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Varför förstår inte mamma? : En kvalitativ studie om barn till föräldrar med utvecklingsstörning

The aim with this study is to through a research summary review experiences of growth and theparents caring ability among children who has grown up with parents having intellectual disabilites,and by empirical data illustrate how these persons today describe their childhood, their parentscaring ability and other cicumstances that have affected the growth. The results from the researchsummary are then to be compared with the results from the empirical data in purpose to reviewsimilarities and discrepancies.The study has a qualitative approach and it is based on foundings from earlier research andinterviews with four women whos mothers have intellectual disabilities.In the existing research of this issue there is a clear dichotomy between whether the researchershave focused on either the children or the parents. In both perspectives there are differentconceptions about whether a person with intellectual disabilities have the capacity to care for andraise a child, as there is about how the parents intellectual disaparment affects the child.The womens stories of the childhood are obviously unique, but they also have many experiencesin common, both among themselves as with what has been found in research. Children of parentswith intellectual disabilities have been classified as a risk group, wich has been shown by reversedroles for child and parent, lack of attachment to the parents and by insufficient care. Despite thedifficulties that the women have faced, they describe many parts of their lives in positive termstoday.There seems to be other influences in addition to the parents intellectual capacity that affect theesechildrens outcomes.

Identitetsskapande, självkänsla och delaktighet - Erfarenheter och upplevelser av kommunikation inom föreningar för människor med intellektuella funktionshinder

The aim with this study was to illustrate communicative meetings between people that are visiting and working in two different associations for people with intellectual disabilities. The method we used was interviews. To find out the meaning of the associations for the members creating of identity, participation and self esteem we asked them if they felt stigmatized and if they thought that the associations reduced that feeling and how the pedagogy cooperation between them selves and the coaches were working. The results of the study showed that the members of the association experienced that it had a positive influence according to their creating of identity, participation and self esteem. The members felt that coaching and the pedagogy cooperation had both positive and negative aspects but mostly it worked well..

Med siktet inställt på bragd, hinder och hopp : En granskning av handikappidrottens plats i det mediala rummet

Purpose/Aim: The aim of this study is to (1) analyze the amount of exposure disability sports get in Swedens biggest newspaper (Aftonbladet), (2) look at how Aftonbladet portraits disability sports and it?s athletes, and finally (3)  to see if there has occurred any change over time (during the last eight years). Material/Method: The first method used is a quantitative analysis to measure exposure.The second method is a quantitative content analysis which is used to analyze how disability sports are portrait.The third method is rhetorical and is also used to analyze how disability sports are portrayed. Main results: The study has shown that disability sports get very little exposure in Aftonbladet. The articles in the newspaper that cover disability sports are portrayed from a personal point of view without much focus on the athletes achievements regarding his or her sport.

Brukarorganisationers syn på ICF som arbetsredskap ? och dess betydelse för erkännande och omfördelning

This study was about disability organisations opinion concerning ICF: s importance in their work to receive the same recognition and human rights for their members as citizens. The aim has been to elucidate disability organisations awareness about and use/non use of ICF and to increase the understanding of ICF: s importance for recognition and redistribution. Three different methods have been used: literature study, questionnaire survey, both on counties' (27) - and national (26) level and interviews (5) on national level. There is also a distinct difference between the disability organisations that represents people with visible impairments, who don?t think that ICF is so useful and they that represent people with invisible impairments, who thinks that ICF is a useful tool.

"Ska jag släppa eller ska jag kontrollera?" : En kvalitativ studie om enhetschefers och omsorgspersonals förhållningssätt till sexualiteten hos människor med utvecklingsstörning.

The aim of this study was to, on the basis of normalization and autonomy; investigate how staff working in group homes discusses about sexuality of people with an Intellectual Disability. Our study was based on ten semi-structured interviews of both care staff and heads of group homes to get responses from different levels within the same organization. The empirical material was analyzed through the theory of social constructivism, which focuses on how we construct the world through interaction and language, and the normalization principle whose goal is that all people with developmental disabilities should have the opportunity to live like all other people. We view these theories as useful to gain understanding of the questions in our study. The result of this study showed that the subject only comes up for discussion when problems arise, that the communication on the subject is inadequate and more discussion is requested.

Vem är normal?

My project is about attitudes towards disabled people, about our fear for those who are different, about acceptance, ideals and normality.My inspiration has been prosthesis, and mostly people that are born without limbs. Through my research I have come across a lot of questions. Such as, why is a prosthesis so important and for whom? Why is it so important to be normal? What is normal and for who? People that are born different se upon themselves as normal, until they realize that others don?t. Many of them want to learn how to deal with life without prosthesis. And therefore they reject these. Sometimes the prosthesis is aids that are highly necessary.

Dell from a intellectual capital perspective (working title)

Purpose: We will understand and explain Dell?s value gap through an extended intellectual capital theory. This will be done by deriving the value to the different parts of the intellectual capital value scheme. We will also use value scheme to describe the ongoing strategy shift. Methodology: The qualitative method and an abductive reasoning have been employed during the progress.

Daglig verksamhet enligt LSS : Hur resonerar ett antal deltagare med intellektuella funktionsnedsa?ttningar kring sitt arbete?

This essay aims to examine the meaning work at daily activity centers gives people with intellectual disabilities and the questions these people consider necessary to ask in quality surveys. This has been done by interviews with twelve respondents in various daily activitiy centers within a private care company in the Stockholm area. The theories that has been used to analyze the empirical data is SOC - sence of coherence, stigma and empowerment. The result shows that the meaning of daily activity is to create and maintain social contacts, feeling important and needed by others and an opportunity to feel ?normal? and like everybody else.

Internetbegränsning på stadsbibliotek

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how city librariesmaintain the intellectual freedom in their Internet service. Thediscussion about Internet filters has been quiet in Sweden forseveral years, so I wanted to see if there had been an increased useof filters. I also wanted to see if the city libraries regulated theInternet service in another way. I sent a survey to 100 libraries andgot answer from 83. To explain what intellectual freedom is, I usedStuart Hamilton?s theory about intellectual freedom in the librarycontext.

Betydelsen av multimodal rehabilitering för nedstämdhet, oro och fysiska begränsningar hos patienter med långvarig smärta

The aim of this study was to compare perceived disability in daily activities, anxiety and depression for patients with chronic pain (>3 month), before and after rehabilitation. Another aim was to examine if there were any correlations between disability in daily activities and the extent of anxiety and depression before and after rehabilitation.For the measurements, Disability Rating Index (DRI) that measures disability in daily activities, and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) ) which measures the extent of anxiety and depression were used. The study was carried out with 50 patients who had suffered from chronic pain and with the objective to return to work after rehabilitation. Of these, 90 % were female. The measurements were carried out at three measure points; before rehabilitation, seven weeks after rehabilitation and one year after rehabilitation.The main result did not show any statistically significant improvement in ability to perform daily activities.The only significant difference that emerged was an improvement in anxiety seven weeks after rehabilitation compared with before.

CIRKUS I GRUNDSKOLA OCH GRUNDSÄRSKOLA - samspel, omgivningsfaktorer och relevanta krav i en träningssituation

This study looked at two groups of adolescents aged 12-17 years who had participated in circus training. One group had some form of disability while the other had none. The study was carried out as a qualitative study with observations, interviews and a questionnaire used as methods of gathering data. A small part of the study was quantitative and an observation chart was used. The purpose was to examine the importance of teamwork, environmental factors and the necessary requirements during a learning situation.

Internationell tvistlösning inom immaterialrättens område : Utvecklingen av tvistlösningsmekanismer och dess genomslag

International conventions signifies international trade, which in itself would be ineffective if there were no dispute settlement mechanisms. This essay intends to examine how dispute settlement mechanisms between states have developed over the years and a large emphasis is placed on the World Trade Organizations (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body since it?s had great significance for the efficiency of international law. In order to show the need for dispute settlement mechanisms, a background to the conventions that have called for the development of the DSB is in order. This essay focuses on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and the agreement that currently regulate intellectual property rights, Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), but also its connection to the DSB.

Empowerment och paternalism på jobbet : En studie kring självbestämmande och delaktighet för brukare i daglig verksamhet enligt LSS

During the latter part of the 20th century the situation for people with intellectual disabilities in Sweden changed and developed. Clients have the right to participation and self-determination in society and in applied measures under the law of individual rights legislation; LSS. The purpose of this study is to describe and understand how team-leaders and managers in day-centres in a municipality works with participation and self-determination for clients, and what the professionals consider affects the client's possibility to self-determination and participation. The research questions intended to be answered are:? How does the team-leaders and managers work to enable self-determination and participation of the users in the public day-centres?? What does the team-leaders and managers describe and understand as enabling and limiting factors for the client?s possibility to self-determination and participation?The study is qualitative and interviews have been held with eight interviewees, which I contacted through snowball sampling.

Tillbaka till arbetsmarknaden? : Fem individer med sjukersättning resonerar kring att återgå i arbete.

The aim of this study was to examine how individuals with disability pension reason about a return to work. Action theory, as presented by Berglind, was used as theoretical approach. Qualitative interviews were conducted with five individuals who have disability pension due to mental illness. The respondents describe how they weigh benefits and disadvantages against each other. The main reason for a return to work is economical.

Läsförmåga hos vuxna med intellektuell och/eller kommunikativ funktionsnedsättning som deltar i daglig verksamhet

The aim of the study was to examine the reading ability of adultswith intellectual and/or communicative disabilities. The group adults withintellectual and/or communicative disabilities consisted of 66 individuals.One control group consisting of 36 children aged 7 to 12 years and onereference group consisting of 14 adults were used. Participants were given anumber of language and reading related tests. Adults with intellectual and/orcommunicative disabilities had significantly lower results than the adultreference group regarding all tests and significantly lower results than thechild control group regarding phonological processing. There was nodifference between adults with intellectual and/or communicative disabilitiesand the child comparison group regarding word decoding and readingcomprehension.

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