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Barn och religion : En studie om barns tankar om sin egen religion och andras religion

The objective of the essay has been the studying of the importance of Religion for children. To answer and satisfy my objective, I have some questions: How do children talk about their own and others? Religions? In what way do children associate themselves to Religion? Which meaning does Religion have for children?s identities? Which thoughts rise about Religiontuition in the school?To answer the problem formulation, I have done a qualitative interview study with five children of different religious and cultural backgrounds in a Swedish communal school. The results showed that children?s thoughts about Religion are mostly inherited from the parents.

Ungdomar, religion & religiositet En undersökning om ungdomars syn på religion och religiositet

This is a study concern high school student?s view of Religion and their religiosity. I dispensed a questionnaire to 124 high school students studying comparative Religion in a large high school in Sweden, with the students from different socio-economic backgrounds. The result I came up with is that traditional Religion activities have decreased, Religion has not disappeared but taken other shapes than before. And I also came up to with the result that more than half of them who answered the survey likes the subject and there are tendencies by them who doesn?t like the high school subject Religion that they live in a non-religious family.The study concerns following aspects: sociology, youth, human needs, Religion, spirituality and individualization..

Darwin eller design : - en studie om förhållandet mellan religion och vetenskap för läroböcker i anknytning till Lgy 11 för gymnasieskolan.

In the curriculum from 2011 for Religion in Swedish Upper Secondary School, a new content has been added regarding the relationship between Religion and science. The pupils are supposed to acquire a view of how the understanding of Religion and science can express questions concerning creationism and evolution. The purpose of this study is to identify how this relation between Religion and science is represented in textbooks for the subjects of Religion and Biology and how pupils are encouraged to reflect on and discuss this relationship. The method of this essay consists of a qualitative content analysis of textbooks from both Religion and Biology. The result of this study showed an overall multifaceted picture of the relation between Religion and science..

Problemet religion : ? En innehållsanalys av läroböckers framställning av religion i ämnet samhällskunskap för gymnasieskolan

The aim of this essay was to investigate how religious topics and events are presented in five coursebooks in social studies. To do this the following questions were answered: In which context do discussions about Religion take place? Are Religions brought up in different contexts? To which extent do discussions about Religion occur? The method consisted of a both quantitative and qualitative content analysis. The results of this essay showed that discussion regarding Religion in social studies coursebooks mainly focuses on wars, conflicts, terrorism and to some degree the human rights. Islam was the Religion that occurred most frequently in the coursebooks.

Religion, ett retoriskt redskap inom Sverigedemokraterna? : En retorikanalys av SD-kuriren valåret 2010

The purpose of this essay is to see if the Swedish nationalist party?Sverigedemokraterna? use Religion rhetorically in their paper SD-Kuriren, and if so,then how? The method used to examine this is called rhetorical analysis. Furthermore, thetheory to explore how Religion is used rhetorical is Said's Orientalism.The results show that Religion is used rhetorically in the articles. Islam is explainedfrom our point of view in the west, and not their own. Islam becomes a Religion that is faraway from what the Swedish culture is like, and also a Religion that is violent andirrational compared to the Swedish culture, but also other Religions, such as Judaism.Also, Religion is used rhetorically to show that Islam is the opposite in relation toChristianity and Judaism..

Inställning till utställning : hur förkristna religiösa föreställningar och tidig kristendom framställs i museiutställningar

This thesis is a study of how Norse Religion and early Christianization is presented in three Swedish museum contexts. Empirical studies of the exhibitions relating to Religion have been conducted at The Historical Museum in Stockholm, The Museum of Gotland and Östergötlands Museum and interviews with the museum staff compliment the empirical data. The concept of Religion has been problematized to facilitate the analysis. The result of the study is that there are tendencies to make a hierarchical order between the different Religions and that Christianity is an organized Religion while the Norse Religion is semi-organized..

Att förändra det (o)föränderliga : En studie om relationer mellan feminism och religion-

This essay looks to examine the view on religious and non-religious people thoughts on the possible relationship between feminism and Religion. The essay in itself relies on semi structured interviews conducted with five informants where focus has been centered on the informants main thoughts on the subject. The theoretic basis of the study is found in post-structuralistic feminism and intersectionalism. The result will show that while all the informants believe there is a kind of relationship between feminism and Religion, this relationship greatly varies depending on the informants? preconception of Religion and feminism..

?Om jag inte hade gjort det här, hur skulle jag i så fall svara Gud där uppe.? : En textanalys av hur religion kan förstås i ett rättsfall rörande hedersmord.

With a religious psychological perspective this paper focuses on how Religion is communicated during an investigation, and how Religion might include in the decisions and the implementation of committed honor killings. This study pinpoints the question if it´s reasonable to unilaterally declare honor killings with culture, which is based on a distinction between culture and Religion. The study is done on a court case where the offender confessed to a murder that is categorized as a so-called honorable motives. The material consists of interrogation reports during the investigation and several notes written by the offender before the murder. With a broad definition of Religion the text material is analyzed with the theory of attribution.

Vad tror blivande religionslärare? En livsberättelsestudie om sex lärarstudenters syn på religion

With this thesis I have examined the views of Religion among six comparative Religion teacherstudents, with the perspecitve of their life stories. I have also examined what stance they want to take due to their personal beliefs in their forthcoming teaching. To achive this I have used in-depth interviews among the six soon examined teacher students, and within the interviews I have had a particularly focus on turning points of the students? life stories. Later on I have used their turning points in an analysis with the hypothesis of ?Rites des Passage? and ?Structure and Anti-Structure?.In my survey I have found a significant relationship between the students? life stories - inparticularly their backgrounds and tourning points - and their views of Religion.

Religion i historieböckerna, utmaningar och möjligheter : En didaktisk analys av läromedel i historia

Swedish students in the upper secondary school will recieve informaition regarding Religion from multiple sources. If we look past the students surroundings like the family, friends or multimedia school is still the primary arena for religous education. Discussions about Religion will take place in other lessons than just the subject Religion. History is in my opinion the subject closest related to Religion and the two makes up for a lot of the values work in swedish schools. Textbooks is still one of the most important tools for education and that makes them important as objects to study.

Religion och vetenskap : En studie om tematiken religion och vetenskap samt dess gränsländer i gymnasieläromedel

The following essay aims to determine what textbooks and teaching media educators in the county of Västerbotten use when teaching the relation between Religion and science. Based on educational science theory and through analyzes of factual texts, the teaching materials was examined to determine how much focus they put on the thematic of Religion and science. The result shows how the different teaching materials affect this thematic differently. The main conclusion is therefore that students in Sweden could, depending on the teaching materials used in their education, be taught by different standards to reach the same requirements..

Mediatiserad religion i ramen av humor : En studie av den amerikanska sitcom-serien the Big Bang Theory

Since 2007 the American sitcom the Big Bang Theory has spread throughout the world. With its twenty million watchers it is one of the most popular sitcoms of our time. The starting point for this essay is that the humourus series with the more or less geeky main characters is more than just entertainment - it is a part of the mediatization of Religion. This means that media is affecting the recipients? view on Religion in general and the personal Religion.

Religion ? ett ämne under förändring?

Utbildningsdepartementet la år 2000 fram ett förslag om ett nytt kärnämne i den svenska gymnasieskolan. I detta ämne ska Religion, samhälle och delvis historia ingå. Skulle detta förslag gå igenom så skulle det påverka både elever och lärare. Hur skulle det påverka ämnet Religion? I dagens kursplan för Religion belyser man vikten av etik och moral, förståelse och respekt för andra människor.

Marknadsföring av Urban Roots 2010

This study aims at using discourse analysis to analyze SFI students attitudes to Religion and religiosity in an SFI-context. The questions are: How is the discourse constructed and maintained by Religion and religiosity of SFI students in an SFI context? How do SFI participants experience that their Religion has affected their time at SFI?Using a case study approach, interviews were conducted with a group of SFI students. The results show that the religious discourse in SFI is influenced by the SFI-context and affected based on the current education discourse that exists there. Furthermore, the discourse is designed and maintained by the participants private religious beliefs and the Religion of the majority of the group, One canhere speak of a strong social unit forming a plausibility structure The power structure that emerges is that the majority has the power to define the significance of Religion and place within the SFI context. In the SFI-context the participants view is that Religion is something private that should not be expressed in the school environment.

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