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Ledarskap i klassrummet : Demokratiskt eller auktoritärt

The aim is to examine how teachers view their Leadership, how Leadership is used and developed, and what kind of perceptions teachers have of Leadership and how it is important to their students.My questions are: In what ways can the teachers develop their Leadership?In what ways can the teachers make use of Leadership in the classroom?What do the teachers in the study consider to be a good Leadership?What do the teachers inte the study think of their Leadership and its´ importance to students? The study uses a qualitative research method and consists of interviews with four teachers working in a school south of Stockholm. The results of the study shows that teachers´ Leadership in the classroom has a significance for students´ learning and development. The teachers´style of Leadership should not be static and should be adapted to students´development level. The results also shows that teachers´ Leadership in the classroom is about various tasks.

Alexander: det tar hundra år... : Kvinnligt ledarskap i den ryska medievärlden

The more Leadership you get, the more power you will receive. Unfortunately, not everyone is given the same opportunities. This can be seen and proved on the basis of studies in media companies. Our purpose concerns attitudes towards female Leadership in Moscow, Russia. This thesis was based on two study methods, qualitative interviews and observations.

Implementering av delat ledarskap inom en kommunorganisation

This report addresses the management innovation and how shared Leadership is a form of it. The report is a compilation of what shared Leadership means and how two municipal organizations works with shared Leadership. The two minicipal organizations are Strängnäs and Vällingby. One municipality (Strängnäs) is meanwhile this report produced during insertion of shared Leadership. The other (Vällingby) has about two years experience of working with this form of Leadership.

Ledarskap och ledarstilar i klassrummet : en intervjustudie utifrån ett lärarperspektiv

The purpose with this examine was to study the teachers perception of Leadership in the classroom and also how they experience the conditions of this. The method used was qualitative, and builds on a total of six interviews. Stensmos five Leadership tasks in the classroom that constitute Leadership context have provided the theoretical basis of this study. The Leadership tasks have therefore been used as theoretical tools in this study to analyze the teachers? reasoning about their own Leadership style.

How Thai Culture Affects Expatriates' Leadership

To contribute to understanding of how Thai cultural context affects the Leadership of expatriates in management positions. Instead of modifying the Leadership styles to fit the local (Thai) context, the expatriates tried to push and influence their culture and Leadership styles to Thai employees..

Ledarskap och ledarstilar i klassrummet : Lärarens upplevelse av sin egen ledarstil: demokratisk eller auktoritär?

The aim is to examine teachers own experiences of LeadershipLeadership styles and what good Leadership is and to find out how teacher Leadership can influence students according to teachers. My questions are: How do teachers evaluate Leadership and their own Leadership styles?What is good Leadership according to teachers?How can the teachers Leadership styles affect students in the classroom according to teachers?The method used is a qualitative method based on interviews with five teachers. The reason why I have chosen a qualitative research method is that I believe that this method can give me better results by understanding the world from the interviewees? point of view.I have come to the conclusion that the interviewed teachers believe that Leadership and management style play a large role in the teacher's profession and that the teacher's Leadership style in the classroom democratic or authoritarian have a major impact on students. The teacher should consider his management and find some sort of balance by exercising both democratic and authoritarian Leadership style and adapt it to the situation. And In terms of results regarding good Leadership of the interviewed teachers, I can say that good Leadership is largely about good relationships between teachers and students and that a teacher can become accepted as leader by winning students confidence..

Ledarskapsprocesser inom framgångsrika organisationer

The aim of this study is to investigate Leadership in sports organizations and business organizations. The study focused on common and important Leadership components and the most important Leadership processes in both business context and sports context. The study also investigated common and important Leadership components, Leadership challenges and which degree leaders used the transformative Leadership. The study focuses on Leadership components most importantly from the leaders view, including both sport managers and business leaders. The investigation was based on eight interviews, which are analyzed with content analysis.

Styr partiledaren? : En Interaktionistisk Studie i Mona Sahlins Partiordförandeskap

The aim of this paper is to study and outline the factors governing political Leadership at the party leader level, and to conclude to what extent a party leader rules and to what extent the party Leadership is contextually determined. The theories used are based on Elgie's interactionistic study of political Leadership and Stewart's organisational model of Leadership as well as political culture.Thus, the questions raised are if the leader leads or if the leader follows; if the Leadership environment is formed by the leader or if it is, merely, implemented on the leader; and what a model of the political Leadership consist of? To answer these questions a text analysis comparing Sahlin?s speeches to the party?s political programme is used as well as in-depth interviews with members of the Board of Party.The conclusion shows that the Leadership is contextually framed, but the leader is free to implement his or her ambitions within that frame as long as it is coherent to the party line..

Ledarskapets samband med arbetstillfredsställelse

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between job satisfaction and Leadership style as well as participants' perceived Leadership style and job satisfaction. Sixty-two participants answered a questionnaire containing 56 questions regarding perceived Leadership style and job satisfaction. The Leadership styles examined in the study was transformative, transactional and laissez-faire Leadership. The results showed a relationship between transformational and transactional Leadership and job satisfaction but not with laissez-faire Leadership. The results also showed that employees experienced a laissez-faire Leadership.

Vad kännetecknar ett bra ledarskap i skolan? : En intervjustudie

The purpose of the thesis is to find out what characterizes a good Leadership in the school. Five persons from two different schools were interviewed. From one school the female vice principal was interviewed. From the other school four persons were interviewed ? the female principal, the male vice principal, a male teacher and a female teacher.  This was executed  to get a picture of their view on a successful Leadership in the school.

Ledarskapsideal : - ur ett demokratiskt-, auktoritärt- och låt-gå (laissez-faire) perspektiv

The purpose of this essay is to identify and analyze the term Leadership based on democratically-, authoritarian-, and passive (laissez-faire) Leadership and find out which of these types are to be preferred among employees. Our main aspects are:Do employees prefer democratically-, authoritarian-, or passive Leadership?Are there any differences regarding ideal Leadership considering sex, age, length of service and sector?We have chosen to make a quantitative study of two equivalent organizations, one in the private and one in the public sector. Our method is an explorative method were we seek to find new knowledge about our fenomena. Our study is based on the already established theories on Leadership and our empirical data is gathered by questionnaires.The conclusions to be drawn from this study is that our respondents to a large extent prefer a democratic Leadership towards an authoritarian and passive Leadership. Most of them prefer a democratic Leadership with elements of the other Leadership types.

Kvinnligt dominerade yrken inom äldreomsorgen - arbetsledarnas upplevelser av sitt ledarskap inom kommunala äldreomsorgen

The purpose of this research was to find how supervisors in the care of elderly experience their Leadership in everyday work and their view on the factors which are important for their Leadership. In the research a qualitative method has been used to do interviews with six supervisors and to do analysis of material. By the help of literature studies, I explained Leadership. Result of the study indicate that Leadership concerned supervisor should prepared to do the right thing in every situation and to find best solution of different situation that come up on the work. The way to do all this is important to create Leadership.

Tillämpningar av ledarskap från höghöjdsexpeditioner : Användningsområde - krissituationer

The institution of Engineering Sciences at Uppsala University in cooperation with Umea? University is working on a project where they will examine the decision-making in extreme situations. A part of this project is to investigate Leadership in high altitudes expeditions.This report will discusses the type of Leadership used in high altitudes expeditions. Then, to examine how well you can use it in companies and organizations, and the ability to prevent company?s disasters with this kind of Leadership.This is done by studying different company?s stories, where they gone bankrupt or fallen into a deep crisis.

Sju husmödrar berättar : en etnologisk studie om husmödrar under mitten av 1900-talet

This thesis is about how ideology affects the way Leadership literature measures good and bad Leadership qualities. The paper argues that ideological influences in Leadership literature, from a teacher perspective, complicate the understanding of Leadership in its practice and theory. The methodological tool used in this thesis is an idea- and ideology analysis approach applied on Leadership literature that is used in teacher education. A theoretical discussion about the definition of Leadership and its possible ideological connotations sets a frame for measuring ideological influences in the texts. The analysis from the textbooks showed clear signs of ideological influences when talking about Leadership.

Ledarskap på bibliotek En studie av tre högskole- och universitetsbibliotek

This essay is about Leadership in libraries within the academic world, i.e. Leadership in research libraries. To place our survey in a context we begin the theoretical review with a chapter about organisation theory. We dont think its possible to separate the leader from the organisation so we wanted to describe the organisation and its effect on the Leadership. The next theoretical section is about Leadership research.

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