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"Om föräldern hade varit normalbegåvad men behövt stöd i sitt föräldraskap hade situationen varit en annan? : - En dokumentanalys av rättsfall om LVU

Previous research has indicated that intellectual disabilities and parenting is not socially accepted and compulsory care of children often occurs in families where one or both parents have an Intellectual Disability. This study aims to, thru a document analysis, investigate ideas and representations of parents with intellectual disabilities that emerge in Swedish legal cases. The legal cases is about children who are taken care of according to LVU § 2, where one or both parents have a Intellectual Disability. The results of the study revealed that people with intellectual disabilities are seen as not capable of developing parenting ability, in some cases aroused concerns about parenting during pregnancy, these suggesting stereotypes of parents with intellectual disabilities. Of the documents reveals that social workers word overrides in the decision-making, this leads to a position of power where the parents are at a disadvantage..

"Tänk så bodde man kvar hela livet" : Tankar kring eget boende hos ungdomar i gymnasiesärskolan

The last 1½ decade young people with intellectual disabilities have been a part of my life. My now 13 year old son and several pupils I have taught as a teacher in the compulsory school. Their future and what will affect their lives has always been interesting to me. How do I affect them, why do I do the things I do and think the way I think? This study springs out of that curiosity.

Pedagogers syn på socialt samspel i grundsärskolan

The purpose of my study is to contribute with knowledge about three teachers? view on the possibilities and difficulties to support students with intellectual disabilities insocial interaction.to get answers to my research questions in the analysis I have in my qualitative study used the theory of Fleck's model about thinking styles rooted in a socio-cultural perspective. In the study, I have used semi-structured interviews. My study shows that teacher?s way of thinking affect students' opportunities to practice social interaction. An important finding in the study was that the school management?s attitude, is of great importance for educator?s opportunities to support the students with Intellectual Disability in social interactions.

I sökandet efter kärlek : Möjligheter och hinder med att träffa en partner för personer med Aspergers syndrom eller intellektuella funktionshinder

The aim of this study was to increase the knowledge of possibilities and obstacles for disabled people to meet a partner. The ambition was to know more about wishes for and needs of professional or other support. The methods have been literature studies, survey research, and interviews. A simple questionnaire was sent to administrative staff and social welfare officers who gave the information that they experienced those persons with Intellectual Disability or Aspergers syndrome had asked for support to meet a partner. To get a perspective from inside six semi structured interviews were made with disabled people having experience of relationships, love affairs.

"Här handlar det ju om att man inte vet att man inte vet". En kvalitativ studie om synen bland professionella inom socialt arbete på begåvningshandikappade och föräldraskap

The purpose of this study was to examine what social workers include in the term "parenting ability". More specifically the purpose was to investigate how social workers view the parenting ability among parents with an Intellectual Disability. Furthermore the aim was to examine what difficulties social workers come across in their work with families where one of the parents are intellectually disabled. The study was based on six interviews with social workers that specifically work with children under the age of 18, and occasionally come across parents with this type of disability. The interviews were analysed using Donald Winnicott's terms "good-enough-parenting", "holding" and "the holding environment".

Intellectual Capital Statement -The German Process Approach

The Intellectual Capital Statement facilitates the mapping of interdependent and simultaneously impacting intellectual capital factors in a unique way. The process-orientation of the German approach differentiates it from its predecessors and gives an advantage over alternative procedures. By combining these aspects with the possibility to communicate the company?s efforts and progress in the field of intellectual capital, the German Intellectual Capital Statement (Wissensbilanz) provides an effective management tool..

Självbestämmande eller anpassning? : en studie om fritidsaktiviteter för personer med utvecklingsstörning boende på gruppbostad

The aim of our study was to investigate how much self-determination persons with intellectual disabilities living in group-homes have when it comes to recreational activities. We studied what the recreational activities looked like, if there was any self-determination concerning recreational activities and which factors influenced self-determination for persons with intellectual disabilities. We used qualitative interviews with persons with intellectual disabilities, next of kin and personnel at group-homes. The result has been analyzed from earlier research, central concepts as self-determination and recreational activities and the theory of empowerment. The most important results that emerged in our study were; that recreational activities for persons with intellectual disabilities varied substantially, that there is a large number of to recreational activities available and no one seemed directly displeased with their recreational activities.

?Jag är väldigt stolt över att säga ifrån när saker och ting inte är som de ska!? : om inflytande för vuxna personer med lindrig utvecklingsstörning på gruppbostad

The aim of our study has been to investigate what kind of space there is to exert influence for adult persons with mild intellectual disabilities who live on group housing. We wanted to investigate what kind of hindrance and possibilities there were to exert influence for people on group housing. Our study has been built on qualitative group discussions with 9 persons with mild intellectual disabilities and 6 care-keepers. We have analysed our discussions on the basis of the theory of empowerment. Our result indicates that there is different kind of factors that affect the possibilities for people with mild intellectual disabilities to increase their influence, and it does not always have to do with the disability how the persons can make their voices heard.

Skrivförmåga hos vuxna med intellektuella eller kommunikativa funktionsnedsättningar inom daglig verksamhet

The aim was to examine writing ability and some of its underlyingfunctions in adults with intellectual or communicative disabilities at dailyactivity centres by comparisons with children and adults without disabilities.66 adults with intellectual or communicative disabilities, 39 children and 14adults without disabilities were included. The following tests/tasks wereexecuted: Test for Reception of Grammar-2, graphomotor task, nonwordrepetition, Rapid Automatized Naming and Writing elicited by pictures. Thepicture elicited narratives were examined regarding length, spelling,syntactic complexity, interpunctuation, content and general impression. Theresults demonstrated that adults at daily activity centres performed lowerscores than adults without disabilities. The group generally didn?t differ fromthe children, but they made a smaller proportion of phonologicallyacceptable misspellings and achieved lower scores on nonword repetitionand Rapid Automatized Naming, which could indicate limitations inphonological processing ability.

?Samlag /.../ det ar nar man hejjar pa? samma lag" : Skolkuratorers syn på sexualiteten hos unga med intellektuell funktionsnedsättning

Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine how the sexuality of young people with Intellectual Disability (ID) are constructed, based on how school counselors describe the situatuation of these youths and based on how the counselors describe their role in giving advice and discussing sex and relationships. The empirical data were collected through semi-structured interviewes with seven scool counselors and one consultant. The material was analyzed on the basis of theories about sexual script, stigma and social constructivism. The results showed that school counselors saw the young people with ID as a vulnerable group and as a group worthy of protection. Most of them had a picture of young girls as more vulnerable than young boys.

Sysselsättning för vuxna med utvecklingsstörning

This study aims to explore how employment of people with intellectual disabilities has grown from only a few participants in the 1960 to be a statutory right. The aim is further to describe the progress and how theories about disability, normalization and social integration relate to the activity. Particular attention is given to the conditions of the labour market and how it influences the activity. Does the ambition to get activity closer the labour market changes and if there are changing, in what way? Is it important that employment resemble or can lead to a common work? The method is to study and analysis periodicals and newspapers articles and make interviews.

Delaktighet i genomförandeplan : Ur ett personalperspektiv

The study presented here is about how to make the special needs user who has a profound Intellectual Disability and additional disabilities more involved in their implementation plan. Based on a life story interview the study aims at analyzing perceptions of procedures to enhance special needs users? influence. The method used in this study was a qualitative research approach as an overall approach in order to use a narrative method where life history is the method. The focus has been to study a part of an individual life history - a specific domain in the life of the interviewee?s working career.

Forskningsområdet biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap vid Högskolan i Borås ? En bibliometrisk studie av den intellektuella basen 2001?2006

The aim of this study was to map the intellectual base at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS) at the University Collage of Borås, and to compare this intellectual base to the intellectual base of the research area Library and Information Science. This was done by analysing the citations in publications published, between the year of 2001 to the first quarter of 2006, by researchers at the institution, using the technique of author cocitation analysis. Cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling, statistical techniques that are traditional i the author cocitation analysis, formed an objective map of the intellectual base at the SSLIS. This map was then compared with three prior studies, that used the same technique to map the intellectual base of the research area. The result shows that the map of the intellectual base at the SSLIS consists of the specialities: user studies, library studies, culture/cultural policy, information retrieval, bibliometrics and information in organisations.

Osynliga nyhetsoffer eller som du och jag : Framställningen av personer med funktionsnedsättning i Rapport och TV4 Nyheterna

In this study we examine to what extent people with disability participate in television news and how they are represented. We chose to examine one broadcast per day of SVT Public Service news program Rapport and commercial channel TV4 Nyheterna (TV4 News) during one month using quantitative content analysis and qualitative discourse analysis.We found that people with disability are underrepresented in television news. In Rapport only 1,9 percent of the total broadcasting time contained people with disability and in TV4 Nyheterna 3 percent of the total broadcasting time contained people with disability. In the news people with disability were often represented as stereotypes, most commonly as victims. The focus was often on the medical aspect of the disability and on the problems that people with disability had.

Mötet, ett dilemma eller en möjlighet? : - En kvalitativ studie av myndighetspersoners beskrivningar av individer med ett socialt funktionshinder.

This is a study with a qualitative approach and a social psychological perspective. Our purpose is to describe and analyze authority officials descriptions of individuals with a social disability and their perception of how the interaction in the encounter with its implementation. We are interested in how they experience their power as authority representatives. The following issues are highlighted.? How do people in authority describe individuals with a social disability?? What is the authority officials view on the interaction in meetings with individuals with a social disability?? How do authority officials experiencing his or her position of power in relation to the meeting?Our results are based on semi-structured interviews with five persons in authority, which is active in Insurance and Employment Service in Örebro County.

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