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The impact from pre-M&A resource allocation on the post-M&A performance

Background: When firms grow through acquisitions it is commonly debated whether the two entities ought to be better off as standalone companies rather than as a merged company. This thesis aims at discussing this issue of M&As advantages and disadvantages in terms of source of synergies from the perspective of resource allocation. Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to describe and analyze to what extent pre-M&A differences (against similarities) in resource allocation and corporate culture between the acquiring and target firm have an impact on the post-M&A performance. Theoretical framework: Efficient market hypothesis, resource based view, strategic fit. Methodology: A longitudinal study is conducted on the EU market during 1992 to 2002 based on balance sheet and income statement data.

Jakten på varaktiga konkurrensfördelar - en fallstudie om Daniel Wellington AB och sambandet mellan strategiska resurser och varaktiga konkurrensfördelar

The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze how resource-based strategic choices can create can create sustainable competetive advantages. The study examines whether Daniel Wellington has competitive advantages and how those in that case have been achieved. The results of our study can hopefully help case company to get a deeper insight into the relationship between strategic resources and sustained competitive advantage..

Bryggarsalen : Underlag för kommande marknadsföringsinsatser

The purpose of this study is to identify the points-of-difference that should form the basis for Bryggarsalen?s future marketing efforts. Bryggarsalen is a newly established conference business in Stockholm. To be able to identify these points-of-difference, Bryggarsalen?s marketing problems have been studied from the Resource-based view, claiming that the source of sustained competitive advantage derive from a firm?s unique bundle of resources.

The Emerging Pricing Capability

The purpose of this thesis is to try to understand, with the help of existing theories and empirical findings, the parameters which are of importance in the development of the pricing capability. We have used a qualitative and abductive methodology approach. The empirical findings have been collected via semi-structured interviews which we have conducted via personal and telephone interviews. Seeing pricing as a capability within the company our theoretical framework mainly consists of the Resource-based view and an article explaining and given proof how pricing can be seen as a capability. We also describe the most used pricing strategy today within business-to-business companies, the cost plus strategy.

Styrelsesammansättning och lönsamhet i svenska aktiebolag

In this thesis we examine the relationship between board composition and firm performance in Swedish companies. The selection of companies includes all Swedish limited liability companies, with the exception of micro enterprises, that have been active between the years of 2009-2010. We develop hypotheses based on resource dependence theory, agency theory, and the resource based view, and test these with regression analysis against collected data. Specifically, we examine the effects of board diversity, outside directorships, and CEO duality. Our findings show that none of the theories provide sufficient explanatory power of the relationship between board composition and firm performance, and that further research is required to better understand the role and effects of company boards..

Striving for innovation; working in CFT - a case study of Audi

The purpose of this thesis is to study and determine how working in cross functional teams can generate value in an effort to facilitate innovation. An inductive scientific perspective is chosen as the research approach. A single case is investigated with the theoretical framework based on Resource Based View, Intellectual Capital, Innovation theory and theories concerning Cross Functional Teams. The empirical material has been collected through primary data; surveys, interviews and secondary data; literature, websites and further complementary data. The practice of using Cross Functional Teams will enhance organizational learning, knowledge transfer, increase communication and innovation, which in turn will increase the speed and performance of the new product development process.

Competitive Advantages in Professional Football Clubs - A Resource-Based Analysis

Title: Competitive Advantages in Professional Football Cubs ? A Resource-Based Analysis Authors: Daniel Grass, Mattias Holst, Bengt Jönsson Semester: Spring 2001 Supervisors: Leif Edvinsson, Allan T. Malm Problem: In order to be a successful football club, the management team has to consider a variety of business issues. Since money is having such an impact on the football industry of today, the financial status of the clubs sets the condition for how clubs are able to achieve their main objective, i.e. to be successful on the football field.

Nätverk och öppen innovation: ? En analys av innovation i samarbete över företagsgränser

The purpose of this thesis is to analyze and identify a selected number of key factors in successfully implementing open innovation. More precisely, it looks at how value is maximized using open innovation practices. The scientific approach taken is based largely on the network perspective, which puts relations to other companies in focus. An extended view of the resource based view (RBV), different from the traditional one by taking also external resources into account, is in addition central to understanding the use of external resources to create internal value. The two main research questions strive to look at how the company locates relevant partners and what the relations that are established with these partners should look like to get the most of open innovation.

IKT användning och digital kompetens : En studie om sju lärares IKT användning i historieundervisningen.

ICT and digital artifacts is an important resource in the society, especially in schools. That is why we have chosen to study if and how teachers uses ICT and other digital technology in their education in the history subject. We think that both subjects are important because history is a subject that has to do with the past, the present and the future.We made qualitative interviews with seven teachers from three different schools. We have analyzed if the teachers sees ICT as a burden or a resource in their education and also in which extend they have digital literacy. We have chosen to discuss different authors view on ICT in the education and digital literacy.

Vilka parametrar påverkar lönsamheten för hotellföretag? - en kvantitativ studie av RevPAR i Göteborg

Denna kandidatuppsats har analyserat interna parametrar som påverkarlönsamhetsmåttet RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room/intäkt per tillgängligt rum)för hotellföretag i staden Göteborg. Syftet är att få en djupare förståelse för vilkainterna parametrar som påverkar lönsamhet, samt hur och i vilken utsträckning.Studien baserades på en teoretisk referensram bestående av ?Resource-based view?och flertal tidigare studier inom ämnet. Det senare ledde till ett val av tio internaparametrar, med tillhörande hypoteser för undersökningen. Empirin framställdes avinsamlade värden från ett urval på 34 hotellföretag.

Skolverkets webbresurs Länkskafferiet ur genusperspektiv.

In this paper I present a website on the Internet. The EuropeanLinkTreasury ELT is a resource to Swedish children between 10 and 15 years of age. I am looking at this resource from a gender point of view. I want to see if ELT has thought of this perspective. Are there as many websites for girls as there are for boys? I want to see if the text is separated between gender.

A resource based view of productivity, firm growth and technical management tools : a case study of Swedish large-scale farms

The past and ongoing structural change in Swedish agriculture has led to an increasing number of large-scale farms. The biological factors associated with large-scale farming operations may cause increasing variability, risk and reduced yields due to sub-optimal timing and management of field operations. The theory of economies of scale suggests that largescale production may benefit from lower costs due to scale efficiencies. Thus, large-scale farms may face cost reductions in terms of long term inputs factors, e.g. agricultural machinery.

Ett planeringsverktyg för TV-postproduktion

This report describes the process of outlining a design proposal for a resource planning tool for TV post-production. A feasibility study in form of a participant observation has been carried out on-site, which has resulted in a requirement specification. Based on the requirement specification, mockups have been created to illustrate the functions and features that a final planning tool should have. In addition to developing a design proposal, an evaluation of the existing resource planning tool Ganttic has been conducted. Ganttic has been reviewed based on how well it meets the list of requirements.

Synen på Säkerhet och Immigration : Finns det ett samband?

The aim of this study is to explore howEuropean changes in the view on securityrelates to the view on immigration and viceversa. The answer to that question is basedupon collected data from three separatetime periods; the 1950s, 1970s and 1990s.These time periods are seen as importanthistoric decades when political changes,assumed to have affected the views onsecurity and immigration, have occurred.According to certain criteria each timeperiod has been labelled in terms ofnarrowed/widened view on security as wellas restrictive/open view on immigration.The hypothesis of the study is that, whencompared, a constant pattern can be seenbetween the historical labels of eachphenomenon, where a narrow view onsecurity goes hand in hand with an openview on immigration and similarly a widesecurity view relates to a restrictive viewon immigration.The conclusion of the study gives supportto the hypothesis. During all three periodsstudied a restrictive view on immigrationrelates to a wider view on security while anopen view on immigration relates to anarrower view on security. Thisrelationship goes both ways..

Bring your own device i små och medelstora företag inom IT-sektorn

The aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of resource schools 1 as a human services organization and institution, based on teachers and principals? perspectives. The purpose of resource schools is to provide the students tools and resources to enable them to return to the regular school within two years. The study also aims to examine more closely how this objective applies to the studied resource schools in the studied municipality, as well as highlighting the success factors and barriers that exist to achieve the goal. Previous studies show that this kind of differential practice tends to become a permanent solution.

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