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Hur sexualiteten konstrueras i webbartiklar om filmen Fifty Shades of Grey : En foucauldiansk diskursanalys om hur den normala sexualiteten görs

This qualitative study aims to study how sexuality is constructed in web articles on the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The study is based on a social constructivist perspective where language is seen as constitutive of reality. The study is based on a Foucauldian discourse analysis which is used in order to see what is excluded and included in the articles? construction of normal sexuality. The result shows that there are similarities in how the web articles produce normal sexuality.

Sexualitet bland äldre - En litteraturstudie som belyser äldres behov av sexualitet

The aim of this literature review was to put together scientific knowledge about the need of sexuality among elderly people, so that the nurse in the future can use this knowledge in nursing. The research questions that will be answered are: In what extent do elderly people have the need to experience sexuality? In what extent do elderly people have the possibility to practice their sexuality? In what degree do the nursing staff respect and understand elderly people's need of sexuality? How can nursing staff support elderly people in their sexuality? The method used to answer the research questions was analysis and interpretation of ten scientific articles. The results, which are presented within ten categories, shows that elderly people have a need of sexuality. Loneliness, lack of privacy and knowledge and attitudes are factors that affect elderly people's possibility to express their sexuality.

Socialisationen av kvinnlig sexualitet på behandlingshem för unga kvinnor : ett symbolisk interaktionistiskt perspektiv

Using a symbolic interactionistic analytical approach, this essay aims to study the socialisation of young women?s sexuality in treatment institutions for young women. Through qualitative interviews with staff members at said institutions, concerning their views on young female sexuality, and how they discuss sexuality with the young women in the institutions, my aim was to identify the socialisation of young women?s sexuality. I have also investigated how the staff experiences their own sex as an important factor in conversations about sexuality with young women, as well as the possible effect sexually mixed or sexually segregated institutions exert upon conversations about sexuality.

En upplysning om sexualitet : diskursanalys av det svenska samhällets syn på ungdomars sexualitet

The purpose of this essay is, using discourse analysis, to define how the Swedish society sees sexuality and how this is conveyed to young people. The questions at issue are; How is the term sexuality defined and delimited? How are the young people described in relation to sexuality? Are young people ascribed to different needs and qualities in relation to sexuality depending on their gender?There is previously a lot of research with great multitude about the sexuality of the youth. The research methods vary but text analysis within the subject area is unusual. The material used in this discourse analysis have been published by normative public institutions.

Snipp- och snoppsnack : En studie av feministiska föräldrars tal med barn om kropp och sexualitet

In this paper I have studied how feminist parents talk to their children about body and sexuality and with which intentions they speak the way they do. The aim of the study was to locate strategies applied to give children positive relations to their bodies and their sexuality. My data are constituted by answers from a questionnaire sent out to an e-mail list for feminist parents. The answers have been compiled and analyzed, mainly qualitatively by the use of discourse analysis, with support of poststructuralist theories about language, gender and heteronormativity, as well as theories about children?s sexuality.


Talking about sexuality -Medical staffs´ experiences of conversations about sexuality with patients at a cardiology unit The background of this essay is the taboo to talk about sexuality among people who suffer from some kind of illness. When a person gets ill and need medical attention, his or her life changes dramatically. The patients get treatment for their symptoms. The illness and treatment have often an influence on the patient?s sexuality.

Funktionshindrad sexualitet? En kvalitativ studie om personer med fysisk funktionsnedsättning och sexualitetsfrågor i vardagen med personlig assistans

Aim. The aim of this study is to analyze the living conditions of physically disabled people from the viewpoint of sexuality issues with regards to personal assistance services, identity and attitudes in society on disability and sexuality. Background. Not much research is done on sexuality issues for physically disabled people. Even though we live in a society where sexuality takes up a lot of space in the media, the culture and is acknowledged to be of great importance for every person?s wellbeing, the sexuality of disabled people is often not recognized and discussed.

"Den är i gråzonen" -Föreställningar kring och arbete med sexualitet i missbruksbehandling för män

The aim of the study is to examine which present conceptions of sexuality there are in treatment of substance abuse for men. The intention is to examine how staff members in these environments perceive clients? sex and sexuality as well as studying if and in that case how they work with sexuality in treatment. A qualitative method formed the methodological approach and semistructured interviews were carried out for the collection of data. Four staff members from two different treatment institutions for substance abuse were interviewed.

Den reproduktiva heterosexualitetens maskulina man och feminina kvinna : En queerteoretisk normstudie av fyra biologi-/naturkunskapsläroböcker producerade 1957-2008 för grundskolans år (3) 4-6

Though still well used in Swedish schools, textbooks are no longer under any governmental control or inspection. It is now responsibilities of the teacher, thus, knowledge is considered crucial. Therefore, the aim of this study was firstly to investigate if and how four biology/natural science textbooks, produced 1957-2008 for primary school years (3) 4-6, expressed any sex, gender and/or sexuality norms. Moreover, due to thoughts of queer theoretic Judith Butler, the study also investigated if and how these three norms interacted. By examining what the textbooks mediated, the purpose was finally to find out if and how the norms differed or not.

Mötet mellan religionsfrihet och skolplikt i den svenska skolan

The aim of the study is to examine which present conceptions of sexuality there are in treatment of substance abuse for men. The intention is to examine how staff members in these environments perceive clients? sex and sexuality as well as studying if and in that case how they work with sexuality in treatment. A qualitative method formed the methodological approach and semistructured interviews were carried out for the collection of data. Four staff members from two different treatment institutions for substance abuse were interviewed.

Äldres sexualitet - hinder och möjligheter i vårdgivarens främjande arbete. : En deskriptiv litteraturstudie

The aim of this study was to describe how elderly?s sexuality can be expressed and to describe factors that affect older people's sexuality. The aim was also to describe the opportunities and barriers to health care providers to promote older people's sexuality and to describe the articles quality based on the methodological aspect of selection. A literature review with a descriptive approach was conducted on four qualitative and ten quantitative articles. The included articles were published between 2003 and 2013.

Språkstimulerande arbete i förskolan

AbstractMy purpose with this essey is to study how they work in preschool whir language- stimulation. I will try a way to work with this trough intervjus whit teacher at preschool. My main questions are: Way dose teachers use language- stimulation? How dose teachers use language- stimulation when it comes to there way of working and methods? Do the teachers think that language- stimulation help the childrens development?To answer these questions I interviewed 6 teachers I central Sweden and used this as data. I have written about language, language- development in a biologik and theoretical aspect, teachers plan, language- stimulation, playing by language sounds and TRAS (early registration of language development) in my literary review.My result shows that working whit language- stimulation helps children in there language- development, it also develops there self-image and identity.

Den listiga prinsessan Mandelbloms mödomsspegel : Hur unga kvinnor med muslimsk bakgrund förhåller sig till sexualitet

This essay focuses on the relationship between Islam, secularism, girls and sexuality. These categories problematize gender and how it affects identity processes of young women with a Muslim background. Sexuality is especially emphasized. The Muslim background is placed in contrast to the prescribed norms and ideals of the Swedish society/context concerning gender, sexuality and identity and this essay analyses how young women create gender and identity and which possibilities and strategies they have and use to negotiate about space in the relationship to other people. A girls? relationship to her own and others? sexuality is precisely what makes her a girl, but more importantly, also to which kind of girl.

Att möta ungdomars sexualitet på HVB-hem : En kvalitativ studie av hur behandlingspersonal upplever mötet med ungdomars sexualitet

The aim of this study was to investigate how staff members at residential homes experience encountering sexuality among the youths. The study was conducted by using qualitative interviews with four staff members at four different residential homes. The interviews have been analyzed by using content analysis and have been looked at through a perspective of experience, as described by Richard Stevens, and by applying developmental psychology. The results show that, although sexuality is experienced as being distinctly present and being a topic of major concern, the staff members have given sex-education as a means by which to raise their own competence little or no thought. One way to interpret this is that sexuality and sex-education haven?t been given a sufficient space in the work with the youths.

Som om min kropp inte är min...: Bilden av unga kvinnors sexualitet i svensk ungdomslitteratur

The purpose of this Masters thesis is to examine how young womens sexuality is described in Swedish youth novels. The analysis is based upon eight books of which four were published during the period from 1970 to 1975 and four books were published during 2000 to 2005. The theoretical framework is based on a gender theoretical perspective where Yvonne Hirdmans theories about a gender system and Ylva Elwin-Nowaks and Heléne Thomssons ideas about gender construction are crucial. Also Anthony Giddens theories about sexuality in the late modern society are used, where the plastic sexuality and the pure relationship are central ideas. The method is based upon textual analysis, and a model of analysis is constructed with its basis in the theoretical attempt.

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