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Ola Rapace verkar ju lycklig, men hur gör då jag för att också bli det?

This paper examines which media messages related to Happiness that can be found in interviews with famous people in the four largest lifestyle magazines in Sweden for the age group 16-34. The magazines are Cosmopolitan, Elle, Café and King. Depending on which magazine the reader chooses to read he/she will be presented with different roads to Happiness. Common for all examined magazines are Happiness factors related to personal goals, determination and work. Often in a causal connection where the goal orientation and determination is tied together with success in work and career for the interview persons.

För mycket lycka : om lyckan och det politiska hos Simone de Beauvoir och Sara Ahmed

Happiness is often considered our ultimate goal in life. This essay explores the political im- plications of this view, through the critique of Happiness found in the works of Simone de Beauvoir and Sara Ahmed. Ahmed and Beauvoir consider Happiness to be harmful as a po- litical goal, since it tends to diminish dimensions of power and conflict in favor of harmony, and is not compatible with a political philosophy based on freedom or liberation. Happiness is often confused with the ethical Good, but this essay argues that Happiness does not ne- cessarily entail good things. Indeed, Happiness can be used to justify oppression and unjust political systems..

Lycka: nyckeln till en önskvärd socialpolitik - en begreppsanalys

This essay deals with the same task that utilitarians have tried to solve for a long time, what is Happiness? In the eighteenth-century utilitarians suggested that Happiness should be the base for social political decisions. But the lack of definition disposed so that GDP became the measurement of Happiness, which proved to be wrong when the unHappiness continued to increase. More than two hundred years later scientists came up with a new definition of Happiness and new ways to measure it. And during the last decade economists have taken the discussion to a higher level.So once again we?re dealing with the same old issue, if Happiness ought to be the base of social political decisions.

Om man är fri, är man då lycklig? : En studie av begreppen frihet och lycka i Thomas Hobbes politiska filosofi

With a background in the 17th century?s English political events, but also the ideological scene of that time, the purpose of this essay is to analyze two concepts, freedom and Happiness, in Thomas Hobbes?s political writings. Hobbes is well known for his political works, mostly for Leviathan, where his thoughts about government and religion are exposed. But what does he say about freedom? And what about Happiness? The study shows that Hobbes?s political thought is quite original from this aspect too.

Ungdomars upplevelser av sina konsumtionsmöjligheter : En enkätundersökning i en sjundeklass

The object of this essay was about youth's experiences of their possibility of consumption. We also wanted to analyze if their possibility of consumption had a connection with their experience of Happiness. Another part of the object was to see if there where any differences between girls and boys concerning the questions above. One of the issues we had was if the youth's money was enough for their needs of consumption. The method we used were a questionnaire, which we asked a class of 22 pupils to fill in.

"Boken är kvinnans ljuva hämnd" : Boven i mitt drama kallas kärlek av Unni Drougge och debatten av boken läst som en performance

With a background in the 17th century?s English political events, but also the ideological scene of that time, the purpose of this essay is to analyze two concepts, freedom and Happiness, in Thomas Hobbes?s political writings. Hobbes is well known for his political works, mostly for Leviathan, where his thoughts about government and religion are exposed. But what does he say about freedom? And what about Happiness? The study shows that Hobbes?s political thought is quite original from this aspect too.

Lycka: en studie av ekonomins inverkan på lyckan

The purpose of this study was to examine and illustrate how people look at themselves and their Happiness in relation to their economic situation. This study was based on interviews with eight adults divided in two groups, four were big-income earners and four were unemployed/sick-listed. I identified factors that affected the feeling of Happiness such as family, friends and economy. During the process four themes were identified, Happiness, work, economic strain and the importence of money versus Happiness. The analysis was based on the concept of aspiration levels and an economic perspective.The conclusion of the analysis was a surprise to me, showing that economic strain could be detected in both groups but by different means.

Lyckans land? : En ekonometrisk studie över nationshemvistens påverkan på upplevd lycka.

Does the country people live in affect the probability of them experiencing Happiness? Can a country variable in an ordinal regression model be affected when microeconomic and macroeconomic factors are added to the model? The possible outcomes are either that the country variable affects less when the additional predictors are added to the model, or that they stay the same. The micro data is collected from the European Social Survey database, the macro data is collected from the World Bank. The country variable becomes less substantial when additional variables are added to the model. The variable with the most influence over expected Happiness apart from the country variable is whether the individual often socializes with friends or not.

Mannen och kvinnan i reklamen. : En studie av annonserna i tidskrifterna Café och Elle.

Men and women in advertising - a study of the ads in the magazines Café and Elle is an essay in media and communication studies covering 15hp. The author examines what is considered masculinity and femininity in a variety of advertisements, and which products are linked to masculinity and femininity. Besides this, the author also examines the production of Happiness, and how this may differ between men and women. Although stereotypes, myths and metaphors are examined. The essay is examined on the basis of gender theory, and theories about stereotypes and myths.

Tid i all oändlighet och förgänglighet. En studie av tidsanvändningen i Sverige sedan 1980-talet

This master thesis in economics discusses the time use of today as well as the observed trends in time use over the last 20 years in Sweden. This is done by analysing time-use and consumption data at the microeconomic level, i.e. by explaining individual behaviour given the economic assumption of a rational behaviour. We reach the conclusion that the value of time is an important explanatory variable concerning the rationality in that time is used differently by different individuals and in the changed use of time. Furthermore, other variables such as social norms and the process benefit of a certain activity, i.e.

Happiness not Included : En kvalitativ undersökning av myter om lycka i svenska reklamfilmer

?If we consume the product as a product, we consume its meaning through advertising? ? Jean BaudrillardSyftet med denna studie är att identifiera och analysera bakomliggande myter om lycka i kommersiella reklamfilmer, utifrån ett konstruktionistiskt perspektiv. Analysmodellen, som bygger på semiotik och neoformalism, genererade kunskap om de olika berättarstrukturerna kring lycka i de undersökta reklamfilmerna. Resultaten indikerade framförallt att berättarstrukturerna om lycka grundar sig i myter som är starkt kopplade till den kapitalistiska ideologin. Studien avser därmed att blottlägga och analysera myter om lycka i reklamfilmer ur ett kritiskt konstruktionistiskt perspektiv..

Jag vill ju bara vara lycklig! En studie av hur unga vuxna ser på sig själva och sin livssituation i förhållande till det senmoderna samhället.

The purpose of this study was to examine and illustrate how young adults look at themselves and their lifesituation in relation to the late modern society. More specifically its aim was to find out if the respondents have been affected by the ideals and norms of the late modern society in their lifechoises and their view of Happiness. This study was based on interviews with eight young adults in the ages between 25 - 33. Out of the eight three were singles, two were married with children and three were in relationships. During the process four themes were identified: The importance and developement of an identity, fullfillment in the respondents lifesituations, the experience of Happiness in the respondents lives and how the late modern society have influenced the respondents in their lives.

The Sound of the Rain Needs no Translation : Synen på samhället och den moderna människan hos Alan Watts

In the 1940s, 50s and 60s the two youth movements of the beats and the hippies emerged in the United States. Disagreeing with the progressive positivism of the previous generations these youths were part of a counter culture that adhered to an ideal of living in the present.Alan Wilson Watts (1915?1973), most known for his popularization of eastern philosophy and religion in general and Zen-Buddhism in particular, became one of the most influential and well-read advocates of the new movements. Drawing upon eastern philosophy and religion as well as modern psychology, Watts challenged the western world view by rejecting the dualism of self and environment, arguing that man is one with God and nature and claiming that nothing exists but the present experience here and now.Based on Watts? view of man and reality, and in the context of the emerging youth movements, this study examines Watts? criticism of western culture and society as well as his view on Happiness and the possibility of a better life for the individual living in the west.The study shows that, according to Watts, the root of the problem facing western society lies in man?s incapability of distinguishing concept from reality, preferring abstract ideas and symbols to the experience present in everyday life.

Emilie Du Châtelets analys av lycka : Upplösning av polemiken mellan illusion och förnuft

Emma Nordin: Emilie Du Châtelets analys av lycka: Upplösning av polemiken mellan illusion och förnuft. Uppsala universitet: inst. för idé- och lärdomshistoria, C-uppsats, höstterminen, 2012. The 18th century is a time period known for its battle with superstition, illusion and falseness. With the Torch of Reason the philosophers of the time were set on vanquishing everything untrue and lead mankind into what they themselves called the Enlightenment. Happiness had moved from Heaven to Earth in science, truth and pleasure.

Livstillfredsställelse : Föränderlig på grund av exponering för negativ respektive positiv information?

Livstillfredsställelse är vår kognitiva bedömning av vårt liv. Studier har visat att affekter påverkar vår kognition, samtidigt ses livstillfredsställelse som en stabil disposition. Syftet med denna studie var att undersöka om vår bedömning av vår livstillfredsställelse tillfälligt förändras efter att ha exponerats för negativ respektive positiv information. Hypotesen var att vi uppskattar vår livstillfredsställelse olika högt beroende på om vi exponeras för negativ eller positiv infomation.Satisfaction With Life Scale delades ut till 50 studenter på en högskola efter exponering av negativ respektive positiv information under en föreläsning. Resultatet visade att det inte fanns någon statistiskt signifikant skillnad mellan negativ och positiv information med avseende på livstillfredsställelse.

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