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AAA-protokoll : En jämförelse mellan protokollen RADIUS och Diameter

AAA-protokoll är ett protokoll som hanterar uppkopplingsförfrågningar och bokför använda resurser hos användare för att senare kunna ta betalt. Det kan användas för mer än detta så som att erbjuda uppkoppling till trådlösa nätverk. AAA-protokoll erbjuder en centraliserad punkt för administration av uppkopplingshantering och nätverksåtkomst.RADIUS-protokollet är det mest använda AAA-protokollet i världen på grund av sin flexibilitet och öppna standarder. Protokollet innehåller dock en del brister mot funktionalitet och säkerhet, så som att protokollet är svagt mot man-i-mitten-attacker. Diameter är uppföljaren till RADIUS och är det bättre av dem båda.

Förekomst och grad av osteokondros i distala radius och ulna hos konventionellt och KRAV-uppfödda slaktsvin :

The occurrence and degree of osteochondrosis was studied in 64 pigs raised in conventional systems (45) or organically according to KRAVs principles (19). In this blind study the growth plates of distal RADIUS and ulna were examined macroscopically and radiologically searching for pathological lesions. One significant difference was shown in this study. Conventionally raised pigs diagnosed with osteochondrosis had more severe lesions in the distal growth plate of RADIUS and ulna than the corresponding group of pigs raised organically. No significant difference was shown between the groups when all pigs were included. .

Väderövervakning med övervakningssystemet Uni-View

Företaget RADIUS Control Systems AB sysslar huvudsakligen med utveckling och underhåll av SCADA applikationer. RADIUS hade önskemål om att kunna visa väderinformation från en väderstation i RADIUS egna övervakningssystem Uni-View. Detta skulle ske via ABB: s styrsystem AC 800M/ 800xA, med en PM856 processor. Arbetet handlar om att upprätta kommunikation mellan en PLC och väderstation, och från PLC vidare upp till Uni-View. Rapporten behandlar hela arbetsprocessen med början från en prototyp till ett fungerande system.

Maskinduglighet på planlaserskärare

Lars Höglund AB is one of Scandinavia?s most qualified manufacturers of sheet metal products and provides custom designed products of very detailed precision. One of the main methods of manufacturing is laser cutting. When Lars Höglund AB signed up a new customer, with high demands in tolerances for the products, Lars Höglund AB thought it would be necessary to know the capability of the laser cutting machine. Also the process of how to retrieve this capability was interesting. The capability will be researched for the following elements: Cutting right angles in squares with a corner RADIUS of 1 mmCutting corners which are not right angleCutting of circles with constant RADIUS Measurements were made on 150 pieces of sheet metal details, which had been cut out by the machine.  The data from the measurements where later used to study the capability.

Ipsilateralt vaskulariserat ulna autograft vid behandling av osteosarkom i distala radius hos hund : en fallstudie

Limb-sparing surgery aims to provide a functional pain free leg for the patient after removal of a local tumour in the leg. Reasons to perform limb-sparing instead of amputation can be arthrosis or hipdysplasia or other problems with the locomotor apparatus that makes the patient unsuitable for amputataion. Owner reluctance to amputate is another reason for limb-sparing. This master?s thesis is a case study of a dog with an osteosarcoma in its distal RADIUS. The dog was treated by a limb-sparing method that uses the ipsilateral ulna as a vascularized roll-over autograft.

Montagemetoder för axel och rotor

At ABB LV Motors in Västerås the shaft is assembled into the rotor with a shrink fit. After athorough investigation of the assembly method, several factors that make the insertion of theshaft more difficult has been discovered. Some affect the assembly directly while others onlyhave an indirect influence. The investigation has shown that the radial play between the shaftsouter RADIUS and the rotors inner RADIUS might be too small which could lead to anunsuccessful assembly. For the larger rotors, the condition is the opposite, and the rotor mightmove compared to the shaft direct after the assembly when the rotor still is warm.

Plantinventering och plantkontroll med digitala bilder från helikopter :

This study was carried out as a commission from Holmen Skog, district ?Egen skog? in Norrköping. During October 2006 several stands were inventoried by aerial photos from helicopter. The stands were those for which the next action proposed was plant inventory or plant check. The photos were interpreted and the number of stems was calculated.

En jämförelse mellan traditionell RTK och nätverks-RTK på uppdrag av Skellefteå kommuns lantmäteriavdelning

I denna rapport beskrivs det hur man har valt att lösa en dot1x-implementation på en Cisco 3000 switch. I rapporten återfinns konfiguration och egna tankar om dot1x. Rapporten innehåller även en guide om vilka kommandon som kan vara bra att använda sig av vid en dot1x-konfiguration. Funktioner och annan användbar information som rapporten handlar om är Dot1x, EAP, Autentiserings Server, Authenticator, Supplikant, MAB, RADIUS, Mac-Format, Host-mode och Vlan..

Implementering av dot1x i Cisco-miljö

I denna rapport beskrivs det hur man har valt att lösa en dot1x-implementation på en Cisco 3000 switch. I rapporten återfinns konfiguration och egna tankar om dot1x. Rapporten innehåller även en guide om vilka kommandon som kan vara bra att använda sig av vid en dot1x-konfiguration. Funktioner och annan användbar information som rapporten handlar om är Dot1x, EAP, Autentiserings Server, Authenticator, Supplikant, MAB, RADIUS, Mac-Format, Host-mode och Vlan..

Comparison of bird communities in stands of introduced lodgepole pine and native Scots pine in Sweden

The introduced lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) occupies more than 650 000 hectares in Sweden. There are some differences between lodgepole pine and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) forests which could affect bird assemblages, for example differences in canopy density and ground vegetation. Birds were surveyed in 14 localities in northern Sweden, each characterized by one middle-aged stand of lodgepole pine next to a stand of Scots pine. The two paired stands in each locality were planted by the forestry company SCA at the same time and in similar environment to evaluate the potential of lodgepole pine in Sweden. In those 14 localities, one to three point count stations were established in both the lodgepole pine and the Scots pine stand, depending on the size of the area.

Med hunden i fokus - en metod att identifiera hundars användningsområde utifrån det postkraniala skelettet

AbstractThis is a study of present day dogs with the purpose to establish a method to investigate archaeological dogs and determine their use in the past. The study has focused on measurements of five bone elements, scapula, humerus, RADIUS, ulna and femur. A principal component analysis has been applied in order to decide which measurements to be further used in the analysis. Different proportions have been calculated on these measurements.A test to try the method has also been done on bones of a wolf and a dog without known background. The results from the different elements are positive, and they narrow the field down to two dog types of which one is more likely to be true than the other.The final results show that, although over lapses between the four different dog groups; hunting dogs, guard/work dogs, sled dogs and shepherd's dogs exists, it is possible to distinguish different dog usage from the proportions of the bones..

En uppsats om hur golfklubbar kan anpassa sig till den individuella golfaren

Since 2005, the number of golf members in Swedish golf clubs has declined. This is a major problem for many golf clubs since it can lead to over establishment of golf courses. This essay is about how golf clubs in North West Skåne, the second golf densest area in the world, work to maintain their members. The sample consists of eight golf clubs which have been geographic delimited by a 30 km RADIUS out of Helsingborg. The research is based on qualitative interviews with the manager of each golf club.

Levbart transportsystem i Uppsala

In this thesis a transport system is sought after thatif realised in the city of Uppsala could provide bothwell-being to all its inhabitants and sustainability,here jointly refered to as liveability. It is found thatthe car dominated transport system that is inoperation today provides two fundamental values,namely accessibility in both time and space, whichsets it apart from other transport solutions. Thesetwo values are of immense importance for theliveability in our modern world. On the other handthe car dominated system decreases the liveabilityof Uppsala in several different ways. Some of theseproblems, it is argued, could be solved within thecar system, through the adoption of moreenvironmentally friendly cars etc., but otherproblems are inherent in the car system and willremain no matter what changes are made.

Snabb och säker roaming i WLAN

This thesis investigates how Ericsson AB should do to achieve fast and secure handover when roaming in a WLAN. It also provides a security analysis of the system that the wireless access point is part of. The reason for this is that Ericsson is selling an access point called the ABS 2200 aimed at the public hotspot market. The premise was that they wanted a standardized way of handling the roaming issue. At the outset the 802.11F standard looked like a good alternative (in fact the only standardized alternative).

Patientens upplevelse av smärtbehandling efter operation av distal radiusfraktur med perifer nervblockad

Syftet med studien var att utvärdera patientens upplevelse av den postoperativa smärtan och behandlingen av denna när den perifera nervblockadens effekt avtagit efter operation av distal RADIUSfraktur. Metoden som använts är en empirisk kvantitativ deskriptiv enkätstudie. Tjugo patienter deltog i denna pilotstudie. Demografin stämde väl överens med de statistiska data, som visar att distrala RADIUSfrakturer är vanligt förekommande hos kvinnor i åldern 55 år och äldre. Resultatet av studien har påvisat att många patienter har upplevt mer smärta än vad de själva varit beredda på.

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