IPad i sfi-klassrummet

Illiteratas tankar och upplevelser av iPad vid läs- och skrivinlärning.

The study aims to investigate what the iPad in SFI education means for the individual when it comes to becoming literate from having been illiterate. The focus of the study is on reading and writing in combination with individual motivation and opinions on iPad as a teaching tool.The study is based on interviews of three illiterate participants of sfi. The interviews give an idea of the individuals´ attitudes to the iPad and whether they think they learn to read and write with the iPad. The study also discusses what the participants think they cannot learn with the iPad.The study also includes two interviews with teachers, which aims to broaden and nuance pictures of how the iPad works in the classroom. Even the teachers' perceptions of the iPad as a teaching tool are examined. In addition, classroom observations are made to further ensure the participants' opinions, thoughts and work with the iPad.The results show that all three participants believe that they learn to read and write more quickly with the iPad than without. All three have great motivation to use the iPad, but have different endurance of how long they can work with it. All three consider, however, iPad as only a tool and highlight communication with the teacher as more important, because then they can ask, be given explanations and know why they make certain errors.The teachers have different approaches and different perceptions of students' use, and also what they themselves use the iPad for. However, they believe the iPad to be a good teaching tool that allows for individualization. The observations confirmed what the participants expressed.The study gives reason to argue for many benefits in term of iPad in the classroom. A good app promotes learning and the special needs of an illiterate, both in terms of letters, words, pictures and symbols.Even good pronunciation is promoted by the use of iPad as critical information can be given repeatedly, an indefinite number of times any time during use.


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