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Polisens förtroendekris : en skandal att det blev offentligt, inte att det hade hänt?

Purpose/Aim: The aim of this thesis was to study Sydsvenskans coverage of the police crisis in Skåne 2009.Material/Method: The study is based on 26 articles which has been analysed within the frames of Norman Faircloughs Critical Discourse Analysis..

Kompetensbegreppet i kommunal verksamhet : En kritisk diskursanalys

Large retirement numbers and fierce competition of available labour, results in municipalities have to be more attractive as an employer. One way for the municipalities to fulfil their staffing requirement is partly to increase their recruitment efforts, and partly to educate their existing employees. Discussions about the supply of competence are therefore pressing within municipal activity. The aim of the study was to investigate how the concept of competence is used within a municipal administration. The method that has been used is Norman Fairclough?s critical Discourse Analysis, a method that allows multi dimensional analysis.

ADHD som meningsskapande diskurs : om ADHD i socialt arbete i kriminalvården

The aim of this study is to discuss the diagnosis ADHD as a meaning-making discourse that is something more than just a diagnosis with a set of symptoms. I aim to discuss that the diagnosis is productive and can be seen as a means to control and to comfort individuals. The research was based on a method consisting of an idea analysis and a Discourse Analysis. I am using both a Discourse Analysis and a critical ideology analysis as perspectives. These perspectives are also based on a general theory of late modernity.

Polisen genom olika fönster : Kritisk diskursanalys av polisens representation

How do the Swedish police get represented in news media and how does that representation differentiate from other media channels where the police have full control over what is said? Through a Discourse Analysis of news texts and extracts from the police own webpage and Facebook page, we claim that the discourse in newspapers and the discourse on the webpage and Facebook page is pretty much the same, only packaged differently..

Hungrig systemtekniker sökes : En studie om relationen mellan sändare och mottagare i platsannonser

English title: "Motivated system technician wanted" A study of the relationship between two parts in job advertisements". The purpose of this study is to describe the linguistics of job advertisements. The focus is on discursive practice and how the relation between employer and the proposed employee is created through the process of communication in job advertisements. The method concists of two parts: A critical Discourse Analysis using the three dimensional model for critical Discourse Analysis by Fairclough and a text analysis inspired by Hellspong & Ledin. 40 job advertisements were examined and the analysis revealed that the majority belongs to the category traditional job advertisement and a minority uses more than one discourse.

Kultursponsring och kulturfinansiering: en undersökning av diskursiv förändring i fyra statliga kulturpolitiska dokument.

The aim of this Masters thesis is to examine the view of funding and sponsorship of culture within Swedish governmental cultural policy. The main issue is to discover changes in attitude towards funding and sponsorship of culture by comparing the discourse of cultural policy in the 1970s with the discourse of cultural policy in the 1990s. The theoretical and methological starting point is Ernesto Laclaus and Chantal Mouffes discourse theory. Another theoretical starting point is Danish cultural policy reasearcher Dorte Skot-Hansens theories of the development of cultural policy in the Nordic countries, and Norman Faircloughs, of critical Discourse Analysis, theory of the marketization of discourse. Four governmental cultural policy documents, two from the 1970s and two from the 1990s, are analysed through a model loosely based on Laclaus and Mouffes idea of nodalpoints and elements constituting a discourse.

En upplysning om sexualitet : diskursanalys av det svenska samhällets syn på ungdomars sexualitet

The purpose of this essay is, using Discourse Analysis, to define how the Swedish society sees sexuality and how this is conveyed to young people. The questions at issue are; How is the term sexuality defined and delimited? How are the young people described in relation to sexuality? Are young people ascribed to different needs and qualities in relation to sexuality depending on their gender?There is previously a lot of research with great multitude about the sexuality of the youth. The research methods vary but text analysis within the subject area is unusual. The material used in this Discourse Analysis have been published by normative public institutions.

Den offentliga bilden av äldreomsorgen : en diskursteoretisk analys av artiklar i Dagens Nyheter under 2006

The purpose of this essay has been to examine the public`s view of the Swedish eldercare during 2006. This study uses Discourse Analysis as a research method, the reference material has been articles from the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. The aim of the research has been to find central themes, conflicts and consensus in the discourse of eldercare. The analysis resulted in four main subjects which were based on four main questions; the questions of responsibility and execution, the question of contents, and the question of where the eldercare should take place. The analysis of conflicts and relations of consensus in the discourse of eldercare resulted in two different main views; the traditional and a more modern.

Hur maten blev begriplig : En analys av matens diskursiva formationen bland Slow Foodmedlemmar i Göteborg

The aim of this essay is to analyze the discursive production of Food, within the Slow food movement, by its members. Through a Discourse Analysis inspired, theoretically and methodically, by Michel Foucault, this essay examines how the idea of food ? that is ?what should be eaten? ? in opposite to what can be eaten, is constructed within by Slow Food members in the Gothenburg area. The essay analysis how Slow Food?s food discourse is structured and what results this formation has on food within this discourse.

EU - en nyliberal hegemoni? En studie av den nyliberala diskursen i Fördrag om upprättandet av en konstitution för Europa

The fact that we apprehend certain phenomena as more convenient than others generate questions about what constitute and decide what we think of as normal and appropriate. The aim of this thesis is to explore the immense conception of power and authority through a narrower approach that focuses on the EU.With this in mind I examine the penetration of the neo-liberal ideology in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe to see if there are any implications for hegemony. This is achieved through a Discourse Analysis which is strengthened with empirical cases of EU policies.The result of the Discourse Analysis of selected parts of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe reveals that there are in fact tendencies which indicate that our society and reality is dominated by a neo-liberal hegemonic discourse. Subsequently the contemporary discourse broadly infiltrates the entire European Union, and therefore also its member states..

Analys av diskursanalys i kandidatuppsatser

Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to examine how students who also serve as writers of bachelor theses mainly utilizing the Discourse Analysis methodology comprehend the method of Discourse Analysis, and in what way the students bestow it in their research.Methodology and Material: This is a case study of the theses, which are also the text material, as it can be used examining numerous cases. Another beneficial factor is the relationship to the theoretical framework. One does not need to divorce the two institutions; instead they cooperate with each other.Results: A thoroughgoing apprehension of the Discourse Analysis is it being strongly attached to semiotics and how texts can be analyzed by the method in question to reveal institutions in our society alongside with mapping out the agency of words. In other words, language and soceiety mirror each other in a way or another...Key words: Discourse Analysis, thesis, Foucault, Fairclough, Laclau & Mouffe, language, reality, readings.

EUropa och den konstruerade identiteten - En analys av den hegemoniska diskursen

In this thesis the construction of identity within the EU is discussed. A thesis problem in three dimensions is used to explain the purpose of the construction, its realization and the consequences of such identity. These aspects show the complexity of the problems related to identity construction on a structural level.By using a post-modern and a social constructivist theoretical approach identity is presented as socially constructed by discourse. The theory of discourse makes it possible to analyze the development of an identity forming discourse within the EU and its status today.With an approach inspired by critical theory, we use Discourse Analysis as a methodological tool to illustrate the ideas that govern discourse, and in what way it is related to the social reality.The analysis states that the purpose of identity constructing is the striving for legitimacy. Without identification, the legitimacy is threatened.

Skolbibliotekariers yrkesidentiteter: En diskursanalys

The aim of this Masters thesis is to identify discourses within the school library field and to analyse which professional identities the discourses result in for school librarians. The empirical data consist of 71 articles from Swedish journals concerning school libraries and school librarians, between the years 2000-2003. The theory and method used is a Discourse Analysis which is inspired by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe. This form of Discourse Analysis was chosen since it was useful when identity was the focus of study. The analysis is accomplished in three steps.

Har Expressen fått pippi? : En kritisk diskurs analys av Expressens rapportering kring fa?gelinfluensa

AbstractTITLE Birdflu in the press ? a critical Discourse Analysis on the tabloidnewspaper ExpressenAUTHOR Per VågebrantSUPERVISOR Malin SveningssonPURPOSE The purpose of this essay is to find out how the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen writes about the birdflu H5N1. To be more precise the purpose is to find out how the discourse is constructed. The Birdflu or H5N1 witch is its real name is something that could affect us all, yet very few people know a lot about it. To achieve this purpose I constructed one primary research question:o How has Expressen, in the public media discourse, treated the phenomena we know as the birdflu?This primary research question holds three more specified research questions:o What does Expressens discourse about the birdflu look like?o What actors are participating in the articles?o Why does the discourse look like this?THEORY The theory chapter of the essay contains four different parts.

Vad är kommunism : En diskursanalytisk studie av politikers och läromedels syn på kommunism

AbstraktThe purpose of this study is to examine how Swedish politicians and textbooks in social science choose to describe communism, this in order to see if there is a main discourse that controls what communism is associated with. The study is structured by the following question: How does Swedish politicians and textbooks choose to describe communism, is there a main discourse that controls how language is used? The method chosen for the analysis is Discourse Analysis. Chain analogy is used to structure the studied texts discursive content. Four textbooks in social science are analyzed and a number of public government documents that contains discussions about communism and the agency Forum för levande historia.The analysis shows that there is a clear discourse among leading politicians that dictates that communism is to be associated with a spectrum of negative words and concepts, but when it comes to the textbooks there isn?t an equally clear discourse and the textbooks differ among themselves in general content.

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