Granskning av Solibri Model Checker - En Svenskanpassning

Ja?mfo?relse av tva? egenkontrollsystem

The building industry are currently going through a huge alteration. The introduction of BIM (Building Information Modeling). Which also implements a lot of new ways of solving problems that building modeling can cause. This report is written for Uppsala University in cooperation with Temagruppen in Uppsala. However, it contains a comparison between two different systems that checks building models. Temagruppen invested in a new Swedish adaptation of a software called Solibri Model Checker. This Software controlling the availability in building models, it also introduces a new way of interaction between different instances during a building project. The definition of the report is availability in public buildings. A building model has been designed in Revit, then imported to Solibri Model Checker who controls the availability and creates a report of certain design fault. Interviews are given to get a look into how the work with availability controls currently works at Temagurppuen. This results in a discussion of benefits and disadvantagesof the two different methods. The result finally shows that certain work can be more effectively done with Solibri Model Checker. But availability contains more than just disabled impairment. Visual- and cognitive impairment can?t still be controlled by just a computer software. 


Emil Johansson

Lärosäte och institution

Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik


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