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Mainstream eller alternativ? : Mediesyn och medieanvändning hos grupper inom sociala rörelser

ABSTRACTPurpose/aim: Are there any differences between how ?old? and ?young? groups within social movements in Sweden view (value) and use alternative and mainstream Media?Material/method: The answer to the research problem is sought by conducting qualitative research interviews with representatives of four different groups: Alternativ Stad, Folkkampanjen mot Kärnkraft-Kärnvapen, Attac Sverige and Ingen Människa är Illegal. The theoretical framework consists of research on social movements, especially on their relation to Media, and on alternative Media.Main results: There exist some, but not great, differences between how ?old? and ?young? groups view and use mainstream and alternative Media. The differences are relatively small when it comes to views on Media and somewhat larger concerning Media use.

Kritisk mediekompetens i praktiken : En kvalitativ studie av åtta medielärares ämneskonstruktion utifrån begreppen protect, promote och empower

This paper describes how teachers of Media view and construct their subjects. Eight teachers have been interviewed about their views and opinions about the Media environment, their goals for Media education as well as their opinions about the different course plans used in Media education. The term Media Literacy works as a theoretical starting point for the study, since Media Literacy is the goal for most Media education. The teachers? answers have been analyzed by using three different approaches to Media education: protection, promotion and empowerment.

"Ölhallen" - en hjälp i nyhetsarbetet : En kvalitativ studie av några nyhetsjournalister och sociala medier

This is a qualitative study of how some journalists on the Swedish national Media are using social Media in news work. The study, carried out by using interviews, also covers how these journalists' work is influenced by social Media. For the journalists in the study social Media has become a tool to do research, get news ideas and find interviewees. At the same time social Media affects the work of the journalists, as the social Media increases the speed of news and flow of information. Even though they involve some challenges, social Media facilitates news work and the journalists in this study have a positive attitude towards the phenomenon.Keywords: Social Media, news journalism, the national Media..

Sociala medier i Kina : En studie om användningen av sociala medier i en diktatur

The current research examined whether motives, traditional mass Media consumption and individual differences (social activity and political interest) predicted the use of social Media among a group of university students in China. In coherence with Uses and Gratifications assumptions the study found that the factors differentially predicted the extent of Media use. Information seeking, social interaction and affinity were the main reasons for using social Media. There was a negative correlation between television viewing and use of social Media, in addition to a negative correlation between information seeking and use of the Media. Results further suggest that social Media are used to enhance social capital, since student?s being socially active offline, tend to use the Media to a greater extent than those less active..

?Det är svårt att hinna med allt?- : en studie av synen på ett vidgat textbegrepp i samband med skönlitteraturundervisningen

The purpose of this study was to examine the usage and occurrence of Media literacy in relation to literature studies in the senior level of the nine-year compulsory school. The questions at issue were;How do teachers and students look upon Media literacy and how is this attitude reflected in their education?How do teachers incorporate Media literacy with literature studies?What attitudes do students have towards their teachers? education of Media literacy and literature studies?The study took place in two cities in Sweden. It consists of eighteen qualitative interviews with six teachers and twelve students. The study shows that teachers have different attitudes towards Media education in relation to literature studies.

En kommunikationsgeting: En kvalitativ studie i hur ett medtech-företag ska använda sig av sociala medier

Today, social Media is used mostly by people in their private life. However, companies are more and more tapping into the area of social Media. To this date, mostly B2C companies have been successful in their social Media strategies. This qualitative thesis aims to investigate how B2B companies can benefit from using social Media as a means to communicate and build relations with their customers. The medtech industry has been chosen as the object of study.Through depth interviews with people in the medtech industry and social Media experts, data has been collected in order to answer the questions of (1) how ready customers in the medtech industry are to receive information through social Media and (2) how companies can build the best possible social Media strategy.

Mediernas trojanska häst : en positionsanalys av den mediekritiska genren

The communication and Mediation of information and news has, under the latest decades, increased into an incalculable amount. In the newsflow that has come up it has become more and more urgent to sort and select the relevant and correct news. Simultaneously as the information has become one of the most important goods for the western world, the criticism against Media has become more loudvoiced and especially the criticism aims at the fact that publicness has become less public and the public conversation is nowadays filtrated through Media. The American Joey Skaggs can be reckoned among with the group of Media critics, but his course of action and methods to reach out with his critical view, stand out strikingly from the traditional Media critics. Instead of, as most, aiming the criticism against Media, from an outside perspective, Skaggs chooses to attack the Media from the inside.

Media och näringslivet: En studie om hur mediedrev bör hanteras enligt informationschefer och presschefer

Media has power and impact. It is therefore important for managers to be able to handle Media storms when they arise. If not, the brand can be affected negatively. It is managers who should learn to handle Media storms because the managers constitute an important part of the external face of the company. Because it is managers who should learn to handle Media storms it is interesting to study how Media storms should be handled from a theoretical management-perspective.

CSR i sociala medier - Möjligheter och risker med att kommunicera CSR i sociala medier

This B.Sc. Thesis examines how Swedish Large Cap companies communicate CSR in social Media. We describe the current state of CSR communication in four different social Media channels, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and blogs. This research, supported by interviews with stakeholders and a quantitative survey, analyses the potential risks and benefits from communicating CSR via social Media and provides concrete advice on the development of a CSR communication strategy for social Media. Although some benefits have been realized, many companies have failed to truly reap the potential benefits from an effective social Media strategy for CSR.

Tillgänglig 24/7: Fem folkbibliotek på sociala medier.

The purpose of this thesis is to examine how five public libraries reason about the use of social Media in their day-to-day work. This thesis aim to answer three research questions: What is the libraries use of social Media today? How do libraries look upon their own use of social Media? And have the libraries formulated any goals about their use of social Media, and what are their thoughts on this? The methodology used in this thesis is a content analysis of the libraries social Media and a questionnaire interview which was sent by mail to all of the libraries involved. The theoretical framework for the thesis is a model developed by Jochumsen, Hvenegaard Rasmussen and Skot-Hansen.The results of our study shows that the room of meetings, from the theoretical framework, are the most represented in the content of the social Media used by the libraries. The libraries find that social Media is a good way to connect and communicate with their users, but they feel that the time they spend on their social Media is not enough.Our study also shows that most of the libraries have not formulated any goals for their use of social Media, and that they do not have any intentions to do so..

Borta bra, men hemma bäst: En undersökning av egna och köpta medier

The rise of social Media has put a focus on the division of owned, paid and earned Media, where earned Media has recently been hyped at the expense of owned and paid Media. Due to a novel area we examine the differences and effects of using owned and paid Media, specifically for packaging versus newspapers. Owned and paid Media showed no significant differences regarding credibility, persuasion and perceived commerciality, which restored owned Media?s status, especially since owned Media is more cost efficient. The effects of allowing ads for external brands on the owned medium were also studied.

Idrottens medialisering - ur elitidrottares perspektiv : En studie om hur elitidrottare ser på medias utveckling och dess effekter på idrotten i allmänhet, samt på deras idrottsliga prestationer.

Changes in Media technology and markets create new demands and challenges for society. The relationship between sport and the Media is an example. Sport as a form of entertainment provides pleasure and excitement for the audience and high ratings for networks and Media companies. This study examines elite athletes? views of Media coverage and the extent to which such coverage affects their athletic performance.

Medias granskning av socialtjänsten : - en kvalitativ undersökningen ur ett socialsekreterarperspektiv

Many social services cases have been reviewed in the Media during the last years. One of those cases is ?Lasse and Karin?, handled by the Social Services in Oskarshamn in 2002. Lasse and Karin had their son taken into custody by the Social Services and the case was reviewed in national Media. Through this case the Social Services received much attention, of which most was negative, and their handling of the case was greatly criticized.

Twittra, gilla, mäta - En studie av åtta företags arbete med sociala medier

This thesis investigates and analyses the social Media strategy of eight companies. How the companies measure and evaluate their activity and investments in social Media channels in general, and Facebook in particular is studied through qualitative interviews. The findings are then compared and analysed. Findings indicate that companies' social Media presences to a large extent are dependent on individual employees with high levels of interest for the area and that companies that have integrated social Media into their others operations see more value from their efforts..

MEDIA LITERACY : En studie om mediepedagogik i forskning och empiri

Titel: Media Literacy - En studie om mediepedagogik i forskning och empiriFörfattare: Kristin Nilsson, Sofia RidalAntal sidor: 52Abstract: In the society of today we are constantly exposed to Media messages, and much research investigate people?s interest in the Media. Whatever theory we choose to believe in, the facts remain: today the Media is a major part of all people?s lives. During our teacher training we have encountered the concepts Media Literacy and Media Education and as future pedagogues of Media we are interested in what research can tell us about them.The main aim of this paper was to find out what researchers write about Media Literacy and Media Education and to empirically investigate whether or not teachers in the Swedish secondary school teach about, with and for Media.

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