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Kvinnors psykosociala arbetsmiljö & hälsa : - En arbetsplatsanalys av en organisation inom företagshälsovården

The following study explores the relation between psychosocial work environment and individual health. The purpose is to examine how female employees in the occupational health sector experience their own psychosocial work environment, focusing on different influencing factors in both the workplace and their private life regarding the employees own health. The study applies a hermeneutic approach in which qualitative interviews constitute the empirical data. Previous research on this particular subject has focused on the following themes: the combination of work-family life, demand/control model and flexibility in the workplace in relation to health and stress. The theoretical framework used in this study integrates relevant concepts, specifically SOC, poor leadership and flexibility.

Hur kan psykosocial ohälsa förebyggas på arbetsplatsen : -med nuvarande arbetsmiljölagstiftning eller med reducerad arbetstid?

From the early 1990s, psychosocial illness has become an increasing problem in our society. During this period several factors affected the development of the Swedish labor market and created lack of job security. For example, the competition between companies increased, aswell as an increase of demands, efficiency and rationalization. This led to a higher pace in the workplace, and it was noticeably especially in the public sector. According to studies, stress is the main reason for psychosocial illness and affects more women than men.

Faktorer för att upprätthålla psykosocial hälsa : -en studie utifrån socialsekreterares egna upplevelser

Research on psychosocial health in social work isn't developed enough. Instead, there's much more research on psychosocial unhealth. What about social workers, the unhealth is often related to the situation at work and the work environment.The aim of this study was to "during interviews understand the factors which social workers experience as important to maintain their own psychosocial health in the life situations". With hermeneutic method the particular interest was directed on how the participants experienced and explained their psychosocial health on the basis of their life situations, and the results was analyzed with Antonovsky's (1991/2005) perspective directed on health and Sense of Coherence (SOC). In the study, we used a qualitative form of interviews which allowed our participants to answer with their own words and from how they interpreted the questions.

Psykosocial   arbetsmiljö   och   besvärsförekomst    bland   flygplanslastare

The purpose of this study was to describe perceived psychosocial work environment and musculoskeletal complaints among baggage handlers, and to evaluate whether there is any linear relationship between them. The study is a questionnaire based cross-sectional study, and part of an ongoing larger project. Therefore, the number of forms has been limited to those that were collected in the project by 2010-11-25 (N=117). The questions analyzed in the study come from the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire and ?Nordiska Ministerrådets formulär om besvär i rörelseorganen?, respectively.

Psykosocial skolmiljö : En kvantitativ undersökning på en gymnasieskola

Here is presented the result and discussion of a survey concerning the psychosocial environment in a school in the vicinity of Stockholm. The theoretical background of this study was the model of demand-control by Theorell, and various aspects of stress by Frankenhauser and Ödman. The survey was constituted of an inquiry form which was handed out to six different classes at the school. A total of 86 students filled in the form, and their answers were treated with standard statistical procedures to reveal the results. The inquiry form was made up by five parts; one that concerned the background of the respondent, one that reflected the psychosocial health and stress level and three parts that concerned discrimination, victimization and school democracy.

Psykosocial hälsa i samhällsplanering: en litteraturbaserad studie om kontextuella och kompositionella faktorer i bostadsområdet

ABSTRACT: Introduction: There are intentions from the Swedish government to provide guidelines and tools for a healthy social planning. The field is in a Swedish context relatively unstudied regarding psychosocial health and the neighbourhood. Aim: The study aimed to examine how social planning can affect the health of individuals. The focus areas were contextual and compositional factors related to individuals' psychosocial health and the contextual risk- and health factors that exist in the neighbourhood. Method: A literature-based study was conducted and 15 scholarly articles form the basis for analyse.

Affärsutveckling ur ett psykosocialt perspektiv : Mälarhamnar AB:s förutsättningar att lyckas

The psychosocial work environment in hard professions is hardly studied and this study was implemented to observe port workers psychosocial work environment in ports of Västerås and Köping. There are two purposes with this study: firstly, to examine how ports of Västerås and Köping, Mälarhamnar AB, can improve and develop their business by using psychosocial methods. To do this, a questionnaire study and three interviews with workers were done and the results were used in a SWOT- analysis. Secondly, the aim is to be able to use the results and make a difference in the business development by adjusting the psychosocial work environment. The results show that the employees are happy at work and are happy with their work colleagues.

Psykosocial arbetsmiljö och ledarskap: en kvalitativ studie om anställdas upplevelser av den psykosociala arbetsmiljön med fokus på ledarskap

Previous research has shown that the psychosocial work environment and leadership have a significant influence on the employees work satisfaction. Still there is much to explore regarding the employees experiences about these two subjects. A qualitative approach was used in this study to increase the understanding of the employee´s experience of psychosocial work environment and leaders role affecting it. Eight semi structured interviews were carried out at two organizations with four interviews in each place. The data was transcribed and a meaning concentration analysis was conducted.

Den psykosociala arbetsmiljöns betydelse för det sociala arbetet : En kvalitativ studie av socialsekreterares upplevelser

The study aims to gain insight into how social workers perceive their psychosocial work environment and examine whether this effects the performance of their duties. The study mainly addresses the shortcomings of the psychosocial work environment of Social Services and the implications it entails for social workers health and wellbeing. The psychosocial work environment includes physical and psychological factors therefore the study's interpretive framework consists of organizational theoretical and social psychological concepts and previous research on the subject. We examined the organizational and social psychological connections to social workers perception of their work environment with a qualitative approach. The empirical data was collected through interviews with four social workers in a municipality in central Sweden using a semi-structured interview guide.


Syftet med denna litteraturstudie är att undersöka patienternas psykosociala omvårdnads behov vid cancersjukdom. Metoden är en litteraturstudie, där tio vetenskapliga artiklar ligger till grund. Den teoretiska referensramen är Antonovskys syn på hälsa. Resultatet av denna studie visar på att cancerpatienter behöver Emotionellt stöd, Stärka känslan av hopp och Bibehålla sin livskvalitet. Genom dessa tre teman har det visat sig att patientens KASAM kan stärkas..

Psykosocial arbetsmiljö och säkerhetsklimat: en explorativ studie på mindre flygplatser i Sverige

The aim of this paper is to examine the psychosocial work environment and safety culture in minor Swedish airports. The purpose is also to investigate the relationships between these two. The paper deals with theories regarding psychosocial work environment, organizational culture and safety as well as safety culture and safety climate. The participants are air traffic controllers working in minor airports in Sweden. The psychosocial work environment was measured with Copenhagen psychosocial questionnaire (COPSOQ) and the safety culture with the safety culture assessment questionnaire (SCAQ).

The Workers the Work Environment Discourse Forgot - a critical analysis of the official psychosocial work environment discourse in Sweden

Purpose: To explore how the changes in work life, here represented and depicted through the concepts of knowledge work and knowledge worker, have been incorporated in the official psychosocial work environment discourse in Sweden. Methodology: Critical discourse analysis, contrasting the official psychosocial work environment discourse to literature on knowledge work and knowledge worker, to explore how employees, employers and their relations are constructed within these two discourses; focusing identity, autonomy and power. Using the constructions to make visible how they are articulated, used and dealt with in a real life case from the Work Environment Authority. Theoretical perspectives: Our social world is socially constructed and language is the main tool for constructing it. Discourse analysis is thus not just a tool for deconstructing texts but also for enhanced understanding of our construction of the world and our ability to communicate about it.

Anestesisjuksköterskors upplevelser av sin fysiska och psykosociala arbetsmiljö

Health care is increasingly complex, which increases the demand for knowledge and expertise. Despite this, the share of specialized nurses, including anaesthesia nurses, has decreased from 65% to 48% from year 1995 to year 2008, according to statistics from the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in 2010. Studies indicate that there may be various factors in the work environment that anaesthesia nurses, choose to leave the anaesthesia profession. The purpose of this study was to examine how anaesthesia nurses experienced the physical and psychosocial work. The study was conducted as a descriptive study with qualitative approach.

Äldreomsorgens psykosociala arbetsmiljö : en studie av undersköterskor och vårdbiträden som arbetar med äldre på särskilda boenden

The purpose of this study was to find out how caregivers experienced their psychosocial work environment at three municipal homes for old people. The Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ) was used in order to study different dimensions of the work environment, and questions about health, sickness presence and sick leave were included. The questionnaire was answered by 86 out of 112 participating caregivers (77%). The results showed that the caregivers experienced high demands at work. The degree of feedback and influence at work was low, but they reported that their work was highly meaningful and that they usually received social support at work.

Projektledares psykosociala arbetsmiljö inom offentlig verksamhet : En kvalitativ studie i Värmlands landsting

Thesis in project management, D-level by Chris Baldebo & Anders Persson spring semester2011. Tutor: Lennart Ljung. ?Project Manager's Psychosocial Work Environment in thePublic Sector ? A Qualitative Study in the Värmland County Council?.The purpose of this study is to examine how project managers in the public sector perceivetheir psychosocial work environment in a public organization. Therefore we have formulateda hypothesis based on the assumption that there exist differences in how project managersperceive their psychosocial work environment, depending on whether they work in public orprivate sector.Based on the objective, one research question has been formulated: How do projectmanagers active in the Pegasus program experience their psychosocial work environment? Tobe able to say something characteristic about the project managers psychosocial workenvironment our approach has been to interview five project managers.

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