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Schweiz integration på den inre marknaden. En undersökning av Schweiz övertagande av acquin.

Standing outside the EU and the EES, Switzerland is a unique state characterized by federalism, direct democracy and neutrality. Though always focused on preserving these features and its sovereignty, Switzerland has managed to gain access to some sectors of the single market through bilateral agreements with the EU. The purpose of this thesis is to examine what level of integration Switzerland has reached in those bilaterally regulated sectors of the single market. As integration cannot easily be assessed, the extent of the Swiss adoption of the acquis is seen as an indicator of the level of integration and is thus examined. The conclusion is that Switzerland, mostly due to the economic interest of common rules, but partly due to pressure from the EU, almost completely adopts the acquis in the bilaterally regulated sectors, including the interpretation of the ECJ.

Pluralismens utmaningar - En teoriprövande studie med Belgien och Schweiz.

This thesis is set out as a testing of the crosscutting cleavages theory on twocontemporary cases. The aim is to test the explanation process of the crosscutting theory applied to the political and social situations in Belgium and Switzerland and furthermore to examine potential conflicts in pluralistic states. Our main questionis: How can the crosscutting cleavages theory explain the different outcomes ofsocial coexistence, even with the states numerous similarities? We have examined the two federal states through their social divisions of language, region, religion and socio-economy. Our findings show that both Belgium and Switzerland possess divisions in the above mentioned variables, which in most cases are cumulative structured.

Fotröta hos får : en kartläggning av hur olika länder hanterar sjukdomen

Foot rot is a severe claw disease which occurs among sheep and goats in most parts of the world, with outbreaks in hot and humid weather. It is a contagious bacterial infection caused by Dichelobacter nodosus in association with Fusobacterium necrophorum. Foot rot has a negative impact on both animal welfare and economy.This thesis presents how Australia, Nepal, Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden and Uruguay handle foot rot. In the selection of countries the focus was on countries that have control- or eradication programs against foot rot. There are differences in the climate, animal husbandry practices, animal welfare and economic resources in the countries that are presented.

En riktig man är modig : En preventionskampanj om den idealiserade mansbilden

Men commit more suicide than women all over the world. They commit more violent crimes and are more inclined to alcohol abuse. There are studies that relate this behaviour to the hegemonic image of masculinity.My work focuses on Switzerland. The suicide rate in Switzerland is worrying, for men between 15 and 44 years suicide is the most common cause of death. There is no national suicide prevention and no information or prevention that highlights the connection bet- ween the hegemonic image of masculinity and the suicide rates.

Normative Power Switzerland?

I denna studie tas orsaker upp till varför elever inte svarar på textuppgifter i matematik samt exempel på hur läraren agerar under elevens problemlösningsarbete vilket är syftet med studien. Metoden som använts är aktionsforskning. Exempel på svårigheter är språkbrister i svenska och matematik, som stänger ute och orsakar låsningar för eleven. Andra orsaker är brister i lärandets grundförutsättningar som klassrumsklimat med arbetsro och lärarens förväntningar. Läraren kan genom sitt sätt att förklara på olika sätt nå eleven vilket leder till en progression.

Joint Venture inom finansbranschen : En fallstudie av samarbetet mellan Credit Suisse och Orn & Cie SA

AbstractThis paper intends, through a qualitative study to examine and analyze how a particular type of financial firms cooperate, and what this entails. The case study issue which shall be answered is "What does the firms Credit Suisse and Orn & Cie SA gain out of cooperating with each other?". By setting the general theories in the subject joint ventures, partnerships, against the empirical material gathered via interviews and data collection in Geneva, Switzerland  answers to what the cooperation between the two parties has resulted in for the respective companies has been found. The survey shows that the prevailing model of cooperation creates significant benefits for the two companies.

Säkerhetsklassificering av dammar : En kartläggning av system i Sverige, Norge, Finland, Schweiz, Kanada och USA

In a comparing survey this thesis investigatesclassification systems for dams in Sweden, Norway,Finland, Switzerland, Canada and USA. Theinvestigation is aiming at an understanding of howpotential consequences of a dam failure are takeninto account when classifying dams. Furthermore,the significance of the classification, regarding therequirements on the dam owner and surveillanceauthorities concerning dam safety is considered andreviewed. The thesis is pointing out similarities anddifferences in the line of dam safety.The survey of dam safety is firstly based upon legalrequirements in the different countries andsecondly on guidelines regarding dam safety. Damowners generally are ultimately responsible for thesafety of their dam, and often have their ownroutines regarding how this safety is to be achieved.In this thesis, however, the legal requirements aremainly focused upon.The investigation has resulted in an outlining ofeight areas, where the classification systems in thevarious countries have been compared.

Dada ser första världskriget i Berlin : En studie av kopplingen mellan George Groszs, Hannah Höchs samt Raoul Hausmanns visuella konst och första världskriget

The First World War had a definite impact on all of Europe, not to say the entire world. The domain of art was no exception. In Zürich, neutral Switzerland, a group of young creative intellectuals who shared a hostile approach towards the structure of the bourgeois society, with its non-democratic rulers and current nationalism which lead up to the war, united under the artistic movement we today call Dadaism. After the war Dadaism sprung up in several cities throughout Europe, among those Berlin. In Berlin Dadaism became a socialist weapon of propaganda, with its norm breaking artistic manifestations, against the camouflaged conservative government of the new Weimar republic.

Islam och Demokrati : En komparativ studie rörande den islamiska legitimeringen av demokrati

This thesis is dedicated to analysing the relationship between Islam and democracy and the role played by Civil Society in a process towards democracy. This theme is further elaborated through a comprehensive study of three modern Muslim intellectuals: Abdolkarim Soroush (Iran), Hasan Hanafi (Egypt), and Tariq Ramadan (Switzerland), and their thoughts about and views on Islam and democracy. Islam has often been portrayed in a stereotype manner where all forms of change are seen as impossible. The aim of this study is to go beyond this vision and instead focus one the role of Islam in processes of development and new forms of interpretation concerning democracy.The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the relationship between Islam and democracy.

En jämförelse mellan vakuumisolering och traditionell isolering

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate if vacuum insulation panels are a competitive alternative to traditional insulation.Vacuum insulation has been used as insulation in buildings in Germany and Switzerland for a few years. In Sweden the high-performance insulation material is mainly used in refrigerators, freezers and vacuum thermoses. The development is proceeding well and vacuum insulation is becoming more common in the construction industry. Since it is a relatively unexplored material on the market there are many flaws and problems with the material.The questions we have chosen to answer in this report include an increased knowledge of vacuum insulation, various problems that may arise when handling/installation and the pros and cons of vacuum insulation compared to standard traditional insulation.The methods we have chosen to use in this report is a literature study, interviews with various suppliers and manufactures and calculations to show the differences between traditional and vacuum insulation. Vacuum insulation is 5-10 times better insulation than standard traditional mineral wool insulation, mainly at the beginning of its lifetime.Vacuum insulation panels (VIP) have a service life of approximately 50 years, whereas traditional insulation has a service life of approximately 100 years.

"Det är alldeles för mycket sport inom idrotten" : En studie av svenska sportchefer

Authors: Lars Johansson & Johan PetterssonTitle: ?There is way to much sports in the athletics? ? A study of Swedish sportsFootball has gone from being a hobby and a popular pastime into a billion-dollar industry, and clubs around Europe are therefore operated more and more like regular companies. Sweden's position in the UEFA rankings is a modest 23 rd place, behind nations such as Austria, Switzerland and Belarus. The economic climate in Sweden is often highlighted as a strong factor. When we started our study we agreed that this could be a major contributing factor to this relatively modest rank, but believed that there were also other factors that played a big role.

Förtroendeklyftan : politiskt deltagande och förtroende i Europa och Sverige

The purpose of this essay is to study causes for the lack of political trust in Europe and especially in Sweden. The essay starts with a presentation of two theories about the reasons for low political trust. Robert D. Putnam among others presents a theory that gives social capital an important role when viewing the low political trust. As Putnam sees it a person that participates in any kind of organization, political or not, develop trust for other human beings that in the long run affects political trust.

Utveckling av Trailplate - En skyddande innersula

The project aimed to develop a protective and stabilizing insole called Trailplate for soft andlight shoes. The demand came primarily from off-road runners in France, Switzerland, andAustria. The project was carried out at Icebug, a company that develops shoes mainly forrough terrain. The main focus has been on the trailplate which is designed to fit severaldifferent shoes.Torsional stiffness and bending resistance were the main objectives. To improve the existinginsole, a material with the right features was required.

Angelica archangelica L.

Angelica archangelica (Garden angelica) is the only Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (MAP) with a Nordic origin. The plant can reach up to three meters when cultivated. Angelica archangelica is used as flavouring in additives, honey, beverage base, essential oils, fol-klore medicine and as ornamental for decorative purposes. Commercial cultivation is mainly focused on root production. Production countries are Poland, Netherland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and former Czechoslovakia with an overall yearly world production of 1000 kg of essential oils.

Banden mellan historia och arkiv

Freedom of religion or belief is indisputable in Human rights discourse, more discussed is exactly what it is that is included in the concept of freedom of religion or belief (in Swedish: religionsfrihet). This thesis focuses on the freedom of religion or belief in a European context, in particular on the European court of human rights and article 9 in the European convention for human rights. Some criticism has been directed against the Court to the effect that its practice and verdicts don't answer to the pronounced desire to develop a pluralistic and inclusive form of freedom of religion or belief.My aim is to examine, analyse and test three different theories, which all try to develop alternatives to the expression freedom of religion or belief, in relation to six verdicts from article 9 in Europe convention. My basic purpose is to try to find new ways of talking about freedom of religion or belief that might lead to a more inclusive, pluralistic and equal interpretation of that concept.The three theories wich I use are elaborated by Richard Amesbury (associate professor at Claremont school of Theology); Hugo Strandberg (TD at Åbo Akademi) and Eberhard Herrmann (professor in philosophy of religion at Uppsala University); and Martha Nussbaum (professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago). The six cases from the European court are: X v.

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