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Könsförvirring : En narrativ studie av normbrytande genus i barndomen

This essay deals with non-normative gender expressions during childhood. I?m using narrative theory and methods to analyze autobiographical narratives. My questions are:What strategies does the non-normative person use to deal with his otherness?Using the methodological analysis tool ?turning point?, where are the turning points in the narratives? Are their any common turning points in the various narratives?Where is the responsibility placed in the narratives for that someone does not fit in by the adults/ staff at the school/kindergarten- on the non-normative person or at the surroundings?The experiences are interpreted through theories and concepts from Queer theory and gender theory.

"I feel that I was being written..." : Identitetsskapande i William S Burroughs romaner Junky och Queer

In this essay I examine how identity is created in William S. Burroughs two early novels Junky andQueer. The theoretic starting points are Lacans psychoanlytic concepts ?ideal ego?, ?egoideal? and the ?superego? and also Queertheory as presented by Tiina Rosenberg in her book Queerfeministisk agenda.The examination contains an analysis of how Burroughs creates identity in both Junky and Queer with main focus on the second novel. I look at how the desire in the maincharacter Lee is described and what the desire is aimed at.

Queera läckage i Henry & June ur Anaïs Nins ocensurerade dagbok

The study analysis Anaïs Nin's work, Henry & June from a Queer theoretical perspective. The purpose is to show what the work makes with text and how it produces ambivalence with sex and gender and thereby demonstrate the Queer leakage in heteronormative performativities. The first part analyzes how it is working with self-representation in diary form. In order to view the work historically and linguistically the work has been related to analyzes and essays by other researchers mentioned in the analysis. The analysis shows that the writer Anaïs Nin has a clear agenda with her work.

?Den seriösare heterosexuella mannen som har en homosexuell läggning.? : en studie om maskulinitet, manlig sexualitet & representation i tv-serien Queer as folk

Purpose/Aim: This study is an analysis of the view on masculinity, male sexuality and creation of identity with the television series Queer as folk as a base. The analysis is partly based on a semiotic analysis of the representation of masculinity and male sexuality from an episode of the chosen television series Queer as folk, and partly based on a thematic analysis of focus group discussions with young men with different sexualities.Material/Method: This study is based on focus group interviews and a semiotic and thematic analysis. The focus groups consisted of three men in three different groups and were chosen on the criteria of gender and sexuality. All groups were presented with an episode of the television series Queer as folk to see how they perceived masculinity and male sexuality. Their discussions were analyzed with a thematic analysis and the television series Queer as folk with a semiotic analysis.Main results: The three analyzed characters in Queer as folk showed different representations of masculinity and male sexuality.

Kompetens och ansvar kring hbt och homofobi i skolan : Intervjustudie med lärare i årskurs 7-9

Many reports infer that questions of HBT and homophobia are either poorly addressed or not addressed at all in schools today. This study is based on interviews with teachers of students aged 13 to 15. It is an inquiry to the teacher's thoughts about, knowledge of, and sense of responsibility to inform students of the subjects 'Queer', 'HBT', and 'Homophobia'. Who is responsible for educating the students regarding these subjects and what do teachers think about including these subjects in their curriculum? How do the teachers describe their knowledge of the subjects? Do they require further knowledge themselves in order to educate others in a proper way? The study is grounded in Queer theories.

Konstruktioner av queer : Interdiskursivitet och pendlande positioneringar i samtal om kön, sexualitet och relationer

Denna studie utgår från tre fokusgruppsamtal med sammanlagt tio personer som betraktar sig själva som Queera. Syftet har varit att analysera positioneringar i relation till diskurser som konstituerar kön, sexualitet och relationer, och hur dessa positioneringar och diskurser konstrueras språkligt. Feminist Post-structuralist Discourse Analysis har använts som teori och metod, kompletterad med en analys utifrån systemisk-funktionell grammatik. Analysen har visat hur deltagarna genomgående konstruerar ett ifrågasättande av normer som organiserar och kategoriserar kön, sexualitet och relationer. Utifrån Queer positionering har kön och sexualitet genom agentiva verbprocesser konstruerats som dynamiska och mångfaldiga.

to communicate, investigate and phrase a queer being

Jag vill som en Queer praktiker med performativa metoder undersöka hur det textila materialet låter en möta olika platser i det offentliga rummet. Med min egen kropp som utgångspunkt placerar jag mig själv i offentliga, semi-offentliga och privata rum för att skapa en förskjutning och belysa de normer som dagligen upprätthålls i vårt samhälle. För att illustrera min performativa undersökning som fysisk form låter jag de textila material jag undersökt ta form i rummet och representeras i foton..

Skeva begär : En queerstudie av Karin Boyes lyrik

This essay examines the way the recurring motifs in Karin Boye's poetry might be read as expressions of Queer or subversive desire. The fact that the lyrical I is not gendered in the poems opens up for a Queer reading. In adherence to Sara Ahmed's notion of desire lines and sexual orientation I discuss the spatial aspects of desire, and explore the positions and movements of the lyrical I in Boye's poetic landscape as deviations from the concept of the straight and marked path, into the Queer and unknown.I trace desire in Boye's poetry mainly through the themes of nature and night, and the ways in which these phenomena deviate from the normative structures laid out by the poems. Usually the motifs of night (such as fog, shadows and darkness) are associated with the fading of the senses. The night obscures the vision of the lyrical I and wraps them in heavy silence, making them experience and desire in new ways. Through motifs related to nature Boye formulates a feminine, matriarchal myth.

Korta tyglar? En queerfeministisk läsning av tio samtida hästklubbsböcker

This master thesis is discussing ten pony books from 2006 in relation to the heterosexual matrix. It contains a rather extensive research overview regarding horse riding from a gender perspective, pony books, traditional feminist studies of girls? books and Queer readings of girls? and children?s literature. The aim of the empirical study is two folded; firstly to show how the girl protagonists? horse riding is presented in terms of masculinity and femininity (as defined by Natalie Koivula), secondly to analyze the relations between the girls appearing in the books from a Queer perspective attempting to find some Queer leakage in the depictions.

Att ligga fint - en diskursanalys av sexualupplysning på internet utifrån ett queerteoretiskt perspektiv

This is a discourse analysis of three WebPages which topic is sexual information. Our purpose is to examine the WebPages RFSL (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights), RFSU (The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) and UMO (Reception for young people) from a Queer theoretical perspective and illustrate how they discuss the subjects? gender, sexual preference and sexual limits. Our questions are; what information about gender, sexual preference and sexual limits are presented on the WebPages RFSU, RFSL and UMO, and what similarities and differences can be identified and how can these be analyzed from a Queer perspective? Our material was collected from the three WebPages and categorized according to three topics of interest; gender, sexual preference and sexual limits.

Om skeva vampyrer, Riktiga Pojkar och dåliga (monster)flickor : En skev/queerteoretisk studie av Bill och Sookie i Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark

This essay takes a closer look at femininity/masculinity, sexuality and Queer time and place in Charlaine Harris? novel Dead Until Dark (2001). The essay?s theoretical framework consists of Queer theory and skev theory. Skev is a Swedish word that translates loosely into strange or twisted.

"Jamen jag då" : Heterosexualitet och tvåsamhet i Gun-Britt Sundströms Maken

This essay is investigating heterosexuality in Gun-Britt Sundströms Maken. With help from the Queer theories of formost Judith Butler, but also to some extent the ideas of Michel Foucault, I have tried to answer the question of which norms are becoming clear and which are being broken in the novel. I have also looked at a few of Gayle Rubin?s opposites in her sexual value hierarchy. Some of the norms that are brought to light in the essay revolves around faithfulness, lust towards the ?right? person and for the ?right? reasons.

"I skolan var det svårare, speciellt på gymnasiet" : En kvalitativ fallstudie av en skolas syn på lesbiska och en lesbisks erfarenheter av skolan

The purpose of this essay is to highlight the conceptions that exist in school towards homosexuality. My overall essay questions are: What rules does the school have to apply concerning homosexuality? What approach do the professors have towards young lesbian women and kind of support is offered to the group? In order to answer these questions I interviewed a professor and a young lesbian female. One of the surveys that has been made, as a normative order, about heterosexuality in the last decade is known as Queer theory.One of the theories that in surveys investigates homosexuality as a normative order is known as ?Queer theory? and it is the one I decided to use in this essay.Inspired by feminist research, gay and lesbian studies and the poststructuralist theory, the Queertheory focuses on some peoples way of organizing sexuality is privileged, sanctioned and is perceived as normal, while others are seen as deviant, abnormal and therefore unwelcome.

?Så nu är jag ett annat jag igen? : Autenticitetsgränser i och kring JT LeRoys Sarah och Hjärtat är bedrägligast av allt

The aim of this essay is to investigate how the author JT LeRoy (a. i. Laura Albert) questions and broadens the concept of authenticity in literature and authorship. My study is based on LeRoy?s novel Sarah [2000] and the collection of short stories The heart is deceitful above all things [2001], as well as articles written about the construction of Laura Albert?s alter ego JT LeRoy.

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