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Klassifikation och definition av socialantropologi En jämförande studie ur ett hermeneutiskt perspektiv

The purpose of this thesis is to study the relationship between the definition and bibliographical classification of a certain academic subject; social anthropology. The theoretical framework consists of views held in Information Science regarding the definition and classification of subjects. The methodological onset is based on hermeneutical concepts that allow an extended analysis of abstract structures of thought. This analysis comprises of two parts; a descriptive analysis and a comparative analysis. The result of the descriptive analysis, whose aim is to describe the academic subject social anthropology, shows that this is not easy to define, instead it is nowadays almost the same as Cultural anthropology.

Organisationskultur ur två perspektiv : En jämförande studie av två etnografier ifrån socialantropologi och organisationsteori

This study aims to compare two ethnographies of organizational culture ? one from the discipline of Social Anthropology and one from the discipline of Organizational Studies ? considering their purpose, their method, and their concept of culture. Despite big similarities, or perhaps thanks to the similarities, some fundamental differences are made visible. The discipline of Organizational Studies has, compared to that of Social Anthropology, regarding the research method being used, less focus on, and less participation in, the informal social life of the organizational culture of the study. Regarding the concept of culture the Organizational Studies consider culture containing more of unity, stability and clear boundaries, compared to Social Anthropology.

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