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Frihetens regim : Nyliberal subjektivering hos Foucault

This paper focuses on the role freedom plays in Michel Foucault?s analyze of liberal and particularely neoliberal governmentalities. From his perspective, neoliberalism operates through the strategic production of entrepreneural subjectivity and distribution of self-governing. Here autonomy is central for governing, which raises questions about what freedom can mean at all in Foucault, and how resistance can be possible. Through Foucault?s thinking on liberal freedom, we can gain a better understanding of his philosophy on subjectivation and resistance..

I demokratins namn - En diskursanalys av USA : s krig mot terrorismen

How the United States anti-terrorist strategy is affecting the view of democracy is the main analysis of this paper. The mechanisms that affect the idea of democracy have been studied on the basis of the philosopher Michael Foucault?s thoughts and the main direction in French discourse analysis. The study is restricted to the period between the 11th of September 2001 and today. Information has been collected entirely from the White House?s website http://www.whitehouse.gov, including speeches, conferences and reports.

Prästen under 1800-talet ur ett maktperspektiv. En kvalitativ textanalys utifrån Foucaults disciplinteori

Syftet med uppsatsen är att undersöka prästens makt i församlingen under 1800-talet i Sverige utifrån Foucaults disciplinteori. Uppsatsen skall svara på hur prästens makt över församlingen gav dem möjlighet att utöva disciplin och hur de kunde disciplinera församlingsmedlemmarna. Som teoretisk utgångspunkt används Foucault tankar med hierarkisk övervakning, normaliserande sanktionens metoder (straff) och examen. Materialet är hämtat från tidigare studier om prästens liv, församlingsmedlemmarnas plikter och husförhör. Uppsatsen visar att prästens makt går att applicera i Foucault tankar om makt med hjälp av disciplin..

Viljan att lyssna och förstå : Potters närmande till självskada i möte med Foucault, Derrida och Gadamer

This study is an attempt to develop the discussion about self-injury with the aid of philosophical discussions about understanding. I will present a reading of the discussion between Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida about reason and madness, and also an interpretation of the Derrida and Hans-Georg Gadamer encounter. These readings focus on the concept of understanding, on the possibility to understand the other and on the possibility to reach out from reason toward the irrational. The project to formulate an ethical approach to self-injury by Nancy Nyquist Potter is then used to bring the question about understanding to life. I conclude that the project of Potter, formulated as ?uptake?, is weakened by the fact that she fails to recognize the underlying philosophical problems in stating the possibility to understand the meaning of something that until today has been considered meaningless..

Genealogin: kunskapen, moralen och subjektet : En undersökning av det genealogiska i Friedrich Nietzsches och Michel Foucaults arbeten

In the following essay I offer an analysis of the concept of genealogy in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Michel Foucault. The genealogical is illuminated as a critical approach, a period and a method. Taking as a point of departure Foucault?s description of genealogy as a historico-philosophical method, with which we can approach the question of how we constitute ourselves as human beings, by analyzing our ideas about knowledge, morals and the self as an acting subject, I go back to Nietzsche, from where Foucault derives his genealogical project. By analyzing how Nietzsche examines the three domains of genealogy, found in Foucault?s description ? knowledge, morals and the subject ? I thereby present a way to read, understand and use the works of Nietzsche, a reading of Nietzsche which at the same time brings out some of the core topics, offering a more profound understanding of Foucault?s genealogical project.

På vems villkor? : en studie om hur personer utan hem upplever socialtjänsten

The purpose of this paper is to study how people without home experience social services and how they experience their space of action when they meet social services. In order to answer these questions, a qualitative approach has been used. The empirical material consists of five interviews with people who have contact with social services because they are homeless. To support my analysis of the space of action for the persons being interviewed, I?ve used two theoretical perspectives, power analysis by Michel Foucault and Rational Choice.

När rummen råder : En studie om skolan som disciplinerande rum

This study titled When the spaces dominate A study of the school as disciplinary rooms is a study where the emphasis is on quality and where the results are based on observations. The purpose of the research was to analyse rooms and other artefacts in the school as seen from Foucault?s analysis of power. He emphasised that power is expressed in human relationships. To understand how that power is used one can study the techniques adopted and resistance offered.

Den tokiga svensken - Synen på vansinne i statliga utredningar

The disciplinary role of madness in the European society was major during the17th century rise of the national state.By studying the view on madness in Swedish governmental investigations duringthe modern years of the Swedish psychiatry, 1950 to today, it's possible to seehow madness function in society have changed. The study is based on a discourseanalysis and done in three important aspects of Michel Foucault's philosophy:terms of existence, control and knowledge.Based on Foucault's theories of self-discipline, exclusion mechanisms and adetailed investigation on the concept of power, the empirical survey shows howthe ?crazy? Swede changes from a disciplinary object of society into a drone toserve under the structures of capitalism. In a psychological condition previousscience has judged as animal..

Talet och tystnaden : en studie av samhällsstrukturer och begär i Sarah Kanes "Phaedra's Love"

This essay is an introduction to the intentions and purposes of the british play writer Sarah Kane (1971-1999). Her own voice is presented both via quotations linked to her work and by an explanation of her connections to the surrealist poet and actor Antonin Artaud. The main focus is on Kane?s second play, Phaedra?s Love, first performed in 1996. The play is analyzed in co-relation to La volonté de savoir, the first volume in Michel Foucault?s trilogy Histoire de la sexualité.

Konstruktionen av Amerika : Om objektsbildning och hur objektet Amerika skapas i två historieböcker för gymnasiet

The aim of this essay has been to show how the object America is constructed in two of the most used history books in Swedish high school. The theoretical framework used in this paper is based on the post-structural discourse analysis as presented by Michel Foucault. More specifically can be said that Foucault´s theories about formation of objects have been used as a tool to show how the image of America is constructed in the books. Later this paper also discuses which subject positioning the studied books take, also this inspired by Foucault´s theories.The study is presented with long quotes from the studied material to reach a transparency that enables the reader to see which dictums the conclusions are based on. This also makes it easy for the reader to judge whether or not the conclusions are reasonable.

"Jamen jag då" : Heterosexualitet och tvåsamhet i Gun-Britt Sundströms Maken

This essay is investigating heterosexuality in Gun-Britt Sundströms Maken. With help from the queer theories of formost Judith Butler, but also to some extent the ideas of Michel Foucault, I have tried to answer the question of which norms are becoming clear and which are being broken in the novel. I have also looked at a few of Gayle Rubin?s opposites in her sexual value hierarchy. Some of the norms that are brought to light in the essay revolves around faithfulness, lust towards the ?right? person and for the ?right? reasons.

Statlig övervakning av Internet: En diskursanalys av riksdagstryck 1994-2007

This paper attempts to survey the debate in the Swedish parliament on state surveillance on the Internet, from 1994 to March, 2007. With a discourse analysis inspired by Foucault, we follow how the idea of state surveillance is viewed by politicians during the period. By focusing on the Internet, we expect to find how politicians in the parliament regard the idea of an unregulated forum for citizen communication and interaction, and how the need for state surveillance on the new arena that is Internet, is expressed and argued for. Theoretical framework is given by Foucault?s theory of the Panoptic state, as well as his thoughts on discourse, power and governmentality.

I Staffan Wermes skugga : I maktens korridorer med en hegemonisk kommunstyrelseordförande

In this essay I try to find out how the local political climate in the Swedish Municipal Örebro looks like through the eyes of Michel Foucault. I?ve been focusing on the concept power, knowledge and politic. I?ve been applying the discourse theory on the study and the founder of that theory is Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau, the discoursetheory is a refinement of Foucaults thoughts about discourse.

Elever i kommunala skolplaner : En diskursanalys av hur elever konstitueras som subjekt

The aim of this essay is to analyze how students are constituted as subjects in local curricula. The theoretical perspective is grounded in Michel Foucault?s notion of governmentality and power/knowledge and his critique of a sovereign subject. From this theoretical perspective I use Foucault?s concept of formation of objects and Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe?s idea of subject positioning as tools for a discourse analysis.

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