Skolverkets webbresurs Länkskafferiet ur genusperspektiv.

In this paper I present a website on the Internet. The EuropeanLinkTreasury ELT is a resource to Swedish children between 10 and 15 years of age. I am looking at this resource from a gender point of view. I want to see if ELT has thought of this perspective. Are there as many websites for girls as there are for boys? I want to see if the text is separated between gender. If there are any websites that are aimed to both boys and girls. Are there any pages which are not gendered at all. Is ELT itself neutral from a gender point of view? I have started to look on the old theoretics. My theory will be the gender system by Yvonne Hirdman. I also will present other modern gender theoretics. I am going to do the investigation partly quantitative and partly qualitative. In the quantitative investigation I am going to see how many sources there are that include each sex. In the qualitative investigation I am going to see in what way they include the sexes. I have identified six different ways of including the sexes. These different ways I discuss in the end of the paper.


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