"Det finns ju med lite överallt"

En kvalitativ studie om religionslärares reflektioner kring sin etikundervisning

Being able to reflect, evaluate and justify your views is an important part of adult life. Moral education can be a path to develop this knowl-edge; however, it is possible that the moral education gets more obscure when it is not a separate subject. The purpose with this essay is to examine the need of moral education and the presence and the framing of moral education of seven teachers in religion. The purpose is also to analyse where and how the moral education should be included in the curriculum. The survey was conducted through qualitative interviews with a hermeneutic approach. Many scientists and philosophers have deliberated over ethics, the need of moral education and the design of the moral education. The informants have described their methods and the space the ethics gets in their own tutoring. Further they reflected the need of ethics and moral education and students? attitude to ethics and religion. They also reflected upon the subject of religions limited sched-ule time. Based on what former research has shown and what the informants has described can be concluded that moral education is important and that there are several methods to use in the teaching of ethics. In addition, there are arguments that the moral education would benefit from being an isolated subject in school.


Lina Sponton Maria Edin

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