Meditation och konflikthantering

Can meditation aid in a situation of conflict? This paper answers that question.The reason I chose to examine this topic is due to own positive experiences that convinced me of the link between meditation and conflict resolution. I wish to bring more light on this topic and to faciliate further research within the area.Through analyzing material on meditation, meditation and emotion and emotion and conflict, I find here that some of the effects of meditation has a positive effect on our emotions and also that we can work through meditation to learn about the way we act on our emotions and also how we can learn to act to our advantage. I also show how emotions play a vital role in conflicts between individuals and groups and that it is most urgent that we use what means we have to work conflict to our best use. I believe that conflict has it?s place in society and that good things can come from it, but that we can work with the conflict so that it does not escalate out of proportion. I believe a peaceful environment enhances the possibility for people to live a healthy life and enables us to develop.This paper focuses on conflict between people and groups, not inner conflict, which would also be interesting to explore in this context.I argue that meditation with advantage could be used in areas like, school, the military etc.


Lou Wallin

Lärosäte och institution

Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för samhällsvetenskaper


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