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Mentorskap i traineeprogram ? Karaktärsdrag som påverkas hos mentorn och adepten

With an attractive Trainee program company?s today hope to attract young devoted people. In the frame of a Trainee program, there has been a special focus on a formal mentorship in an effort to develop characteristics with the mentor and protégé. Therefore this study discusses the subject mentorship in Trainee programs. Which characteristics are affected with the mentor and protégé during a mentor relationship in a Trainee program? The aim of the study is to create an awareness and knowledge of the mentor and the protégés understanding of which characteristics are affected in a mentorship relation after a completed Trainee program.

...alltså vad menar du egentligen med informationssökning?... : En undersökning av lärarstudenters utbildning i informationssökning och skolbibliotek

The purpose of this Master's thesis was to examine how and what Trainee teachers are being taught about information seeking and school libraries related to problem-based teaching method in compulsory school. The questions at issue were: How have Trainee teachers learned about information seeking? How have Trainee teachers learned about using school libraries? We also wanted to know which education they have got in information seeking and school libraries. We examined this through both literature and empirical studies. We used a qualitative method in order to answer the questions at issue.

Vad är ett lyckat projekt ur ett intressentperspektiv? : En studie av Trainee in TIME

AbstractThe concept project is today used in several contexts and has different meaning in different contexts. Lately, projects have been seen as a form of organization and more companies convert from traditional organizing to organizing in a project form. The purpose and focus of today?s project is not only to increase quality and competence development for management but also to integrate different actors in order to e.g. increase customer value.LänsTeknikCentrum AB (LTC) in Jönköping is running different projects in order to support companies in Jönköping County.

Psykologiskt kontrakt mellan trainee och organisation: Förväntningar under och efter traineeprogram

Syfte ? Att skapa en djupare förståelse för det psykologiska kontraktet mellan Trainee och organisation.Metod ? Kvalitativ fallstudie med induktiv ansats där semistrukturerade intervjuer har använts för att samla in empirisk data. Analys av data genom innehållsanalys.Resultat ? Ett antal teman som kan bidra med en djupare förståelse för det psykologiska kontraktet mellan organisation och Trainee identifierades. Identifierade teman som organisation och Trainee har förväntningar inom under pågående program; Eget ansvar, Utveckling, Stöd, Engagemang och Leverans.

Vem hör hemma i arbetslivet? : Praktik som åtgärd för att underlätta personer med intellektuella funktionsnedsättningars inträde på arbetsmarknaden.

This study investigates a Swedish educational project aimed to incorporate young people with intellectual disabilities into the labor market through internship. This qualitative interview study was conducted with six of the project student?s internship supervisors. The purpose of this study is thus to examine the motives behind the decision to take on a Trainee from the program at the workplace. In addition, the study also aims to examine whether and how dif-ferent factors of the workplace affect the Trainee?s opportunities for social inclusion in the workplace.

Marte meo i daglig verksamhet - En studie i hur Marte meo tillämpas inom daglig verksamhet

This report is the result of several interviews of employees within the field of pedagogy. The background behind this report is my period as a Trainee in one of the daily activities in Malmo. In daily activities the employers gets training, education and guidance in Marte meo, which is funded by public finances. The method, which this study focuses upon is called Marte meo. It is a method of communicating and developing the means for the participants to evolve their skills in communicating and increase self esteem.

Simply the Best : En intervjustudie om hur tre företag arbetar för att behålla sina talanger med hjälp av Talent Management

Problemformulering: Talang a?r ett diffust begrepp men samtidigt so?ker ma?nga fo?retag specifikt efter talanger till sina Traineeprogram. Den stenha?rda konkurrensen om en Traineeplats go?r att det kra?vs na?got extra fo?r att antas och pa? sa? sa?tt kan vi pa?sta? att en Trainee a?r en talang. Talent Management handlar om allt fra?n att rekrytera till att lyckas beha?lla talangfulla medarbetare.

Barnet eller ämnet? : Lärarstudenters preferenser av didaktiska val vid naturvetenskaplig undervisning i förskolan

Teaching in pre-school usually takes its starting-point in children?s reality and curiosity. Apart from that it has also been important to take contains of a special subject under consideration, for example development of language and communication or mathematics development. The purpose of this study was to investigate how natural science as a special subject in pre-school education is expressed by five Trainee teachers when they teach children at the age of 2-7. Generally the study focuses on the students? teaching actions as well as their line of argument about their teaching and the choices they have to make.

"Allt jag gör lär jag mig ju av". En studie om kunskapskrav och kunnande i anslutning till audionomstudenters praktiska utbildning

The audiologists´ knowledge-domain is generally described as a unique combination of medical, technical, social and behavioural sciences. It gives prominence to the importance of an adequate education relating to the knowledge-demands the students´encounter during their Trainee-period. However, an important question is if the educational content corresponds to the knowledge-demands during the training? Aim: This study aimed to identify the knowledge-demands of students during their Trainee-period. Furthermore, to identify how the students´ actual knowledge was related to the encountered knowledge-demands.

Tillsammans är vi starka? : -En kvalitativ studie i om traineeprogram leder till yrkeskunnande och gemenskapsbildning.

This study aims to investigate how participants in a companys Traineeprogram describe that the programmes educational tasks has prepared them for their future work. The study also examines how participants perceive that they have developed skills that are specifik to their profession and how they became part of a community. The following questions were formed to make it possible to investigate the purpose further; ?Do the participants feel that the interaction within the Trainee group has promoted their learning??, ?How does the participants describe the training elements in relation to their development of competencies that they use in their professional role?? and ?How does the Traineeprogram contribute to the participants becoming part of a community??. This was examined by taking part of what previous research has highlighted as important for learning and socialization in relation to Traineeprograms.


Because of the currently large recruitment needs within the Swedish nuclear powerindustry, it is necessary to recruit trainers from other recruitment groups than that ofexperienced operators at nuclear power plants. The foundation for a trainingprogram regarding these recruitment groups, here called ?aspirants?, has in this thesisbeen prepared. It contains a suggestion for main topics in the program. It also includesdiscussion on the balance between forms of education and a concrete example ofhow a lesson could be performed.These suggestions has been developed through analysis of interviews and surveyresponses from student groups most suited for the propositioned Trainee program,and individuals with service as a trainer or closely linked to training activities withinthe industry.The analysis suggests that the candidates gets, besides the opportunity to practice asoperating staff before the theoretical training begins, a training program, tightly boundto the power plant with multiple instances of practice and the chance of going intothe power plant and see how things that are being raised in theory, look in real life.The practice, in addition to helping to create an understanding of the plant, it will facilitate networking with the operations staff to build a relationship and trust.Candidates should have plenty of opportunity to educate and see both other aspirantsand experienced trainers train.

Traineeprogram - ett givet recept på framgång?

Syftet med denna studie är att uppnå ökad förståelse för skillnader och likheter mellan en organisations och dess Traineers förväntningar i förhållande till organisationens Traineeprogram. Studien genomförs i samarbete med en kunskapsintensiv industriorganisation och är avgränsad till att studera organisationens nuvarande Traineeprogram. Tre teman där skillnader och likheter mellan organisationens och Traineernas syn utgör studiens frågeställningar; Trainee och Traineeprogram, humankapital samt nätverk och sociala relationer. Frågeställningarna knyter an till tre teoretiska utgångspunkter. Nyinstitutionell teori och humankapitalteori, två teorier som betraktar rationalitet på olika sätt, därtill är forskning om nätverk och sociala relationer av relevans för studien.

Ena dagen student nästa dag nyutexaminerad sjuksköterska

Background: Every year about 4600 nurses are examined in Sweden. The work as a nurse is responsible and she is often working under time pressure. Aim: To describe nurse?s understandings about her professional role during her first year after the examination. Method: Systematic literature review, where 10 scientific articles were examined.

Terapeutegenskaper och allians i utbildningsterapi: En intervjustudie

The working alliance between therapist and client has been proven important for the treatment outcome in psychotherapy, as well as the therapist?s characteristics. The aim of the current study was to examine the experience of important characteristics when forming a working alliance, among psychotherapy Trainees. Eight psychotherapy Trainees at Umeå University were interviewed and the material was analyzed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). Characteristics described as positively impacting the working alliance were interested, empathic, warm, genuine, secure, flexible and accepting.

Skanska 21 - en fallstudie av ett studentprogram

Skanska 21 is a student program for university students. The program runs for a year and a half parallel to university studies. It is aimed at those studying a few specific master engineering programs at Lund University, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Chalmers University of Technology or Luleå University of Technology. The program consists of a number of program meetings such as company presentations, a boarding school week, rhetoric training and project visits. The aim of the project is to evaluate the Skanska 21 student program.

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