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Folkbibliotek och invandrares första tid i Sverige: En explorativ undersökning

The starting point for this study is the situation for Immigrants during the process of integration. This study aims to describe and discuss, with a broad approach, if certain information needs arises when Immigrants meet the Swedish labour market and in such a case, do they use the library and how does the public libraries meet those needs. A secondary aim is to help increase the understanding of Immigrants and forming a basis for further efforts by the libraries to improve services for Immigrants and point at areas where there is a need for further research. - Which expectations and demands meets Immigrants on the labour market and which library needs are possibly generated by this? - What services and range of material do the libraries offer Immigrants and how are they marketed at the libraries homepages on the Internet? - Do Immigrants from outside the western culture use the library and in that case how? Swedish human capital and Swedish social capability are identified as demands that are often held by operators on the labour market.

"Hej, jag heter..." -en diskursiv studie om svenska för invandrare (sfi) i integrationsprocessen

The aim of this paper is to make an investigation of how authoritative conceptual framework about Immigrants as a group is being constituted in the discourse regarding Swedish language for Immigrants. I will also examine what connections there are to the overarching integration discourse. While doing this I try to establish the contrasting relationship between the ?Swedishness? and ?the Other?. My theoretical framework consists of discussions regarding groups and the relation to homogeneity or heterogeneity in various ways and how We tend to construct the discourse in relation to the Other.

"Har vi råd att ta emot dem?" : En studie om Smålandspostens inställning till och framställning av invandrare och flyktingar under 1980-1993.

The past years in Sweden has been infected by a discussion about immigration and Immigrants, both spoken in politics and media. The aim of this essay is to study the attitude about Immigrants in the third period of immigration in Sweden found in the local press. And also what image the press gave of Immigrants. The study looks at Smålandsposten, which is a large local press in the Växjö area. During the period for this study was the attitude in the local press very negative. The studied articles in Smålandsposten shows a profound idea of a ?we? and ?them?.

"Ett hem utan en gamling, är som ett hus utan pelare": en kvalitativ studie om hur sent-i-livet-invandrare integreras i det svenska samhället

More recently, the number of elderly Immigrants has increased. This means that Sweden is faced with new challenges. The purpose of this study was to illustrate how the elder Immigrants general situation in Helsingborg looks like, as well as how social workers work to integrate this target group. Furthermore, I wished to have an answer on whether social workers feel that there is a continuing need to be concentrated on the integration of elder Immigrants. To get answers to my questions, I have interviewed five social workers in Helsingborg who are working on issues that concern elder and integration.

Biblioteken som stöd för invandrare under integrationsprocessen - En kvalitativ studie på stadsbiblioteken i Malmö och Lund

The aim of the study was to examine how the public libraries participate in the integration of Immigrants in the Malmö-/Lund region. Librarians and Immigrants were interviewed about the services offered by the libraries in the area of multiculturalism and what kind of service that is requested by the Immigrants. The interviews also included possibilities to contribute to increased knowledge among the native Swedish people about different cultures represented among Immigrants in Sweden. From the qualitative analyses it is concluded that the libraries represented in the study contribute to the integration of Immigrants. The respondents gave multiple examples of the libraries? usefulness in the integration process by offering Immigrants possibilities to develop their knowledge in the Swedish language, and also to find information about the Swedish society and culture.

Ett lyckat integrationsarbete? - en fallstudie av Botkyrka kommuns integrationsarbete

AbstractAuthor: Josefine KostinTitle: A succesful work of integration? ? a case study of the integration work within the Botkyrka municipalityThe last decades, Sweden has become more ethnic heterogenetic. Generations of immigration have affected the Swedish society in many ways; the language that are spoken at work and in schools, culture and the political agenda etcetera. In 2008, Botkyrka municipality was chosen to be the second best at working with integrating Immigrants. On the other hand, Botkyrka has been referred to as a municipality which has failed with the integration of Immigrants; for example, unemployments amongst the Immigrants and segregation.

Porten till förståelse: svenska bibliotek och invandrare

The purpose of this paper was to investigate the special services for Immigrants which are offered by Swedish libraries on their different levels regional, local and school as well as Immigrants experiences of the library services and how these services and experiences conduct themselves to the development of the harmonic multicultural society. The methods used were interpreting reflexive interviews with Immigrants and librarians. The guiding theory in this study was a three-phase model by Gillis Herlitz according to which a newcomer goes through three stages in an adaptation period. Phase 1 is a positive honeymoon phase, that later is replaced by phase 2, a critical disappointment period, which then ideally should be resolved in phase 3, where the individual reaches a balancing stage of cultural adaptation. The results of my observations indicate that the performances of the different libraries seem to operate in a way that corresponds to the different phases in this model.

Invandrare, kulturmöte och bibliotek

The main aim of this paper is to illurninate how a group of Immigrants meet the publiclibrary in Sweden. I have chosen to discuss Iranian Immigrants' meeting with the publiclibrary in Borås. The investigation (qualitative interviews and inquiries) has taken placein the public library of Borås and partly in a local library with high density of Immigrants.A theoretical perspective deals with the case study of dual marginality, where theconception of the "Marginal Man" or "The Outsider" is central. I have indicated how theprevious authors have considered this problem, to live on the verge between twodifferent cultures and how individuals react on it.The interviews and inquiries answered by Iranian Immigrants are the most importantmaterial in this investigation and the result of them is connected to the theoreticalperspective and a discussion, what it means for the public library..

Samhörighet och struktur - en studie av invandrargruppens politiska mobilisering

This essay deals with the paradox of why the Immigrants in Sweden, despite their considerable size of 12 % of the population and common interest and living opportunities, haven?t mobilized politically in any significant way. The aim with this essay is to reach a theoretical understanding of why this paradox exist. By the use of a critical case and a theoretical model, based on theories of collective action, the conclusion of this essay is that, despite the fact that the Immigrants have a common interest and an organizational structure, the Immigrants in Sweden has not mobilized politically in any significant way. The main reason for this is that they have a weak common identity and they don?t have the structural opportunities to act..

Socialtjänsten och barn till irreguljära immigranter : en rättsvetenskaplig undersökning

The aim of this study was to examine how the social services could investigate and support children of irregular Immigrants within the boundaries of the law. More specifically it aimed to examine the legal possibilities and obstacles for the social services to support irregular Immigrants, how the officials at the social services act considering the legal aspects, and how they reason morally and ethically when dealing with irregular Immigrants. To answer the aim of the study the theory of positive law was used combined with qualitative interviews with two officials at the social services. Moreover a small quantitative telephone study with officials in the social services and with voluntary organizations was made. The study has used theories of sociology of law, law and ethics, and professional (civil) disobedience.

Invandrare i tätortsnära natur : kvalitativa intervjuer angående natursyn och nyttjande samt förslag till åtgärder

The aim of this study is to show how Immigrants perceive and utilize Swedish nature. The study also intends to make suggestions on how Immigrants can be encouraged to use nature close to where they live. The methods are qualitative interviews, group interviews and participant observations. The results show that Immigrants are a very heterogeneous group and there is no distinct immigrant-specific perspective. Although they are all Immigrants their lifestyle widely vary. Their reasons for not going out into nature are diverse.

Språkbad - en insats för framtiden? : En jämförande analys mellan språkbadselever och enspråkiga elever

This thesis is based on thirteen qualitative interviews with civil servants and politicians. The purpose of the study is to research these informants? attitudes towards integration and their reflections about Immigrants? lower chances in an ethnically segregated housing and labour market. The theoretical frame of references is based on social constructionism and focuses on including and excluding power structures. The empirical material provides both structural and cultural explanations to Immigrants? problems as regards inclusion in Swedish society.

Facket och invandrarna : en postkolonial diskursanalys

Racial discrimination can occur in many ways ? intentional and non intentional ? and in many places ? perhaps most observed in the labor market. The Swedish labor union, LO, is an important party in this market, and discusses the issue frequently in a number of different documents. These documents are being analyzed as discourse in this study, with attention paid to the rhetoric regarding ?Immigrants?, i.e.

Sverige och smygrasismen : En retorisk analys av ämnena integration och invandring i svensk press

The purpose of this study was to investigate how three Swedish news publications writes about integration and Immigrants. The news articles were analyzed with a rhetorical analysis. The method was supplemented with theories of media and ethnicity, agenda setting theory and gatekeeping theory. This study resulted in the conclusion that racist discourses are found in the three news publications, regardless of political color, writer or article genre. Many of the articles makes a clear division of "us and them", where "them" is defined by the text's "us", who are often Swedes.

Vems ansvar är krogentrén?

The purpose of this master?s thesis is to find out in which ways a group of first generation Immigrants use Swedish papers and magazines in a public library and which information needs this group has about Swedish society. One important aspect in this essay is integration of Immigrants in the Swedish society as a possible effect of newspaper reading. The method used in this study is qualitative. Data is generated through semi-structured interviews.

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