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Kundlojalitet inom svensk herrelitfotboll : En studie i samarbete med IF Elfsborg

ABSTRACT Author: Johan PetterssonTitle: Customer Loyalty in the Swedish men's elite football - a study with IF ElfsborgPurpose Increase understanding of how to increase customer loyalty when it comes to Swedish elite football. Method A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews for deeper access to the what the people I interviewed feel about the subject. The interviews are conducted with IF Elfsborgs club president Stefan Andreasson, Goran Lohne who works with media and events, and Eric Sjölin who are supportercontact. In addition to those I alsointerviewed the supporters club Guliganernas President Anders Hultin. Analysis and conclusion The first impression and attitude is very important when a person goes from a one-timebuyers into loyal customers. This is both the theories and the interviewees opinion. Through staff training and records of how the club would like the first impression and attitude to be the clubs can reach a good level of first impression. Suggestions for further researchTo carry out similar studies on additional clubs, other divisions and women's football and examine how a first impression and response should be.Keywords Consumer behavior, customer loyalty, sports, football and first impressions.

"Idioter", "mörka krafter" och fotboll : en studie av mediers rapportering om fotbollsrelaterat våld

AIMThis thesis purpose is to fill a knowledge gap of research into football-related violence and media. The objective is to create an understanding of how football-related violence is portrayed in the Swedish tabloids Aftonbladet and Expressen.METHODTo reach the desideratum we used a qualitative content analysis of 198 articles concerning football-related violence. To analyse the results we used theories regarding ?Framing?, ?the three ?I?s and the ?Stigma-theory?.MAIN RESULTSThe result from the initial analysis showed a heavy reliance on ?frames? by media outlets. This tended to make the news seem more sensational, dramatized and subsequently more readable than it otherwise would have been.

Miljön kring Dalarnas damfotbollsspelare : Vad påverkar deras möjligheter till utveckling?

2011 Praktik med examensarbete i idrottspedagogik inom Idrottsvetenskapliga programmet, 15 hpSofia Pettersson (2011). Miljön kring Dalarnas damfotbollsspelare ? Vad påverkar deras möjligheter till utveckling? (The environment surrounding female football players in Dalarna, Sweden ? What factors affect their opportunities to develop?) Bachelor Essay in Swedish. Umeå: Umeå university, Department of EducationThe following study investigated the environment in which female football players in the district of Dalarna in Sweden operate. The aim was to identify the elements that affect the players? ability to develop according to their own potential, values and differences.

Varumärken i idrottsgymnasiers marknadsföring - Vilka passar din idrott bäst?

The upper secondary school 2011 (Gy 2011) was a reform which created large changes in the Swedish educational system. One of the major changes was the requirement of certification for sport schools. Schools in Sweden have historically used sports in their marketing, this opportunity was impaired by the reform. This thesis aims to investigate how brands are applied on webpages of sport schools that are certified in football and/or cross-country skiing. Content analysis was used as method of data collection.

Idrottslig prestation och ekonomisk ställning : En sambandsstudie i fotbollsklubbar

Purpose: Examine if there is a connection between the athletic performance and the financial status in football clubs.Theoretical perspectives: This thesis is based on the theory that the modern football club is like every other company trying to maximize profit. The clubs should therefore use the same business strategies.Empirical foundation: The study is based on 25 observations over five years and five Allsvenska football clubs. The data is a compilation of the key ratios from the annual reports and the league table, years 2004 through 2008 in the clubs. Year 2009?s league table place is also included since tests have been done with one year?s displacement between the financial status and the league table.Conclusion:There is no correlation between solidity and the place in the league table in Allsvenska football clubs.There is no correlation between net profit and the place in the league table in Allsvenska football clubs.There is no correlation between equity and the place in the league table in Allsvenska football clubs..

Letandet efter en ny Zlatan : En kvalitativ undersökning av tv-programmet I Zlatans fotspår

The aim of this study is to find out how the tv-program I Zlatans fotspår (English: In Zlatan's footprints) broadcasted on Swedish public service television represent the participating young players and the Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovi?. Our question formulation reads as follows:?        How is the participating youths being represented in the tv-program I Zlatans fotspår??        How is the football player Zlatan Ibrahimovi? being represented in the tv-program I Zlatans fotspår? Our thesis is qualitative and in order to find out how the participants are being represented we used a discourse analysis. We have focused on the theories discourse, identity, representation, stereotypes, discrimination and the perspective social constructionism.

Skadeförebyggande träning inom elitdamfotbollen : Tränarnas fokus på att förebygga en främre korsbandsskada

This quality study was carried out with seven semi-structured interviews and five of them were with elite women´s football coaches. What has been studied is how elite women?s football coaches are working with injury prevention training to their knees for the women?s football players. An anterior cruciate ligament injury in elite women?s football is both common and serious knee injury.

Competitive Advantages in Professional Football Clubs - A Resource-Based Analysis

Title: Competitive Advantages in Professional Football Cubs ? A Resource-Based Analysis Authors: Daniel Grass, Mattias Holst, Bengt Jönsson Semester: Spring 2001 Supervisors: Leif Edvinsson, Allan T. Malm Problem: In order to be a successful football club, the management team has to consider a variety of business issues. Since money is having such an impact on the football industry of today, the financial status of the clubs sets the condition for how clubs are able to achieve their main objective, i.e. to be successful on the football field.

Aftonbladets/Sportbladets bevakning av det svenska herrlandslaget i fotboll : En jämförelse av EM 1992, EM 2004 och EM 2008

The aim of this master´s thesis is to investigate how Aftonbladet/Sportbladet is describing the Swedish national men team in football during the European Championship years 1992, 2004 and 2008. Reading over 200 articles gave me an excellent overview of the differences and similarities between the three chosen periods. The theoretical framework has three key terms which circulates around the paper. The terms are discourse, stereotype and national identity. Several results are presented and discussed; some are included in this abstract.

Från ?hög och fin? till ?se upp på Gerrard? : En kvalitativ textanalys med fokus på förändring i TV-fotbollsgenren

Abstract Our intent with this study was to find out what changes have been made during the last 30 years in the way that the media reports from certain events. We choose to study the world of football and specially the Swedish national team and it?s relationship to the Swedish television medium in the World Cup of 1974 and the World Cup of 2006. The study mainly focuses on the differences in commentary and in the production from both of the championships. We used Keith Selby and Ron Cowdery?s book How to study television and Mats Ekström and Lars-Åke Larsson?s book Metoder i kommunikationsvetenskap as tools to analyze the games we watched. The result showed that there?s been a lot of changes media wise between the two championships.

Uppfattningar om Futsal : En studie om futsal och etablering av idrott

Jonas, Buhr & David Nordin. (2011). Uppfattningar om futsal ? En studie om futsal och etablering avidrott (Opinions on futsal ? A study on futsal and establishing of sport) Bachelor Essay in Swedish.Umea: Umea university, Department of Education.AbstractThe study is based on an assignment from Vasterbotten Football Association that because of poorparticipation in futsal activities wants to find out what clubs, the coaches and players in Vasterbottenthink of futsal. The aim is to find out the opinions on futsal and what these opinions are based on.

Styrning i fotbollsorganisationer - byråkrati, klan eller marknad?

Nowadays the world of football has become more commercial than before. As a result of this the clubs' financial status is getting more and more important. Therefore the UEFA has given the national federations a specific task to make sure that the clubs from each country follow certain standards of maintaining the football credibility. The Swedish federation has decided that the Swedish clubs must follow the so-called ?elitlicensen?.


The aim of this study was to study how Swedish youth national football players handle stressful events in sports. A longitudinal questionnaire diary was constructed from a revised version of Nicholls and Polmans (2007) design with the intention of recording in-sport and psychosocial stress, choice of coping strategy and coping effectiveness. The participants were 59 Swedish youth national football players born 1992 observed during a four day national training camp held by the Swedish football Association. Data were drawn from a quantifying analyzing method. The main result showed that the most common stressors reported were, physical injury or pain, experiencing teammates or opponents to perform better and feeling generally insecure during training camp.

Kan Urban Computing influera Sport-IT? : En studie om nästa generations coachingverktyg

The Swedish government?s objective regarding information technology is to be world-leading in using the possibilities that digitization provides. In some aspects this has already been done, but in some areas much is yet to be accomplished. Although sports and recreational fitness activities are amongst the fastest growing areas of personal and consumer-oriented cloud computing-based technologies around the globe, there are areas within the genre that?s not evolving as quickly.

Cupsystemet : En kvalitativ fallstudie av en mobil webbtjänst

The thesis describes the following main question: Will the administrative labour during football tournaments be made easier with the help from a mobile web service or will it convey to unnecessary extra work? To be able to give a good and qualified answer to this question, the thesis will in the beginning describe how the technique for such a system might look like and also describe the existing administrative moments during a football tournament, this is too give the reader a deeper understanding for further reading. The thesis then goes on to describe a concrete system which is tested on three football tournaments. On the basis of the tests, interviews and through analysis of these the thesis will be able to answer our questions. The result which we present in the thesis have unfolded through testing of the system on three chosen football tournaments.

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