När Pippi blev Pippi ? en receptionsstudie av Pippi Långstrumptrilogin

The purpose of this Master?s thesis is to examine how The Trilogy of Pippi Longstocking, written by the author Astrid Lindgren, has been received by the critics in the Swedish daily press. A second aim is to examine how the critics could be of importance for the consecration of Pippi as a literary character. The study is mainly based on reviews from the daily press with nationwide coverage. The theoretical framework consists of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu?s theories of the literary field, and the method of the reviews is a qualitative text analysis. The literary character, Pippi Longstocking, and the new current in children?s literature are explained through the Russian literary scholar Michael Bachtin?s carnival theory. Based on the study our conclusions are that a female network was very important for the consecration of Pippi, as well as for the good criticism. The author, Astrid Lindgren, was herself essential for the consecration in her role as children?s books publishing editor at Rabén & Sjögren, where her own books were published. Bonnier?s rejection of the first manuscript of Pippi Longstocking played a major role for the consecration. As a consequence of the rejection Astrid Lindgren decided to change her character to a better behaved girl than the original. It is our conclusion that this change of character was of great importance for the consecration since that was the foundation for Pippi?s establishment as a classic literary figure. The study also shows that beside the female network there where a few men who became significant for the consecration. Their contribution consisted of bringing other perspectives and views to the literary character which gave rise to a big national and general debate on children, children?s upbringing, education and ethics.


Monika Lennartsdotter Lena Wadell

Lärosäte och institution

Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap (BHS)


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