Queera läckage i Henry & June ur Anaïs Nins ocensurerade dagbok

The study analysis Anaïs Nin's work, Henry & June from a queer theoretical perspective. The purpose is to show what the work makes with text and how it produces ambivalence with sex and gender and thereby demonstrate the queer leakage in heteronormative performativities. The first part analyzes how it is working with self-representation in diary form. In order to view the work historically and linguistically the work has been related to analyzes and essays by other researchers mentioned in the analysis. The analysis shows that the writer Anaïs Nin has a clear agenda with her work. Nin want to develop an alternative approach to sex, gender and marriage.


Amanda Eriksson

Lärosäte och institution

Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för kultur och lärande


"Kandidatuppsats". Självständigt arbete (examensarbete ) om minst 15 högskolepoäng utfört för att erhålla kandidatexamen.

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