En organisation i förändring. En fallstudie om Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund och riksförbundsstämman.

AbstractThe Swedish agricultural organisation, LRF, stands in front of many changes and the work with the changes in the organisation has caused some conflicts at the top. Is it like Michels say that it's a few people at the top that rules? The case with LRF shows to be something different, since the president Caroline Trapp was re-elected. The election committee proposed a new president, but the assembly had another opinion and re-elected Caroline Trapp. This shows that the opinions at the top were not the same as among the members of the organisation and the election committee couldn?t rule over them.In this essay I try to understand what kind of organisation LRF is and what made this case special. I wonder who have the power in LRF? There is not an easy answer to that, rather it's many reasons together that can give some explanation. One reason is that Trapp was leading the work with changes in an organisation that almost has been the same since it was started. This makes her inconvenient to those that will not have these changes. The fact that she is a female had probably also importance. In LRF there are separate interests because it almost contains every farmer in Sweden and perhaps Trapp was not the right leader for all the interests.Keywords: Sweden, agriculture, interest organisation, leadership, power


Hanna Nicander

Lärosäte och institution

Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen


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