Hundägares och kattägares relation till sitt djur

The relationship between the pet and it's owner is a very important and interesting issue. Unfortunately there is not so much research on this and in addition to that Swedish veterinarian education does not put much emphasis on pet's role in society or their pattern of behaviour nor treatment. This thesis is based on an opinion poll that 20 dog owners and 20 cat owners contributed. The main purpose of the thesis was to compare the relationships that the pet (dog or cat) and its owner can have. The issues such as the pet owner's attitude to his/her pet, how the pet owner percieves and interprets the signals from the animal, and what they think about the natural behaviours and needs that their pets (might) have. The results show that dog- and cat owners are people who generally love animals, that they used to have even other animal species in the past, but when it comes to choice between a new dog or a new cat they choose the one that they previously have had and that they are used to. Most of a dog owners choose the dog to be their pet because of the company while the majority of a cat owners choose cat because cats are independent and they are used to cats. Both dog- and cat owners have a close and emotional relationship to their pet, but the results show that cat owners find this issue even more important. Dogs influence their owners rather physically while in the cats' case, the owners are influenced psychologically. A dog owners' social life becomes richer since they meet new people thanks to their pet, while owning a cat can lead both to positive and negative contacts with people.


Emilie Bolin

Lärosäte och institution

SLU/Dept. of Animal Environment and Health


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