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Bidrag till metodutveckling för webservicedesign, baserat på en verklig fallstudie

Web services are now a day often mentioned when speaking of systems communicating with each other online. This Master thesis describes how we, with a grounded theory, developed a web service from scratch and then used it to describe how to develop a method for this case scenario. The purpose of the web service is to simplify the information exchange between Infra Gaming, which is the company who assigned this project to us, and their customers. This Master thesis is not a guide to how you develop a web service. It is a Master thesis that describes how we, in three steps, solved the assignment from Infra Gaming and our problem, with a web service..

Kategorisering av IT-yrken samt hur väl KTH:s IT-utbildning matchar näringslivets efterfrågan

This report discusses how well the competences the Master program in Information Technology, given by the Royal Institute of Technology, meet the demands from the business life. It is made qualitative and about 20 companies have taken part to get the results. The study has been made to see how well the three first years and the entire five year Master, with different aiming, meets the demands. The results shows that the Master program needs to be remodeled to meet the demands in the more ?softer competencies?, which for example is people management and an understanding about economical, juridical and cultural aspects.

Härskarens nya kläder : Vad händer när härskartekniker flyttar in på Facebook?

In this thesis we focus on the issue of Master suppression techniques and how they take form on Facebook. The research in area of Master suppression techniques online is limited and therefore the purpose of this thesis is to create a greater understanding of the online environment of Facebook. We have used a method of netnographic observation studies and content analysis to create a triangular perspective of the subject. Based on the result of our observation studies we draw the conclusion that you can see signs of some of the Master suppression techniques on Facebook. We also argue why others don?t show up.

Master Data Management : en undersökande studie på Sandvik AB

I dagens utvecklingssamhälle är det mer en regel än undantag att data lever längre än applikationen. Detta innebär att en organisations Masterdata, grunddata, måste överleva förändringar i applikationslandskapet. Masterdata har stort värde i en organisations affärsprocesser varför det är av högsta betydelse att kontrollera dessa. Master Data Management är en applikationsoberoende process för hantering av Masterdata vilken används inom många stora företag för att kontrollera kvalitén på Masterdata. Syftet med studien var att få insikt i hur ett stort globalt företag arbetar med Master Data Management, för att på detta sätt kunna bidra med förståelse och erfarenhet vilket kan vara till nytta för andra aktörer i området..

Egensinnig dialektik : En studie i frigörandets paradox i dialog med Hegel och Judith Butler

Hegel?s Master-slave dialectic has often been used as a model or starting point for later theories about emancipation and subversive changes in society. But one often overlooks the fact that the chapter in The Phenomenology of Spirit ends in disaster, as Judith Butler remarks. Instead of realising freedom, the consciousness gets entangled in self debasing activities in its attempts to Master the unrelenting principles of the abstract freedom. We get ?the unhappy consciousness?.

Arbetsklimatet på militärhögskolan Karlberg : Finns det skillnader i upplevelser/erfarenheter mellan män och kvinnor på officersprogrammet i kullen 07-10 vad gäller härskartekniker?

This study focuses the gendered relations of the Military Academy of Karlberg. More specific the study is investigating the experiences among young women and men cadets of suppression techniques. The purpose of the study is to get more knowledge about the work climate and suppression techniques at the officers? training program 2007/2010. The research questions employed for the study were:- Do the women and men officer students/cadets have any experiences of Master suppressiontechniques at the officers? training program?- What kind of Master suppression techniques occur at the officer?s training program?- What kind of Master suppression techniques do women experience?- What kind of Master suppression techniques do men experience?The study is a survey and data were retrieved by a questionnaire sent out to the participants.

Accelerometertillbehör till mobiltelefon : - Utveckling av Blåtands ansluten accelerometermodul till smartphone

This Master thesis has been carried out as a prototype development project. The project hasbeen performed in cooperation with ÅF Combra AB. The purpose with the Master thesis is toconstruct a Bluetooth interface between an accelerometer and a smartphone and constructinga physical prototype containing an accelerometer. This is done to test a new user interface tomobile phones. The Master thesis has also included a research about the possibility toimplement distance measuring with Bluetooth.

Kulturmaffians myggor och tigrar ? En litteratursociologisk studie av litteraturkritik och härskartekniker i en tidningsdebatt

The aim of this Master?s thesis is to examine how the literature criticism are in the Swedish media in the reception of the novel Mosquitoes and tigers from 2007 written by the Swedish author Maja Lundgren. A second aim is to examine how Master suppression techniques have been used by the literature critics in the newspaper debate. This qualitative study is based upon a total of 52 articles and reviews from five big Swedish newspapers. The theoretical approach, literature criticism, mainly originates from the Swedish professor in Literature Science Tomas Forser and the literature scholar Gunnar Hansson.

På spaning efter drivkrafter och rötter: En motivanalys av drivkrafter inom Sveriges Pensionärers Intresseparti samt om inspirationskällor vid partiets uppkomst

One aim of this thesis has been to trace the driving forces among active members of the Swedish Pensioners? Interest Party (SPI), but also to render how party values and ideas are connected to the concepts of is-sue space, distrust, and New Party Politics (mainly populism). Since there are several pensioners? parties in other countries, my second aim has been to investigate whether the party is a result of a diffusion proc-ess of copying a successful equivalent party; in other words to find out whether a Master frame has inspired the forming of a Swedish pension-ers? party. Through interviews and document analysis, I have found seven issue dimensions explaining the motives behind my respondents? engagement in the party.

Vindkraft i norra Sverige. Inventering av lämpliga platser för vindkraftsetablering i de sex nordligaste länen.

The interest for wind power has increased in Sweden. Northern Sweden is especially interesting due to that a new wind resource map shows that there are areas in northern Sweden that have more potential for wind power than what have been known before. Therefore E.ON Vind is interested in finding out if, and where, there are suitable places for establishment of wind power in northern Sweden. The purpose of this Master thesis is therefore to perform an inventory of northern Sweden for suitable places for wind power. The Master thesis is performed at E.ON Vinds office at Vasagatan in Stockholm.

Införsel av visuell styrning och taktad produktion : Skapa medvetenhet bland medarbetare

This Master?s thesis was written on the behalf of Saba Frukt och Grönt AB inHelsingborg and is the final part of the Master program in MechanicalEngineering at Halmstad University.The main task was to introduce visual control and increase the rate of concept intwo of the departments of the company. The goal is to come up withimplementation proposals, and if possible to implement one in the near future.The author attacks the problem by using the Six Sigma DMAIC-methodology as itis a clear and structured approach. As a complement Lean-inspired tools are used.After compiling the results from the interviews and benchmarking somesuggestions are made. These are reviewed with stakeholders and a discussion ofhow to go on further was held.

En undersökning av Libra IIIs OPAC utifrån två perspektiv

This Master thesis is an attempt to study the interface in itself, where the human meets the machine and the problems that can arise. I study a particular interface, namely the OPAC of Libra III. In 1999 IFLA presented recommendations for what an OPAC shall contain, and in one part of my Master thesis I compare Libra III with these recommendations from my opinion. In another part of my Master thesis I make an investigation where I let five by me chosen persons answer some questions from me, both by doing and verbally. I draw the conclusion that Libra III follows most of the recommendations of IFLA in a sufficient way.

Spänningsstyrd underfrekvenslastfrånkoppling i elektriska kraftsystem

This report is a Master?s Thesis performed by Andreas Adolfsson and David Jacobsson atChalmers University of Technology. The purpose of this Master?s thesis is to evaluate anew method for load-shedding, the voltage controlled underfrequency load-sheddingdeveloped by ABB. This report presents a comparison between conventionalunderfrequency load-shedding and this new method for load-shedding.

Musikwebb ? En undersökning med fokus på urval, service och digitalisering

The aim of this Master thesis is to examine the attitudes among library staff regarding a music downloading service called Musikwebb, which is available in many Swedish public libraries. It focuses on the impact of Musikwebb on the process of music selection, the relationship between Musikwebb and the digital development in public libraries and what service Musikwebb offers its users. The gathering of material was executed through focus group interviews with library staff in four libraries. This empirical material we divided in three categories: Music selection, The Library and its digital services, and Library services. We use the results of Sanna Talja?s discourse analysis regarding the relationship between Music, Culture and the Library to analyze our material.

Genus och informationsteknologi

This thesis discusses how the education in the Master of Engineering program can change to become more into line for the students needs, especially for the women, both directly in the education situation and later in their occupational roles. This is done using a gender perspective. Both the education and the occupation today is characterised by masculine norms and values. The education lacks gender perspective and is created by men, for men. The thesis gives concrete proposals on how to change two existing courses to better fit the students.

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