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Den digitala strategin : En rapport om arbetet med en digital strategi för ett litet, nystartat företag

Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have become popular platforms for social communication, and, increasingly, also important channels for business marketing. For a business intending to use social media for marketing, however, developing a strategy and building a trademark can be a challenge. This report describes how a small, newly established business enterprise can develop a digital strategy with clear goals and practical guidelines. The report describes a digital strategy for Gelato Scarfó and shows how this strategy is made concrete through a set of guidelines. The guidelines develop a trademark for identification and loyalty, and give advice on how new materials can be made consistent with the trademark..

Kunskap & strategi : En studie av strategisk kongruens mellan affärs- och kunskapsstrategi i managementkonsultföretag

This study examines how management consulting firms work with business- and functional strategy and how these strategies are interrelated. More specifically we focus on Business strategy (business unit level) and knowledge strategy (functional level) and whether these are aligned or not, i.e. whether strategic congruence exists.A number of recent studies have examined the importance of Business strategy and knowledge strategy in management consulting firms separately, but few have pointed out the importance of the alignment between them. With this study we contribute to the strategic field of research with a model that describes how management consulting firms should work with their knowledge strategy given their Business strategy. The model is developed through a synthesis between theories in the field of strategic congruence, business- and functional strategies and thereafter tested by an empirical case study of six management consulting firms.

Arbetskraftsförsörjning i offentlig sektor: En studie av strategisk kompetensförsörjning

The study was conducted at a business in the social service. The purpose was to examine how the business works with human resource planning. In order to answer the purpose two questions was formulated, which human resource planning strategy does the business use? And, how do businesses need to act according to the theory of strategic manpower to achieve human resource planning? Survey data collection was done through a qualitative research design, where interviews with five employees in the business took place.The study shows that the business is using a own made strategy in order to achieve human resource planning. The strategy consists of two steps, in step one they do an background analysis and step two a needs analysis where a goal- and responsibility description are designed and then a set of requirements.

Så nås samstämmighet mellan logistik och företagsstrategi : en analys av hur den logistiska strategin ska utformas för att stödja företagets överordnade strategi

Background: Due to an increasing globalization the competition has increased and this has lead to overcapacity and falling prices on markets today. The subject field logistics has during the last decades been given increasingly significance and has become a way to handle the competition. Theories clearly point outthe importance that a concordance exists between logistics and superior strategy but few, if any, authors give further details about how this adjustment should be made. Purpose: The aim of this thesis is with a case study approach survey if the subject field, which describe the importance that logistical solutions correspond with the superior strategy, is known and implemented in a company. We aim to develop the subject field through our empirical findings.

Name your price - a study of a pricing strategy

An industry in distress was the breeding ground for a noted pricing strategy, labeled name-your-price. The industry was the music industry and the pricing strategy bears reminiscence of how medieval buskers earned their living during the dark ages; by letting the customers decide how much the good was worth, embodied by a thrown coin into a hat or similar collector. Translated into the contemporary corporate environment of today, where technical innovations provides access to the intellectual property for free, a few mighty economic actors have once again turned to the strategy were it all started; letting the customer set the price. The hat has been replaced by a box for your credit card number and the live music by a MP3 file, but the similarity is striking. The business model have been applied in other industries as well with various levels of success, thus the purpose of this thesis is to set up a framework for where the name-your-price strategy is applicable.

Dynamisk investeringsstrategi på den svenska aktiemarknaden

The purpose of this paper is to investigate if a dynamic investment strategy on the Swedish asset market can accomplish better returns then a static investment strategy. The dynamic investment strategy is created by incorporating business cycle predictors and firm-level variables to predict future stock returns. The predictive regression is calculated wih 60 months of observation (1999 01-2005 12) and is then used to estimate future returns for 23 months in the period 2004 01 -2005 11. The structure of the regression, with linear functions of ? and ?, goes back to Shanken (1990) and Avramov and Chordia (2005) has had success with the variables chosen.

På rätt spår i en osäker miljö? : En fallstudie av Banverket Telenät

Background: Today, the environment of a company is characterized by quick changes like leaps of technology and market shifts. The problem is how this turbulent environment and an uncertain future affect how a company creates strategies and how its structure is adapted. Can a certain choice of strategies or a certain structure be a way of dealing with an changing environment? Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to explore if and how Banverket Telenät, as an example of a company in a turbulent business like the Swedish telecom industry, tries to deal with an uncertain future through strategy and structure. Procedure: We have carried through a qualitative case study with interviews and gathering of additional information concerning the business.

Vård och handhavande av kompetens : kompetensutveckling i Sverige och England

Background: Competence development has become more important since the pressure on effectiveness is increasing and organisations are expected to constantly improvement. The design of the competence development activities is governed by the strategy which in turn will affect the outcome of the same. A knowledge intense business in which changes recently have taken place is healthcare, a business in which competition also has increased as a result from globalization. Due to this, it is highly important to take care of and improve the competence of individuals. According to this, we have found that healthcare is an interesting business to study with regard to competence development.

Prestationsmätning ur ett kostnadsledarstrategiskt perspektiv : En fallstudie på Gekås Ullared AB

Bachelor thesis, Business Administration and Economics Programme, School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University in Va?xjo?.Spring of 2015 Title: Performance measurement from a cost leadership perspective - A case study on Gekås.Authors: Adrienn Csiszer, Hannah Lundberg & Helena WennerströmTutor: Eva GustavssonExaminer: Karin Jonnergård Keywords: Performance measurement, Performance measurement systems, Generic strategy, Cost leadership strategy, Financial and non-financial measurements. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine how a company with a clear cost leadership strategy chooses to work with performance measurements, with a view to comparing a practical example to theorethical approaches. Methodology: The method chosen for this paper is a case study on Gekås AB. The presented data were collected through interviews conducted with four employees on Gekås. Conclusion: The study concludes that for a business with cost leadership strategy the financial measurements are more important than non-financial meausurements. For Gekås it is important to keep the performance measurement simple and understandable for the employees. They only use three measurements (sales, hours and sales per hour) in planning and in evaluation.

Affären Astoria Cinemas: Om en biografkedjas korta levnad

In May 2005 the Swedish cinema chain Astoria Cinemas is founded and in July two years later the company goes bankrupt. In this thesis Astoria Cinemas is used as an example to illustrate the conditions for a culture-producing company in a commercial market. The purpose of the thesis is to discuss the strategies for cultural production that has been used by the actors involved in the Swedish cinema market, and also to discuss the structural environment on that market. It is a qualitative study based on interviews and documentation. A few conclusions are possible to draw from the empirical material, one is that Astoria Cinemas? management did not agree on the company?s Business strategy and therefore might have acted strategically inconsistent.

Freight forwarding firms (3F), stuck in the middle or outpacing the competition

This paper discusses the strategy and strategic change in the Swedish freight forwarding business and analysis factors that influence the forces of the business. Three companies of various sizes are chosen to be investigated as a case study, outline that cost leadership and differentiation are both important strategies for companies to compete in the market. However, companies outpacing competition do not only pursue either of the two strategies, the need the ability to add one (cost leadership) to the other (differentiation) in relationship to environmental change over time..

The Emerging Pricing Capability

The purpose of this thesis is to try to understand, with the help of existing theories and empirical findings, the parameters which are of importance in the development of the pricing capability. We have used a qualitative and abductive methodology approach. The empirical findings have been collected via semi-structured interviews which we have conducted via personal and telephone interviews. Seeing pricing as a capability within the company our theoretical framework mainly consists of the resource-based view and an article explaining and given proof how pricing can be seen as a capability. We also describe the most used pricing strategy today within business-to-business companies, the cost plus strategy.

CI- A necessary complement to the BSC?

The BSC is widely used mangement tool that is turning the vision and strategy into operational goals. However, after analyzing the criticism received the BSC, it seems af its internal focus, rigidity, static-ism and mechanical mindset limits the company's ability to create a strategy that takes important external factros into account..

personalomsättning inom snabbmatsrestauranger

AbstractBackgroundEvery company has some kind of employee turnover and we can tell that som business has higher employee turnover than other business. Employee turnover is individual for all companies but in companies that is in the same business simularities can be seen. The employee turnover in the line of business hotel, merchandise trade and restaurants was according to Confederation of Swedish Enterprise closer to 40 % during the period of 2006-2007 and close to the business with highest turnover, the service sector. This is comparable to the buildning activity that with it?s 22 % is one of the business with lowest turnover.

International Strategy Implementation: Understanding of Local Challenges in China

The thesis has two purposes. First, to give a practical insight into the challenges that Swedish companies might face, and how these challenges are tackled, when implementing strategy in a local area. Second, to develop a general applicable model as a conceptual contribution to the field of international strategy implementation in local areas. This empirical-driven thesis is written in a qualitative and explorative approach, where abduction is adopted in order to find mysteries and contribute to the forming of new theories. The empirical foundation is twenty-two interviews and observations of three large Swedish companies.

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