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E-mail som marknadsföringskanal och dess effekter på kundrelationer

E-mail lämpas som marknadsföringskanal endast i förhållande till varans eller tjänstens relationsförväntan, som kunden förknippar varan ellertjänsten med. Denna relationsförväntan utgörs av faktorer såsom pris, tidigare kunskap om produkten och produktsegment..

E-mail som marknadsföringskanal och dess effekter på kundrelationer

E-mail lämpas som marknadsföringskanal endast i förhållande till varans eller tjänstens relationsförväntan, som kunden förknippar varan ellertjänsten med. Denna relationsförväntan utgörs av faktorer såsom pris, tidigare kunskap om produkten och produktsegment..

Filtrering av e-post ? Binär klassifikation med naiv Bayesiansk teknik

In this thesis we compare how different strategies in choosing attribute values affects junk mail filtering. We used two different variants of a naïve Bayesian junk mail filter. The first variant classified an E-mail by comparing it to a feature vector containing all attribute values that were found in junk mails in the part of the E-mail collection we used for training the filter. The second variant compared an E-mail to a feature vector that consisted of the attributes that was found in ten or more junk mails in the part of the E-mail collection we used for training the filter. We used an E-mail collection that consisted of 300 E-mails, 210 of these were junk mails and 90 were legitimate E-mails.

Mail Exchange Protocol (MEP): Ett utkast till nytt protokoll för elektronisk post

SMTP, the current protocol for sending electronic mail (E-mail) over the Internet, has for many years suffered from several problems and limitations. When it was designed, well over twenty years ago, the requirements for E-mail were very different from those of today. A message was a text message in English, and both user and machine were explicitly named in the address. The protocol was not designed to transfer other types of messages, and no mechanism was included to verify the identity of the sender.In order to solve these shortcomings, a new E-mail protocol needs to be defined. This report specifies a basis for what such a protocol may look like.

E-mail i reklamstrategier: en fallstudie av ett företag i resebranschen

Att företag sänder delar, eller majoriteten, av sin reklam genom E-mail är något som blivit allt vanligare de senaste åren. Fördelarna med E-mailreklam är många, det ger till exempel företagen möjligheten att på ett mycket kostnadseffektivt sätt sända antingen stora utskick av liknande meddelande till breda kundgrupper, eller att personifiera och rikta erbjudandena speciellt mot en mindre grupp. Positivt med reklam genom E-mail är dessutom att det ger mottagaren möjlighet att direkt ge respons. Ämnet är dock fortfarande att betrakta som relativt nytt och även om fördelarna är många så är det också att förknippa med stora problem, exempelvis spam. Syftet med detta arbete har varit att öka kunskapen om hur konsumentföretag använder sig av E-mail i sin reklamstrategi..

Reklam i din bästa vän? : en jämförelse av uppfattningar av reklam genom E-mail respektive SMS

The work with this paper began with a belief that the permission aspect plays acrucial part when it comes to consumers perceptions of marketing through E-mailand SMS - especially when it comes to advertising that is received through a devicethat the consumer has a strong personal relationship with. The questions to beinvestigated was: "How do users of computers and mobile phones feel aboutadvertisement received through E-mail and SMS?" and "In what way does the usersrelationship to the computer or mobile phone affect how they feel about theadvertisement?". The study was based on a questionnaire as well as an analysis of theresponses in combination with previous research on the subject.The results showed that the majority of the respondents from this papers surveywere found to have a negative attitude toward advertisement through both E-mail andSMS. However, the respondents turned out to have a slightly higher tolerance foradvertisement through E-mail than towards advertisement through SMS.

Navigeringsprogram för postutdelare

This thesis is developed by Posten Åland AB in order to simplify the work of agency staff when distributing mail in rural areas. In my thesis I have developed an application to help automotive mail dispensers. The need for such an application exists, especially during the summer but at other times when ordinary dividend cannot run his route. With the help of a PDA and a GPS the mail dispenser should see where the next stop is and what is to be delivered thereThere already was a directory of mailboxes and the addressees and the coordinates of the mailboxes. Using this, I will implement functionality to retrieve a specific route and plot those coordinates on the map..

En applikationsinfrastruktur för massutskick av e-post

In today's society it is becoming more and more important with direct marketing. Some of the direct marketing is done through E-mail, in which companies see an easy way to advertise himself. I did this thesis work at WebDoc Systems. They have a product that creates web documents directly in your browser, also called CMS. The CMS has a module for sending mass E-mail, but this module does not function properly and WebDoc Systems customers are dissatisfied with that part of the product.

Intern e-mailkommunikation på Akademiska sjukhusets röntgenavdelning : en kvalitativ intervjuundersökning

Purpose of the essay: The purpose of the essay is to, from the view of the nurses working at the x-ray infirmary; see how the internal E-mail communication is working as the main digital communication method at the x-ray infirmary.Material/Method: The material has been collected using qualitative interviews with eight nurses working at the x-ray infirmary. The material has then been analyzed through a theoretical perspective based on The Media Richness theory.Main results: The results of the investigation have shown that the nurses see the internal E-mail communication as relatively poor. The information that is sent out by their superiors is often too extensive, this making the screening work an extra work burden. These E-mails are also supplied to the whole infirmary instead of being addressed to specific individuals. Seen through a media richness perspective, the E-mail is a mediumrich communication medium that well could be used in the everyday communication at the infirmary as the main communication agent.

HEJO MAIL : HTML och CSS för email

?HEJO MAIL ? HTML och CSS för email? handlar precis som titeln antyder om användandet av HTML och CSS för att utforma e-postmeddelanden och är en undersökning över vilka standarder som finns eller åtminstone borde finnas. Viktiga fraser vid informationssökningen har varit ?Html Email?, ?Email Standards? och ?Email Programming?. Resultatet är tänkt att appliceras på HEJO MAIL, som är en applikation för utskick av nyhets- och informationsbrev som idag inte fungerar fullt ut.Resultatet är något förvånande då standarder specifikt för email saknas och har ersatts med rekommendationer, resultatet innefattar en sammanställning av rekommendationer från tre olika källor som valts ut.

E-post och internkommunikation : en studie av upplevelser kring användandet av ny kommunikationsteknik

Purpose/aim: To investigate individual experiences of how a new communication technology, E-mail, influences a) the structure of the internal communication ? does it for example make networking any easier? ? and b) the form of the persons everyday language.Material/method: A theoretical framework gathered through a literature study and empirical data gathered through interviews with two persons.Main results: Differences and similarities exist between the experiences studied in this paper. The most unexpected result is that the system of E-mail does not seem to be able to create new channels of communication. If anything, it reinforces the structure that already exist. An aspect of decisive importance is the original rules and norms concerning internal communication within the organization..

Enkätundersökning om skogsägare inom Norrskogs upptagningsområde

The purpose of this report is to find out what different preferences forest owners have in the region where Norrskog have their operation area, what they prefer and think about Norrskog. The purpose is also to compare some of the questions to a similar study that was made in 2008. The study is made in cooperation with Norrskog which is a forest owner cooperative. Norrskog has about 13 000 members which is about half of all forest owners in the region. To get the answers from the forest owners, questionnaires were sent out by mail. 371 were sent out and 102 came back. There were more members of Norrskog that responded than it was nonmembers. The results indicate that the forest owners have long term perspectives, their priorities are to nurse the forest so they can get the profit later on.

Bedragarretorik : En retorisk analys av scam-mail

Every big scam starts with a small invite. You are about to face the inconvenient accusation of you being responsible for your own loss. At least, this was the case for the seller of ?Macbook Pro 15? 2.4 intel-core, 4GB, glossy? in early December 2010.This thesis is breaking apart the comfort zone of being a victim, suggesting we want to be betrayed. Although the ?victim? has detected a risk, his wish to beleive that the affair is what it?s told to be, nourishes the betrayal that can proceed.

Nyhetsbrev för e-handeln : Vad man bör veta när man designar nyhetsbrev för modebranschen

This thesis gives the reader an understanding for newsletters within e-commerce, and how to work with them as a channel for marketing. Furthermore it explains the technical and graphical demands, and how to ensure that the newsletter reaches the intended receivers.A successful newsletter can entice people to shop, but can also help to strengthen a brand and the relationship between the customer and the company. During the writing of the thesis, it has emerged that the most important part of a newsletter (which also determine whether or not the receiver reads the letter) are the subject heading, sender, layout, headlines,images and the deregistration link.A part from working with the different parts of the letter, the sender should also be aware of the technical and graphical demands. Since the E-mail clients are looking out forimages, fonts that are not embedded in the computer, and for questionable words there?s a big risk for ending up in a spam filter when not considering the demands.

De nya musikvaktmästarna En studie om hur skivbolag och artister ska kommunicera effektivast med musikbloggare

Titel: De Nya Musikvaktmästarna ? En studie av hur skivbolag och artister ska kommunicera effektivast med musikbloggareFörfattare: Niklas Axelsson och Damir VojvodicKurs: Examensarbete i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap.Institution: Institutionen för journalistik, medier och kommunikation, Göteborgs universitetTermin: Höstterminen 2011Handledare: Jakob BjurSidantal: 33 Sidor inklusive bilagaAntal ord: 9 251Syfte: Syftet med denna studie är att ta reda på hur en musikbloggare tänker och fungerar kring nyhetsvärdering.Metod: Kvalitativa mail och telefonintervjuerMaterial: Fyra mail och telefonintervjuer med utvalda svenska musikbloggare som harstor följarskara.Huvudresultat: Att veta vad man som musikbloggare ska publicera för att tillfredställasina läsare samt locka flera läsare är essentiellt för bloggens överlevnad.Musikbloggarna får ständigt in material från olika skivbolag för att just de vill synas.Många av de informanter som skickar mail till bloggarna går fel tillväga. Personlighet, relation och tillit är väldigt viktigt för att kunna upprätthålla en kontinuerlig kommunikation mellan musikbloggare och informant. Stora mail med onödigt mycket text ses som ett desperat försök att måla upp ett dåligt material för att det ska se bättre ut än vad det är. Även professionalitet och kvalitet är otroligt viktigt för att musikbloggaren ska få tillit för materialet.

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