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Karaktärsskapandets potential och begränsningar

This project report describes a supplement for Character creation in a tabletop role-playing game ?Dragons and Demons." The purpose of this project is to improve the Character creation for the players? trough the narrative elements such as Character?s background story. The applied qualitative methods such as a test panel and a questionnaire were conducted for the evaluation of theories used during Character creation and to get feedback on the supplement?s creative value for the players. The aim of the questionnaire was to see how the method for the Character creation differs from the regular way of making a Character for a tabletop role-playing game and if this idea improves user experience during the tabletop role-playing game.The results of the evaluation are based on answers from novice and experienced players, and conclude that the additional background story creates an insight into the Character's past, which makes it easier for novice players to get quick started with Character creation.

The Sims : En studie om skapandet av karaktärer ur ett genusperspektiv

Todays gaming habits between women and men depends on the age range. Both sexes are playing but how do they create a Character when they have free hands? Are there any differences from a gender perspective? The main purpose is to answer the question: How does women and men create Characters in the computergame The Sims? By looking at the result of four women and four mens created Character and then interviewing them for profound information, we have received data to answer those questions for our study. Data has shown that the men were less personal when they created a Character, used more imagination and took less time to create the Character. The majority of the women created themselfs or part of themselfs and took more time on details..

Landskapskaraktärsanalys - ett försök i Sverige :

As the European Landscape Convention is brought into action, planning in Sweden has got to become increasingly considerate of the landscape and its Character. To render this possible, a basic requirement is that we find a functional method for analysis. The Landscape is a synthesis of the interplay between place and man. It is made up of our physical environment and shows the result of our actions throughout history. Our surroundings affect us in many ways, financially as well as emotionally. This is why an analysis of the landscape has to be inclusive of many types of information. I have performed a landscape analysis, according to the British Landscape Character Assessment-method, in Svedala kommun.

Optimering av distorsionseffekt med hjälp av Fourieranalys

In music performers and music-making are oftenused different distortion effects to give the desiredCharacter on the individual sound sources andinstruments. These have different names (fuzz,distortion, overdrive) depending on the Character. Tocarry out this work, an extensive literature study ofthe circuit diagrams of a large number of the classicdistortion circuits implemented. In this work, adistortion effect of the Character fuzz was createdfrom several other existing effects. MeasurementsFFT, frequency response have been conducted tovalidate the desired results along the given problem.The finished effect was named Instant Carlos and aprototype was manufactured.

Sociala omsorgsassistenter : de "nya" omsorgsgivarna i en omsorgsförvaltnings "paradigmskifte"

Purpose: The primary aim of the study was to analyse and discuss how employees with a secondary nursing education describe their occupational Character whilst working as well as the conditions for caring acts in a changing progress towards professionalism.Questions: What are the conditions to provide a high standard of care in this changing progress? What influence does it have on the occupational Character ?Method: Critical case study and focus groupsConclusion: One of the central findings of the field study was the identification of two occupational identities; traditional and pedagogical orientated. These two occupational Character traits are connected with different types of occupational competence and demands different theoretical knowledge. They also have different regards concerning the new title; social omsorgsassistent. A conclusion of the study is that a professional project of a non-specific nature is unable to stress the different levels of knowledge and competence that occupational identities have when one seeking professionalism..

POSITIV PSYKOLOGI PÅ ARBETET : -Karaktärsstyrkors samband med psykologiskt välbefinnande, arbetstillfredsställelse, harmonisk- respektive tvångsmässig passion och stress

Over a long time psychology was focusing on human frailties and mental diseases. In 1998, positive psychology was introduced - the scientific study of strengths, well-being and optimal functioning. Theory and research in the area has identified 24 Character strengths, in which each individual owns and celebrates a number of top strengths, signature strengths. These strengths have been shown to be important in achieving happiness and well-being. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between Character strength and psychological well-being, job satisfaction, harmonious- and obsessive passion and stress.

Det handlar om att ge och ta : fyra lärarperspektiv

This study deals with integration between core subjects and Character subjects on the upper secondary schools Electrical Engineering Programme. The purpose is to investigate how four teachers define subject integration, which the advantages and disadvantages are according to them and what the purpose is whit integrate the core subjects and the Character subjects.The finding in this study highlighted that between themselves the teachers had different definitions of subject integration. In order to start up with a integrated working model the teachers had to come up whit a mutual definition of subject integration..

Kvinnans roller i Elsa Graves diktsamling Mödrar som vargar

Abstract in EnglishElsa Grave (1918-2003) is a Swedish writer, artist and composer. The aim of my study is to analyse the female Character in Mödrar som vargar, (Mothers As Wolves), which is a collection of poems written in 1972.The analysis is divided into four parts. First I analyse the figures of speech of the female ?I? in the poems. In the second part I`m dealing with how she acts and relates to men.

Att läsa mellan raderna : En studie i grafiska elements roll som identitetsbärare på magasinomslag.

Hard competition amongst the editorial world of magazines today has led to increased differentiation of the content as well as the visual communication. In this study, the graphic elements of the magazine cover was analyzed to establish how the magazines Character is being conveyed by the cover design. In a case study the covers of the Swedish publications of fashion magazine BON and ELLE was semantically analyzed.The conclusion was made that the logotype plays the biggest part in conveying the magazine?s Character. Secondly, the front cover headlines shape and size matter a great deal for the overall impression.

5 minuter till Luleå : en visuell studie av en stadsinfart

SUMMARYThe demands on the public environment are big and in particular on the environment of communication which we spend a lot of time in on our way to work, school etc. The city-approach is a road section that leads from the periphery of the city to the centre of the city, often through boring and meaningless industrial areas that displays the back side of the city to the voyager on the city-approach. The intentions of this thesis in landscape architecture has been to study one of the two city-approaches to the city of Luleå, the close surroundings and contextual position in the city and not at least give suggestions of ways how the city-approach can be changed, clarified and improved. The study of the city-approach has been made by studying literature that concern city-approaches and the architecture of roads in general. Studies of different analysis methods has been made to find appropriate approaches to work with the specific study of the city-approach to Luleå.

Läsa ljud : Att formulera en texts auditiva kvaliteter visuellt

In printed text, sound is a somewhat forgotten aspect. The recitation of text is vital in areas like poetry and oratory, but still has no distinct technique of being communicated. Emphasis of a word might be expressed through italics, but no canonic Character set or system for vocal delivery of texts exists. With this essay we are creating a foundation for a development of such a Character set or system. By studying existing visualisations of sound and comparing these with semiotic and perception-based theories we obtain useful insights for a prospective system for visualisations of vocal sounds.We conclude that the aspects of sound one wants to visualise must be carefully defined since the viewer cannot process infinite amounts of information.

När Pippi blev Pippi ? en receptionsstudie av Pippi Långstrumptrilogin

The purpose of this Master?s thesis is to examine how The Trilogy of Pippi Longstocking, written by the author Astrid Lindgren, has been received by the critics in the Swedish daily press. A second aim is to examine how the critics could be of importance for the consecration of Pippi as a literary Character. The study is mainly based on reviews from the daily press with nationwide coverage. The theoretical framework consists of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu?s theories of the literary field, and the method of the reviews is a qualitative text analysis.

Serbiens symboler : en fördjupning och bearbetning av den traditionella folkdräkten och dess symboler i kontrast till serbiska kvinnan idag

I have always been told that form follows function. But does it have to be that way? I decided to see it  from another angle.Kinesics is a term form non verbal komunication. In my thesis project I have been working with body language in furniture.  I believe that furniture, just like us, has an expression and a Character. We often tend to desccribe furniture with the same words as we describe people, for example: "A relaxed chair" or "a cocky table".

Distributionell karaktär hos vissa kategorier av ord

The amount of information stored on the internet grows daily and naturally the requirements on the systems used to search for and analyse information increases. As a part in meeting the raised requirements this study investigates if it is possible for a automatised text analysis system to distinguish certain groups and categories of words in a text, and more specifically investigate if it is possible to distinguish words with a high information value from words with a low information value. This is important to enable optimizations of systems for global surveillance and information retrieval. The study is carried out using word spaces, which are often used in text analysis to model language. The distributional Character of certain categories of words is examined by studying the intrinsic dimensionality of the space, locally around different words.

Landskapskaraktärsanalys som verktyg för hållbar byutveckling - exemplet Flädie

There are numerous questions to be asked when your task is to plan a small community?s future development. Is it possible to suggest something new and modern? What considerations should be taken concerning the existing situation? What is an appropriate size for the new development? Where is it possible to build and what is the most appropriate method to use?In this master´s thesis I have tried to develop and describe a working-process where I execute a complete landscape Character analysis for the whole community in question to get the answers to where and how it would be most appropriate to develop a village like Flädie without destroying its current Character.Flädie is a typical small village in the countryside of Skåne, Sweden. It is strongly effected by the expansive and urban region it?s located in but is still rural in Character.

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