Hållbar tillväxt - möjlighet eller motsägelse?

En granskning av EU

The purpose of this study is to make a close and critical scrutiny of the EU Lisbon Strategy and the assumption of `sustainable growth´. A basic question is to clarify what is meant by `sustainability´ in the economic and the environmental dimension respectively, and also, to analyse the meaning of `sustainable growth´. Secondly, I try to investigate the relationship between the economical and environmental dimensions of the strategy. Are the goals of the dimensions compatible and mutually supporting or are they conflicting? By illuminating these issues the study moves towards a final set of questions: What are the arguments that encourage or counteract the Lisbon assumption of `sustainable growth´? Is the European Union approaching `sustainable growth´ looking at different economical and ecological indicators? What are the prospects for the Lisbon Strategy as a way towards global `sustainable development´?


Sabina Andrén

Lärosäte och institution

Lunds universitet/Humanekologiska avdelningen


"Magisteruppsats". Självständigt arbete (examensarbete ) om minst 15 högskolepoäng utfört för att erhålla magisterexamen.

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