Nätverk och öppen innovation

? En analys av innovation i samarbete över företagsgränser

The purpose of this thesis is to analyze and identify a selected number of key factors in successfully implementing open innovation. More precisely, it looks at how value is maximized using open innovation practices. The scientific approach taken is based largely on the network perspective, which puts relations to other companies in focus. An extended view of the resource based view (RBV), different from the traditional one by taking also external resources into account, is in addition central to understanding the use of external resources to create internal value. The two main research questions strive to look at how the company locates relevant partners and what the relations that are established with these partners should look like to get the most of open innovation. The empirical part of the research is based on a case study of a technologically intensive consumer goods company, operating in a high velocity market. Furthermore, the case company is considered highly innovative and expresses the desire to implement the ideas of open innovation, making it very suitable for this kind of research. Main conclusions include that the companies should map their surroundings in order to better understand its place in the network, thereby making it possible to optimize its position; and actively work to maintain a relationship portfolio containing a suitable balance between deep and weak as well as informal and formal ties to external parties. Moreover, the company may need to transcend some common and prevalent fundamental conceptions among its employees to be able to successfully implement open innovation processes. This thesis furthermore calls for the use of a model to measure the value of relations and cooperation. Also, a new type of competency becomes important in the highly innovative company, that is to be proficient in understanding, locating and working with the right partners and identifying the right external resources instead of only strengthen internal resources.


Petter Segelman Lindqvist Cecilia Bratt

Lärosäte och institution

Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi


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