for themselves and this has led to different ?experiments? with students not mentaly fit for school at all.

IRA och de grundläggande förmågorna

Svensk doktrin framhåller sex grundläggande förmågor för analys av motståndaren. Dessa är ledning, uthållighet, und/info, rörlighet, verkan och skydd.Förmågorna är en tankemodell avsedd för att nå maximal effekt i sitt agerande. De är ständigt närvarande på stridsfältet, de påverkas av varandra och deras betydelse varierar över tid. Syftet med uppsatsen är att belysa IRA utveckling mellan 1968-1974 utifrån de sex grundläggande förmågorna.Resultatet visar att IRA utveckling under tiden för studien främst skedde inom förmågan verkan, andra förmågor som ledning och und/info tog längre tid att utveckla. En orsak till detta kan vara att studien omfattar inledningen av konflikten och IRA utveckling mot att bli en icke-statlig väpnad aktör..

Möjligheter till uppfödning och utsättning av fasaner och gräsänder på Björnslunds gård :

This study treats the possibility of breeding mallards and pheasants on our own farm, Björnslund. From the beginning I considered to breed them from eggs to adults but after visiting several breeders I changed my mind. It seemed to be a lot of work with no economic profit in comparison with buying already hatched birds and then feed them to adults. If the business shall be profitable I have to be soll the hunting for the birds and then sell the dead birds to game purchasers. There are also calculations that show which price you have to charge for the hunting that will give a positive result. Another possibility is to own a slaughterhouse and sell the meat to restaurants and supermarkets.

Frihetens bakgård en litteratursociologisk studie om självets identitetsvåndor i det senmoderna samhället

This Masters thesis is analysing four Swedish novels written by first time authors published between 1993-2002. The purpose is to make the fictitious main characters illustrate what conditions and obstacles there can be for the individual of today to create a self-identity. Anthony Giddens ideas about the self in the late modern society are used as a theoretical framework. In the core of Giddens theory is the concept of reflexitivity which means that the self must be constructed in a continuous fashion because the overall conditions in society are subject to constant change. The questions posed in this study are dependable on Giddens in general and the concept of reflexivity in particular.

Socialt stöd vid bröstcancer. En litteraturstudie om kvinnors med bröstcancer upplevelser av socialt stöd

Social support is an important part of handling The troubles of life. The purpose of this literature review is to investigate what forms the social support for adult women with breast cancer with the aim to be used in the nursing care. By system-atical reading of scientific articles nine qualitative articles were found which the result is based on. The theoretical framework was Antonovsky´s health focused theory with the central issue KASAM, the feeling of life connection. The study resulted in three themes emotional support, practical support and informational support, which describe the balanced content of social support.

Prediktering av komponenters mognad/kvalitet utifrån felkodsutfall

This master thesis has been carried out at Scania R&D at the department of Powertrain Control System Development during the winter 2011/2012. The purpose of the thesis was to produce a method that with the result of troubles codes from the field testing would be able to say something about the maturation of a component, in this case the VGT, variable geometry turbocharger. To start with, it was necessary to investigate hich information was available. After the information been summed up in tables and charts, this so that it was possible to understand the huge amount of data, the calculations started.Since the thesis was about maturation of a component the proportions were calculated of components that had a trouble code in contrast of those who passed the test without a trouble code. This Thesis includes background information about basic of statistics and about the company Scania and its testing process.

Det nya verktyget : En undersökning av förskollärares upplevelser med surfplattan

The aim of this thesis is to study preschool-teachers? experiences from using the computertablet as a tool for learning and teaching, in order to gain knowledge of how the integrationalprocess of information and communications technology (ICT) in preschool has progressedsince its instatement. The background that caused interest to make this study was the rapidprogression of the use of ICT-tools in childrens? everyday lives and The troubles that havesurrounded the process of integrating these tools into preschool-practices. The theoreticalbasis for the analysis of the research lies within the socio-cultural perspective.

Avsättningar till pensioner : En studie om IAS 19 och konsekvenserna av dess implementering

Background: At the turn of the year 2004/2005, IAS 19 replaced Tryggandelagen (TrL) and RR 29 as the accounting standard in Swedish concerns. This introduction was associated with a certain apprehension for the possible changes in the companies? pension liabilities and equity.Purpose: To illustrate the difficulties of the introduction of IAS 19 by observing how it differs from TrL, and what kind of problems these differences can cause.Procedure: Individuals who are well up in, and work with pension liabilities have been interviewed. After this follows an example of the calculated pension liability of a company, to illustrate the differences between the calculations according to TrL and IAS 19. To conclude the chapter, a comparison between a number of companies from the Stockholm stock exchange is made to establish their various actuarial assumptions.Method: The essay mainly follows the qualitative research method, since this method is more appropriate when the substance in the matter is based on detailed differences and opinions.Results and conclusions: The introduction of IAS 19 has taken time and been an expensive matter, although the expenses weren?t as great as feared.

Fokus på personalomsättning : en etnografisk studie på försäkringsbolaget Trygg-Hansasoutboundavdelning i Växjö

Master's thesis, Master of Business Administration program, School of Business ofEconomics at Linnaeus University, Management, Course code, 4FE10EAuthors: Anton Milemo and Christoffer WideénTutor: Magnus ForslundTitle: Focus on employee turnover - an ethnographic study on the insurance companyTrygg-Hansa?s outbound department in VäxjöBackground: The costs of losing employees, recruiting new people, making a selectionof potential employees and training them are all high. The costs often exceed onehundred percent of the annual salary for the otherwise vacant position. In addition to thedirect costs of employee turnover troubles, things such as work confusion, loss oforganizational memory along with strategic skills can arise. The employee turnover rateof Trygg-Hansa?s outbound department in Växjö is too high according to the officemanager.Purpose: Understand the causes of high employee turnover in a Swedish insurancecompany.Methodology: This thesis consists of an ethnographic study of a Swedish insurancecompany.

Ammoniakförluster vid flytgödselhantering : myllning och surgörning som metoder för att minska avgång vid spridning

The ammonia emissions are an environmental issue since they contribute to eutrophication. By far the largest source of ammonia emissions is manure from agriculture and should therefore be reduced. Loss of ammonia is not only negative for the environment but also to the farmer who loses nitrogen that could have been used by the crop. The focus of this study has been emissions from spreading slurry where the loss can vary widely depending on slurry-, soil-, and weather conditions. There are mainly two different ways to reduce the emissions. One is to inject or mix the slurry into the ground to avoid air contact. The other way is to use acid to reduce the pH in the slurry to a level between 5 and 6 where the equilibrium is so strongly pushed to NH4+ that hardly any NH3 can be lost.

Staten, religionen och kapitalet : en analys av den europeiska skuldkrisen utifrån Max Webers ?Den protestantiska etiken och kapitalismens anda?.

Previous research regarding the European debt crisis has mostly focused on the purely economic aspects of the crisis. However, there is a strong ?Protestant-Catholic? dimension in Europe, where historically Protestant countries are more prosperous than their Catholic and Orthodox counterparts. This has especially been a fact since early 2010, when several countries within the European Union had their credit ratings downgraded. Is this phenomenon merely a coincidence? Or could the roots of the recent troubles in Europe have a basis in historic religions? To tackle this question, Max Webers ?s 110 year old study The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is brought back into light and used as a tool for analysis of the crisis.The results show that not only are Protestant countries in general more prosperous, but they also have lower corruption and their citizens have a higher level of trust towards the government.

Förvaltning på distans : Hur optimeras förvaltningen av en fastighet på distans?

The purpose of this thesis was to investigate how the distance between real estate manager and the managed item influenced the real estate management process. The overall real estate management within Lantmännen Fastigheter AB was investigated to give suggestions on how to improve the quality of the real estate management within the company. To do this, questionnaires, interviews and observations was performed within the Lantmännen Fastigheter AB organization. Real estate managers answered questions about their role as real estate manager, maintenance planning, decision processes, leasing and strategies within the company.The analysis of the questionnaires, interviews and observations showed that the real estate managers wants to rearrange their spent working hours around on working tasks to spend more time on the tasks that brings income and spend less time on tasks that are unsatisfying and unnecessary. The analysis also shows in which areas the real estate managers want more support and education and that they mostly work with unplanned maintenance.

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