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Information som inspiration : en studie av yrkesverksamma konstnärers behov och användning av information

The main purpose of this essay is to investigate professional artists experience of the need and use of Information in their creative work. I have collected the material through qualitative interviews with four professional artist working with different materials and techniques. One of the results of the study is that the artists first of all used Information as a source of inspiration in their creative work. They gathered their Information from various scources, for example; pictures, exhibitions, visual arts, books and novells, depending on what project they are working with. Other important Information scources were colleges, especially for the technical Information need.

Information till närstående : Närståendes uppfattning om information gällande patientens egenvård inför hemkomst

Shorter hospital stays increases the need for well functioning post hospital aftercare. Persons close to the patient are often involved in the aftercare and need Information about self-care. This need is frequently not satisfied. The aim of this study was to investigate if the next-of-kin of patients cared for at the thoracic clinic at Uppsala University hospital, have received Information about self-care and how they perceive the Information they have been given. METHOD: To investigate this, questionnaires were sent out by mail.

Reportrars användning av informationsresurser på en svensk dagstidning.

The purpose of this Master?s thesis is to examine the Information needs of reporters at a Swedish daily newspaper, and see if they are met by the Information resources provided by the newspaper. It examines if there are resources which are not used and why. The examination is based on Henczel?s model for Information auditing.

Informationsplikten   i försäkringsavtalslagen : Uppfylls syftet med informationen?

This thesis treats the Information the insurance company is going to give the policyholders just before the insurance is to be concluded and soon thereafter. The purpose for the essay is to investigate whether the mentioned Information can be considered to meet the purpose referred to its establishment. The investigation will also show if the penalty for not upholding this obligation is reasonable in relation to the aim the duty to inform the policyholders is meant to uphold.Information to be provided before the contract is concluded should facilitate the choice of insurance. The Information to be given to the policyholders as soon as possible after the contract is concluded should be given as a form of confirmation and Information on conditions that has not been stated before. The purposes that have been mentioned is for both the Information to consumers and companies.The conclusion that can be made after the analysis is that the Information is of great importance for the policyholder, both for consumers and companies.

Informationsbeteende i komplexa beslutsprocesser nyttjande av informationskällor vid informationssökning om automatiserade bibliotekssystem

The aim with this study was to examine which Information sources are used by the librarians in the process of changing automated library system and why. Furthermore it was of interest to examine whether there are any correlations between variables environment, Information quality, Information availability, Information need and Information sources. I used a quantitative method that was carried out in form of a nationwide survey. Questionnaires were sent out to all the Swedish libraries that had change library systems sometime between the years 2000.

Den interna informationshanteringen inom äldre- och handikappomsorgen i kommundelen Viskafors

The purpose of this thesis is to explore how the internal Information processing and management is carried out within a unit of Viskafors municipality. Furthermore, to explore and make recommendations of how the organisation can improve its internal Information management. To get a full picture I have interviewed people at different levels of the organisation. The main findings showed that there was a dysfunction in the internal Information processing and management. For example the study showed that the internal Information did not reach out to the different parts of the organisation due to insufficient Information processing.

The Value of Digital Information DIV-index, A Corporate Asset

Companies have in the past decades changed fromtraditional manufacturing organizations into serviceorganizations. For these service organizationsInformation and competence have become animportant resource. The traditional view onInformation is that an employee use and search forInformation to reduce uncertainty for their decisionmaking. Even though Information is strategicallyimportant for organizations, Information is not valuedin any way. Hence, this thesis aims to valueInformation in terms of the utility it brings to theorganization.The conclusion is that four factors are important whenvaluing Information in terms of utility.

För mycket information? : En analys av begreppet Information Overload mot bakgrund av det framväxande informationssamhället

This paper deals with the concept "Information Overload" (IO). It describes the intellectualcontent of the idea as well as its supposed domains of activity. Furthermore it problemizes theimage of "Information", "Information Society" and other concepts related to those phenomenons.A division by two fundamental different distinctions of IO are being made. InformationOverload serves as a name for:I. An Information-intensive environment.II.

Forskares informationsanvändning och informationsbeteende ? En Information Audit på ?Forskningsbolaget?

The purpose of this Master?s Thesis is to examine the Information use and Information behavior of the scientists at the company ?Forskningsbolaget?. For this purpose an Information Audit was carried out using both interviews with six managers and a questionnaire, which was sent out to the entire population of 213 scientists. After finding out what Information the scientists use and how they obtain it the aim was to answer the question of to what extent the company?s Information Centre can meet these needs.

Yngre pensionärers informationsbeteende i vardagslivet och på internetkurs.

The aim of this study is to examine the Information behavior of younger seniors with a special focus on the Internet. Using a qualitative method consisting of a case study, including observations, diaries, questionnaires, and Information diaries, we were able to compare the Information behavior of the seniors in their use of the Internet, with the Information behavior in their everyday life. The result of the study shows that the respondents led very active lives and used many different Information sources in everyday life. They did not only seek Information, but also assimilated it, often with a purpose to mediate it to other people. The motives behind the Information use in everyday life were mainly connected to their life situations.

Informationskompetensen i användarundervisningen

This master thesis investigates the user education. Christine Bruce has presented a theory of Information literacy in her research which has resulted in seven different aspects of Information literacy. In this study I wanted to investigate what aspects there were and what they looked like in a practical educational situation. The methods used for this study were observation and a questionnaire. I analysed the observations by using Bruces aspects of Information literacy to group the observed activities into the different aspects.

Ung och gay ? Informationsbehovet som ung och homo- eller bisexuell i komma-ut-processen

The aim of this Master?s thesis is to examine the Information needs of gay, lesbian and bisexual adolescents? when they are coming out. I also examine what kind of Information they seek and where they might find this Information. The purpose is also to examine what role the public or school library plays. The study is conducted through qualitative interviews with gay, lesbian and bisexual adolescents?.

Finnes: flata. Sökes: information. Om lesbiska, informationsbehov och ämnesbestämning av skönlitteratur.

The aim of this Masters thesis is, partly, to examine the Information needs of lesbians: what discernable Information needs they have, how they seek Information and which Information sources they use. The purpose is also to examine what part fiction plays regarding the Information needs mentioned above and how fiction indexing could improve retrieval. The study is conducted through ten qualitative interviews with lesbians as well as through textual analysis. The theoretical framework includes queer theory and theory concerning Information needs and uses. The results indicate that lesbians have evident Information needs that mostly concern identity.

"Man vet inte vad man inte vet". En studie av informationsflödet inom Gatukontoret i Borås Stad

The aim of this thesis is to examine the flow of Information in an administration of the municipality Borås Stad. To achieve the aim the following questions were asked: How accessible is Information? How is Information used in the organisation? How is Information communicated? Totally sixteen qualitative interviews was accomplished with employees at the administration. The results of the interviews show that there is a difference in how much and what sort of Information the respondents use. They all seem to prefer Information to be communicated face to face if possible or over the phone.

Information inom den kommunala socialtjänsten. En studie av socionomers upplevelse av information i det dagliga arbetet med barnavårdsutredningar.

The aim of this Masters thesis is to investigate how trained social workers experience Information in their daily work. The thesis focussed on three major questions: - What type of Information and Information sources are mostly used by the trained social workers? - What kind of Information barriers are described by the participants? - How can the patterns of Information seeking and Information use be understood on the basis of the trained social workers professional and social context? Semi-structured interviews were carried out with trained social workers working with child welfare enquiries. My theoretical framework consists of user and context oriented theories about classifications of Information, Information barriers and models of Information sources. My conclusions are that trained social workers working with risk assessment in child protection services, need to use different kinds of Information in their daily work, such as problem Information, domain Information and problem-solving Information.

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