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Sveriges kosovoalbaner - En fallstudie över en grupp i Södra Sverige

Kosovoalbanerna är i Sverige en relativt ny invandrargrupp. Därigenom är kunskapen om deras kulturella och sociala förutsättningar ganska okänt..

Det mörka hörnet? Ett förslag till en relativistisk postmodernism

abstractThe aim of this essay is to try to convince the reader that relativism and postmodernism (the latter implying the former, but not the other way around) can be reasonable methods for the Social Sciences, rather than the irresponsible play of ?extremes? theories of this kind sometimes are made out to be.The intention is to do this by way of the later Wittgenstein, the philosophy of whom is the foundation for what is termed relativism and postmodernism in this essay (definitions of a kind that are here claimed to be missing from the discourse of the Social Sciences). The essay also contains an empirical presentation/analysis, displaying the Wittgensteinian theory through an aspect of the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and -60s..

Drop Dead Gorgeous: en analytisk studie av bilder i svenska modebloggar

En studie av vilka kroppsideal som råder i svenska modebloggar..

Den bristfälliga implementeringen av LSS en studie av maktaspekten i mötet mellan socialtjänsten och människor med psykiska funktionshinder

In this study, the aim is to show how the social services fails to implement a specific rights law (LSS) wich is supposed to have the function of protecting the wellfare and provide specific rights to people with severe mental disabilities. By applying chritical theory on this case the aim is to provide an alternative answer on why it is possible for the social services to ignore these peoples rights.By revealing the power structures in the encounter between the system and a person with mental dissablilities, I conclude that people with mental disabilities does not fit in when it comes the social sevices way of implementing the law and further more that a private person is extreamly exposed to the systems arbitrariness..

Kan Olikheter ena? En studie om sociala rörelsers potential att skapa dialog

In the process of globalization, identity has become one of the central factors.An understanding of the difference that makes up our society has made thequestion of weather is it possible to envision a society where difference is thecommon ground, one that has been up for contest. To answer this we need to seeif this kind of democracy is possible at all. For this I?m turning to the socialmovments who while they are working close to the reality also can give us somereal answers. Therefore I have looked at how social movements adress identity,difference and conflict and concluded that three things are crucial in organizing ongrounds of difference.

Lycka: nyckeln till en önskvärd socialpolitik - en begreppsanalys

This essay deals with the same task that utilitarians have tried to solve for a long time, what is happiness? In the eighteenth-century utilitarians suggested that happiness should be the base for social political decisions. But the lack of definition disposed so that GDP became the measurement of happiness, which proved to be wrong when the unhappiness continued to increase. More than two hundred years later scientists came up with a new definition of happiness and new ways to measure it. And during the last decade economists have taken the discussion to a higher level.So once again we?re dealing with the same old issue, if happiness ought to be the base of social political decisions.

Evidens eller referens?: vad påverkar rektorers beslut?

Today the school is a given place for preventing social problems. The school struggles continuously to live up to the expectations of balancing preventive social work with pedagogy in a satisfactory way.The purpose of this essay is to get a picture of priorities of social work in school. I want to know what it is that affects and controls the principal's decision about what kind of social project they will accept and be a part of.This essay shows that only one of the eleven principals interviewed apply projects based on evidence when they decide about participation in a social project. Instead, the decisions are based on references from other schools. The reason why the principals do not base their judgement on projects which are based on evidence is because they consider the search for results too time consuming.When there is no requirement that a certain part of the social work in a school must be based on evidence, it leads to the children taking part in different social projects which we can not guarantee are good for them.One solution can be to guide the principals through a national social teachingplan, which can assure that social work based on evidence are being applied in the municipality schools as well as the independent schools..

"Det är som en glaskupa runt hela prostitutionsstråket - vistas man där är allt tillåtet". En narrativ analys av två socialarbetares berättelser.

This essay focuses on two social workers talking about their working field in the prostitution area in a Swedish city. The study aims to investigate how the social workers talk about their field and clients that are in it through the use of narrative analysis. Furthermore we discuss the complications with qualitative interviews, narrative analysis from a feminist theoretical and methodological point of view. The study is based on an interview with the two social workers. The result reveals only tendencies rather than a general "truth".

Att lifta en policy Om den offentliga upphandlingen och ett nytt statsvetenskapligt begrepp

In the present case, the conception of policy hitchhiking gets evaluated in terms of its implications for democracy. This task is executed through the accomplishment of a case study of the use of social- and environmental clauses in the Swedish competitive tendering.A useful definition of policy hitchhiking, including different types of actors, is created.Through the defining of democracy and policy hitchhiking, the author comes to the conclusion that policy hitchhiking in some respects does meet democracy values.The thesis? result can in some sense be regarded as a contribution to the pursuit of knowledge of how power is distributed in the society and how the current distribution can be explained and understood..

En studie av debatten kring "reparations" i USA.

Uppsatsen syftar till att ge en överskådlig bild av hur debatten kring eventuell kompensation för slaveriet och Jim Crow-segregationen i USA har vuxit fram, hur den ter sig vad gäller argument och retorik, vilka som för debatten samt en kort analys av ovannämnda företeelser. Uppsatsen är främst deskriptiv..

Att ösa ur ett hav : Om kunskapssyn och urvalsprocesser hos gymnasielärare i Samhällskunskap A

Teachers in Social Sciences have a broad subject field to base their education on. This term paper examines, thru interviews, which factors that have an influence on the subjects contents in the A course of Social Sciences at Swedish high schools. Having interviewed four active teachers at three different schools, it shows that control documents like subject- and national curricula have little to say about what kind of subject that should been taught. Teachers seem rather to rely on local collegiate consensus, the textbook, locally prepared control documents, and adjusting to program directions while choosing material. In the final discussion the risk of structuring the subject around the text book is being investigated, along the fact that new locally control documents need to be written even for basic planning structures.

Möjligtvis stressad? En kvalitativ studie om stress på ekonomiskt bistånd, en enhet på Socialtjänsten

The purpose of this study was to examine and illustrate whether employed social workers, working with supplementary benefits at a social service office, felt stressed. If so was the case, we wanted to investigate if this stress that they felt had any effect on their clients. This study was based on eight qualitative interviews, of which four was with social workers and four was with clients. For a better understanding of our results we used Karasek & Theorells demand-control-support model.The study reveals that the social workers do feel stressed, but they only do so in periods. They declare that they would like to have more time for their work assignments, the meetings with the clients in particulate.

Islam bakom galler Om islam och svensk kriminalvård

The essay is about islam in swedish prisons. Problems and restrictions from the view of muslim inmates, prison imams and the swedish muslim counsil..

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