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"Tears are not a Momans Only Weapon" : En historiebruksanalys av HBOs tv-serie Game of Thrones

The middle ages is a time in our history that is often used as a frame when portraying fantasy on tv. HBOs immensely popular series Game of thrones could easily be counted as one of these. But to what extent does the creators of the series approach the history of our world while creating their own? The aim of this essay is to analyse a number of characters from the tv- series out of gender- and their place in the social structure and then compare the findings with the image of the middle ages that is given in academic research. By analysing the two released seasons of Game of thrones the study has shown that there are many similarities between the fictional world and the actual world but that it also differs through choices made by the creators of the series. .

Fantasygenrens kvinnoskildringar : Fördomar och möjligheter i den fantastiska litteraturen

In this essay a conclusion about the way female characters are portrayed in fantasy novels will be attempted through an analysis of one selected female character from each selected novel. The works that have been chosen are; J.R.R. Tolkien?s The Lord of the Rings, Robert Jordan?s The Eye of the World and A Game of thrones by George R.R. Martin.The analysis will be done with the help of examples and theories from both feministic criticism and gender studies.

Genusanalys av två kvinnliga karaktärer i fantasyserien Game of Thrones : "Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it." (Lloyd Alexander)

Denna uppsats analyserar hur genus gestaltas i fantasyserien Game of thrones. Analysen a?r baserad pa? tva? kvinnliga gestalters skildringar i den fo?rsta sa?songen av teveserien. De tva? valda karakta?rerna, Daenerys Targaryen och Arya Stark, analyseras och ja?mfo?rs med Yvonne Hirdmans genuskontraktsteori och Paulina de los Reyes och Nina Lykkes intersektionalitets begrepp men a?ven med Maria Nikolajevas schema om hur manligt och kvinnligt gestaltas i littera?ra texter.

Pluginramverk för webbaserade spel

In order to attract talented consultants, Sigma, a consultant company, wanted an online game for recruitment. In the game, potential employees? skills could be tested to determine whether they are qualified for the job. This paper presents a general technique for creating such a recruitment game. The report generalizes the recruitment game to a level-based game for the web, where a player should be able to progress from one level to the next by solving a given problem.

Minimalist design for children?s games

The aim of this report is to see whether the graphic design of a game influences children?s will to play games. I am especially looking at minimalist graphic design and how well it works for a game aimed at children age 7-9. Does the style of the game design have any impact at all concerning the children?s wish to play the game or is the game mechanic all that matters.

?I´d like to see you in a silk dress so I could tear it off you? : En studie kring representation av genus och sexualitet i serien Game Of Thrones

AbstraktSyftet med denna uppsats är att genom ett motiverat urval av sex-scener undersöka representationen av sexualitet och genus i serien Game of thrones. Vidare undersöks hur hierarkin skiljer sig åt mellan man och kvinna och vilken funktion det sexuella innehållet har. Teorierna kring the Male Gaze, Pornchic-tendensen och medierat sex appliceras under rubriken teoretisk ram. Genus och feministisk teori av Yvonne Hirdman och Helena Josefsson behandlas också i uppsatsen.Vi identifierar i vår analys ett antal karaktärer och nio motiverade sex-scener. Specifikt är dessa sex-scener bärande för både handling och syfte.

Skapande av animationer för interaktiv spelmedia genom motion capture

In this thesis I will propose and test a pipeline for creating in-game animations using motion capture technology, with the aim to export to a 3D game engine, such as UDK or similar. Even though there are already established pipelines for creating in-game animations in the game industry, they are not of public knowledge and dissemination of information is hindered by the severe NDA (non-disclosure agreements) imposed on the studios and artists. I will therefore use my experience with game production and as a student, to research and propose an optimal pipeline for developing in-game animation that may be used by other students, researchers and independent game developers. The methodology used to test the pipeline will be a case study based on the student project Synergy, which I am developing with other third year students also attending the Game design Education at Gotland University..

An Iron Lady for an Iron Throne

Syftet med denna uppsats är att undersöka hur kvinnlighet framställs för att konstruera feministikonen Daenerys Targaryen i TV-serien Game of thrones. För att uppnå mitt syfte har jag analyserat Daenerys karaktär samt personer hon interagerar med i serien. Jag har använt mig av en semiotisk bildanalys. Min teorianknytning utgörs huvudsakligen av feministisk medieforskning samt feministiska åskådningar. Materialet för min studie utgörs av fem scener från serien.

Fantasy War Game : Spelmotor i PHP

Fantasy War Game är en spelmotor gjort i PHP med inslag av Java. Själva striden är uppbyggd med objektorienterad programmeringsmetodik. Spelet är ett textbaserat rollspel i high fantasy-miljö. Sidan är ett interaktivt konfliktspel där spelarna kan utveckla sitt gäng, slåss mot monster eller andra spelare..

Frihet i datorspel

A game designer has to consider several aspects when he or she is designing a game. One of those aspects is the perceived freedom in the game by the player. There exist several methods to facilitate this perceived freedom in the design phase of the game. This thesis presents, in a qualitative methodology, a number of these methods a game designer might utilize to give the player a heightened sense of freedom for an improved gaming experience. Included herein are such elements as indirect control, linearity, storytelling and level design..

Inledning till spelutveckling för AndroidSpelutveckling för Android med Java och OpenGL ES

This thesis deals with the problems you face as a new game developer for the mobile platform Android when developing a 3D game and presents solutions to these problems. It also explores which optimizations should be made to increase performance and how well suited for game development the Android platform is. A simple 3D game for version 2.2 of Android was developed to examine this. The conclusion was that a good game structure for Android separates logic and rendering by running these separately in different threads. Solutions to rendering and updating of game logic were presented and optimizations were implemented for performance, although fewer optimizations were needed than was anticipated.

En studie i röj

This paper presents a study of the computer game ?Minesweeper?. The aim of the game is to search through a rectangular area of mined squares without hitting any mines. By using a strategy based on making every operation as safe as possible, series of the game have been simulated. The size of the playground is four times four squares.

Z Excursion : Spel-bidrag till Swedish Game Awards

This report describes my degree project. For my degree project I made a demo for a game idea that I've developed, and implemented for use with Xbox 360. The idea was about converting the feeling and gameplay of old 2D side-scrolling platform games into 3D, viewed from a first-person perspective. The Xbox 360 version of the demo was also submitted for the game competition Swedish Game Awards. In the report, I explain this idea more extensive, what software I used to implement it, and how I implemented it. Finally, at the end I clarify the results and discuss fulfilled tasks and future improvements.

En actionberättelse : en analys av de narrativa delarna i actiondatorspelet Halo

This essay is a narrative analyze of the computer game Halo. The purpose of the essay is to see what function the narrative elements have in a computer game of the action genre. The analyze is done with a neo-formalistic approach according to the theory of David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson. The choice of game was based on it's positive reviews mentioning the story. The essay tries to give a picture of research in the field and researchers views on narratives and computer games.

Det får duga: Game Maker som prototypverktyg, och applicerad speldesign

Rapporten handlar om programmet Game Maker som prototypverktyg, och vänder sig till personer och företag som skulle kunna vara intresserade av detta. Syftet med arbetet var att skapa ett spel i Game Maker, "Ittle Dew", samt skriva om Game Makers egenskaper och egenheter. Spelet färdigställdes i tid, och rapporten tar även upp en mängd designfrågor som dök upp under skapandet av detta. Med hjälp av två brev från personer med erfarenhet av Game Maker som prototypverktyg och för skapandet av färdiga spel, och diskussion av dessa brev, hävdar jag till sist att programmet väl duger för prototyper, så länge användaren känner till de begränsningar som rapporten tar upp..

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