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Axe Anarchy - En avvikelse från det vanliga : En studie av hur Axe:s varumärkesutvidgning kan påverka Axe:s varumärkesvärde

The concept of brand equity emerged inthe eightiesto justify the long term value of marketing investments. Brand equity signify the value that a brand adds to a product and is the result of the marketing of a brand. One of the most widely used strategies to enhance brand equity is to do a Brand extension, which means that a firm uses an established brand to introduce a new product to the market. At worst, a failed Brand extension can damage the brand equity, which Vinjamuri (2008) claims that the brand Axe is currently in danger of doing. This January Axe launched an extention including products for both men and women for the first time and Vinjamuri claims that this can disappoint Axe´s former target group (men between 14 and 27 years old) (Newman, 2012). In this thesis Axe´s brand equity among the extensions target group (men and women, age 14 to 27) in Sweden is studied to find out if the Brand extension is likely to affect the brand equity in the target group.

Balansgången ?mellan ?kommersiell? framgång? och? exklusiv? image : ? ?Att? lyckas ?med ?varumärkesutvidgning ?nedåt ?av ?lyxvarumärken

Many? luxury? companies? within? the? fashion? industry? today? choose? to? extend? their? brands downwards? in? order? to? reach? new? customer? segments? and? hence? increase? their? profitability.? A? brand? extension? strategy? that? leverages? the? core? values? of? the? luxury? brand? is? a ?new ?possibility ?for ?luxury ?brands ?to ?position ?themselves ?towards ?a ?broader ?customer ?base.?? Meanwhile? there? is? a? risk? that? the? extension? dilutes? the? image? of? the? luxury? brand? and? has? a? negative? effect? on? the? company? in? the? long? term.? Thus? a? tradeoff? exists? between? becoming? more? accessible? and? maintaining? the? exclusivity? of? the? luxury? brand.? The? objective? of? this? thesis ?is ?to ?investigate ?how ?luxury ?brands ?that ?perform? downward ?brand ?extensions ?to? reach? new? markets? can? succeed? with? this? strategy? without? diluting? the? brand? image.? This? is? achieved? by? studying? the? perceptions? of? the? new? target? segment? towards? the? extension? of? luxury? brands.? The? results? of? the? study? show? that? the? risk? of? brand? dilution? is? minimized when? the? core? values? of? the? luxury? brand? are? transferred? to? the? brand? extension? while? the extension ?at ?the ?same ?time ?is ?successfully ?targeted ?towards ?the ?specific ?customer? segment..

Mind the Brand - When entering a market : En studie om varumärkesutvidgning från tjänst till vara

Subject: This paper is about Brand extension and if the process differs when a company extends its brand from a service to a product in comparison to an extension from a product to a product. As an example we have analyzed the mobile phone business and the mobile phone operators who launch their private branded mobile phonesPurpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyze how companies use Brand extension from service to product as a part of their Brand extension strategy.Method: A literature study was done in the Brand extension area, but also in the area of brands to have a deeper understanding for the subject. A qualitative study with interviews was combined with a quantitative survey study. On the basis of the theories we could analyze the collected data and fulfill the papers purpose. Results: Important features and differences in services and products were identified and the importance of a strong brand identity before an extension.

Varumärkessamarbeten mellan LVM och EVM vid kategoriutvidgningar: En Fungerande Strategi?

This thesis examines the possible beneficial effects of a temporary cooperation between a national brand and a private brand. The main hypothesis suggests that if a national brand wants to make a category extension to a remote product category, it should be able to decrease its risk by affiliating itself with a private brand. The national brand should through such a brand alliance be able to borrow some of the flexible characteristics that a private brand possesses to increase its associations with the new category. The survey consisted of 800 questionnaires with different cooperations between a private brand (ICA) and two national brands (Tropicana and Bravo). These were handed out to students in the universities of Stockholm.

Brand-extension och effekter på varumärkeskapitalet -

Uppsatsens huvudsakliga syfte är att öka förståelsen för hur varumärkeskapitalets dimensioner påverkas av en nedåtgående vertikal brand-extension. Med en kvantitativ metod och en experimentell undersökning, med 440 svarande studenter, har vi belyst området. Experimentet baserades på en fiktiv lågprislinje för ett starkt varumärke inom dagligvaruhandeln, i vårt fall Uncle Ben?s. Den teoretiska referensramen kommer från områdena varumärkeskapital och brand-extension.

Varumärkesindelning - en uppsats om klädföretags varumärken

With this essay we want to enlighten the problems to match the brand image an enterprise has with their determination of prices. The purpose with this study is to examine how customers apprehend when cloth enterprises extend their brand in the same category. Further we want do identify how this kind of Brand extension can affect the position on the market the enterprise has. Thereby we want from incumbent relevant theories develop factors which enterprises ought to take into consideration at the time of a Brand extension in the same category..

Brand extensions ? the influence of the parent brand

The purpose of this investigation is to come across the associations of consumers who are being exposed to a Brand extension from a different product category. Moreover, our aim is to contribute to the knowledge of how consumers respond to these extended products, by investigating the influence of the parent brand. To fulfill our purpose, this study was conducted through qualitative interviews with consumers. In order to carry out our investigation and analyze our findings the following theoretical framework has been used: Customer-based equity, Parent brand affect and Perceived fit. Our data was collected through ten semi-structured interviews including consumers of Fiat and Marlboro Brand extensions.

Målgruppens betydelse för feedbackeffekten: En studie om hur en riktad varumärkesutvidgning påverkar feedbackeffekten i ett EMVs olika målgrupper

THE ROLE OF TARGET GROUPS IN FEEDBACK EFFECTSBrand extension is one of the most commonly used brand strategies since it reduces some of the risks involved in introducing a completely new brand. There are, however, several challenges associated with Brand extensions. One of these challenges is the impact of a new Brand extension on the parent brand image, which is known as feedback effect. Feedback effects are the changes in parent brand associations that are caused by a new Brand extension, these effects can be both negative and positive. Several previous studies have investigated feedback effects and the antecedents of these effects.

Från retailer till e-tailer: En studie av konsumentattityder

With the fast development of Internet and the e-commerce during the last decades, retailers are now introducing online stores. This has been adopted as a common strategy within the industry and the phenomenon seems likely to increase over time. Theory based on Brand extension is used in this study to explain the effects on brand attitude and the link with willingness to pay when a traditional retailer introduces an online store. We execute an experimental study in order to investigate the effects where we use the offline- and online channel as well as two brands with different strengths as independent variables. Results show that brand attitude and its link to willingness to pay transfers to the online channel.

Vitamin C? som i Choklad?: En studie av inkongruenta varumärkesutvidgningars inverkan på produktkategorin

The purpose of the study is to explain whether the introduction of a new and different brand by means of a Brand extension affects consumers? perceptions of the product category that the brand is launched in. An experiment was carried out to study the following aspects: associations and constellations of associations to the product category, interest, perceived variation, and the perceived similarity with the category from which the brands were extended. In the study, brand breadth in the original product category was used as moderating variable. Aspects found to be affected by the Brand extensions were associations to the product category, the constellations of these associations and the perceived similarity with the category from which the brands were extended.

Avvikande brand extensions - påverkar de ett företags image?

Denna uppsats syfte är att undersöka och förklara hur Brand extension produkter kan påverka ett företags image. Vi har valt att undersöka Jaguars, Porsches och Ferraris Brand extension produkter då dessa avviker mycket från deras core product. Uppsatsen besvarar även hur konsumenterna uppfattar dessa Brand extension produkter och företagens bakomliggande motiv till dem. Vi har under uppsatsskrivandet gång pendlat mellan teori och empiri. Vår empiri består av kvalitativa undersökningar.

Varumärkesutvidgningar för Personliga varumärken vs. Företagsvarumärken - Same same, but different

Today, branding is not a phenomenon but rather a prerequisite for a brand to be able to both survive and grow stronger. During the last couple of years, personal branding has come to be an established term, just like corporate branding. With the growth of the social media and the thousands of ways to interact with each other personal brands face great competition. It is more difficult than ever to maintain a strong brand, partly because of this. There are several growth options for brands.

Produktutveckling genom märkesutvidgning- hur Abecita kan nå en yngre målgrupp

B-uppsatsens syfte är att analysera hur Abecita genom en märkesutvidgning kan utvecklas för att nå ett nytt segment som skall utgöras av den unga trendiga kvinnan. Litteratur kring redan existerande uppbyggnad av varumärkens identitet och image har studerats för att efter ovan nämnda riktlinjer kunna presentera den unga trendiga kvinnan hos Abecita. Sortimentanalyser och trendanalyser av material och snitt som skulle kunna användas i underkläder för att attrahera en mer ungdomlig målgrupp ligger också till grund för produktutvecklingen. Engelsk titel: Product development through Brand extension- how Abecita can reach a younger target groupEngelska nyckelord: product development, Brand extension, line extension, product segment, underwearSammanfattning på engelska: The essay aims to analyse how Abecita through a Brand extension can be developed to reach into a new target market that will consist of the young trendy woman. In order to theoretically design a new market, literature on existing brand image and identity have been studied in order to find the young trendy woman at Abecita.

Gummistövlar hos IKEA och skolkritor hos Biltema - En kvalitativ studie av detaljhandelns utvidgning av produktutbud och dess band till varumärket

Denna studie fokuserar på att se till hur företagen resonerar i samband med val av produkter och Brand extensions specifikt och hur konsumenterna ser på företagets agerande i det här sammanhanget, med avseende på produkterna. Vi utgår här ifrån problemformuleringen; hur väl överensstämmer företagets avsikt med en Brand extension med kundernas syn på denna? Studien bygger på insamling av kvalitativa data genom intervjuer med företags beslutsfattare samt med fokusgrupper av konsumenter. Vi tillämpar här ett hermeneutiskt perspektiv och har inslag av både induktion och deduktion i vår ansats. Den teoretiska referensramen utgörs av teorier inom dels aspekter såsom vad ett varumärke och en vision innebär men framför allt vilka fördelar och nackdelar respektive möjligheter och begränsningar som kan påverka varför företaget vill göra en Brand extension.

Varumärkesutvidgning ? En viktig komponent i företagens affärsutveckling

Syfte: Syftet med studien är att analysera och beskriva hur ett företag kan arbeta med varumärkesutvidgning samt identifiera framgångsfaktorer, motgångar och bakomliggande orsaker som kan förekomma vid en varumärkesutvidgning.Metod: Vår studie utgår främst från den kvalitativa metoden. Inledningsvis presenteras ett ramverk för lämplig teori för att vidare kompletteras med intervjuer. Den empiriska delen består av kvalitativa intervjuer med företagen King Salming AB, Salming Sport, Peak Performance, Björn Borg och L`Homme Rouge. Slutsats: Vi har funnit stöd i, att teorin som avser varumärkesutvidgning kan användas i verkligheten. Samtliga bolag följer en varumärkesstrategi där kärnvärden och territorium utgör basen för en varumärkesutvidgning. I de fall där varumärkesutvidgningen inte fungerat som tänkt är det också avståndet till kärnvärdet och territoriet, som är ett av det återkommande problemet.

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