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"Evolutionen är ett syfte" : en studie av elevers världsbilder angående evolutionsteorin

In this thesis swedish Students? worldsviews, in relation to the theory of evolution, were studied. Thirty Students from two different schools and cities took part in the survey and four Students were later chosen for interviews. The results showed that there are many different types of Students and categories in this matter. The study also showed that for some religious Students, accepting the theory of evolution was not difficult thus showing that religious Students can both believe in God and in the theory of evolution..

En skola för alla : På vilket sätt blir elever med fysiskt funktionshinder bemötta av elever och lärare?

AbstractThe purpose with my study was to find out how Students with physical difficulties are treated in school by teachers and other Students and also if there are any differences between how teachers and Students treat Students with physical difficulties. I also wanted to see if there were any prejudices against Students with physical disabilities from either Students or teachers. If there are any prejudices, I wanted to know what kind it is that exists. When I went to school, I remember that I looked down on the Students with physical difficulties because they were different. When I have been working in school as a teacher, I have seen Students who pull away from Students with difficulties.I chose to do the study at a higher grade school, because I have not been in such a high grade in school during my practice.

Gyllene snittet och Fibonaccis talföljd

The purpose of this investigation was to find out more about Students? spontaneous ideas about properties and transformations of matter. Examples of matter chosen are such which Students know about from everyday life and focus is mainly on the questions if Students know that all matter has weight and that matter is preserved in transformations.The method used is semi structured qualitative interviews with individual Students. Different experiments were carried out together with the Students who afterwards were interviewed. However, the Students show varying answers and no generalizations can be done.

Informationssökning en del i vuxenutbildningen. En studie av vuxenstuderandes informationssökning i olika studieformer

The purpose of this essay is to investigate adult Students information seeking. We draw a distinction between traditional timetabled studies, flexitime studies and external studies. For many adult Students flexitime studies and external studies involve a new kind of studying. The new types of studies entail that adult Students must apply themselves to more information seeking. In our study we investigate how the Students proceed when seeking information.

Perspektiv på svensk skola - fem framgångsrika invandrarelevers erfarenheter och tankar

This is a qualitative analysis based on interviews with five Students, aged 17-19, all with an immigrant background and with a history of being successful in their school work. The Students were interviewed twice with an interval of 1 to 1.5 years. The main purpose of this essay is to learn more about these Students? experiences and to understand their conceptions of being Students in the Swedish school system. Another aim is to put focus on the chosen target group, since it is a category of Students that seldom gets attention in media or research.

Studenters användande och upplevelse av informationsdiskens tjänster. En användarundersökning vid ett universitetsbibliotek

The aim of this master thesis is to study the Students usage and experiences of the reference services at the university library at Linköping University. The four questions that I seek answers to are: - What kind of help do the Students most often ask for at the reference desk? - To what extent do the Students use the reference services for their studies? - What are the Students experiences of the help they receive at the reference desk? - What are the Students experiences of the treatment they receive from the librarians at the reference desk? I have studied literature that describes reference work and evaluation of reference work. I have also studied Christian Grönroos theory of service quality. I have distributed questionnaires to Students at Linköping University.

Undervisningsmetoder för elever med autism : En studie av pedagogers metoder med avsikt att utveckla lärandet för elever med autistiska syndrom

This essay talks about how teachers in schools are working with a particular focus on Students with autistic syndrome. The aim is to investigate the methods used for these Students, who develop their learning and achieve the goals of the school. The methods that were used in this study were two interviews in two different schools in central Sweden where teachers and professionals were interviewed. One part of the study was to compare both schools to see which methods they used and when they used them. My interest for autistic Students started during my practice in a school.

Feedback : Ur ett elevperspektiv

AimThe purpose of the survey was to see how Students relate to feedback in physical education. The aim was also to find out how Students like to receive feedback (written, oral or timing). The survey will also specify what kind of feedback the teacher provides.QuestionsHow do Students react to feedback?How do Students want to receive feedback?What kind of feedback do the Students receive during the lessons in physical education?MethodThe method used in this study was qualitative group interviews with an observation before the interviews. The school that participated was my placement school during my teachers program and it is located in a suburb south of Stockholm.

Bibliotekariestudenter - informationsnissar eller kultursnubbar: vem söker till bibliotekarieutbildningarna i Lund och Umeå, och varför?

This thesig will portray the different types of Students at the programs of library studiesin Lund &d Umeå.The study is based upon quantitative information gathered from a survey, which wasdistributed to first-year Students in Lund and Umeå. The survey was followed by qualitativeinterviews with four Students, and with the director of studies from each school.The study shows that the programs, as we11 as the Students, are very similar, althoughthere are some minor diferences. It seemed that the Students at Umeå were moreinterested4n culture than those at Lund.A certain connection between the aim at information and the ownership of a computercould be detected. The sex of the Students played a major part in their choice of education.The attractors and facilitators, used by Lortie in his study, could also be appliedto the Students at the program of library studies in our thesis..

Uppsala Kommuns arbete för en minskad boendesegregation

We have done a qualitative and quantitative study about math problems on second­ary school Students. The study is based on the diagnosis, treatment and training of teachers, about Students who have math difficulties. The aim of this work is to obtain teachers ?perceptions about Students? diagnosis, treatment / improvement and continuing education for Students who have math difficulties. By having interviewed various teachers through surveys we have received answers to their concerns about the diagnosis, treatment and the importance of continuous training of teachers on Students? mathematics difficulties.

Studenters val av bank : demografiska skillnaders påverkan på konsumentbeteenden vad gäller banktjänster

Students today, in the banking system, are the least loyal group. Students are also the most costly group due to the large investments, made by the banks, for them. Banks have generalized all Students in one category and have adapted their offering regardless of Students? social statues. As the Students banking needs are dependent on their position in their lifecycle, generalizing them in one group is not optimal.The aim of this thesis is to investigate those factors which influence Students? choice of bank.

Svensk kulturmiljövård : angeläget. tillgängligt och användbart för alla?

The aim of this thesis is to explore from a cultural diversity perspective, Students 'views on teachers' leadership styles in the classroom and what style of management Students prefer. The study uses a qualitative methodology to interviewed focus groups of Students consisting of a total of twelve Students at a secondary school in Botkyrka municipality. The corpus was divided into three different groups. Overall, results showed that Students seem to prefer an intercultural situational leadership style. This is based on the Students expressed need of wanting to be understood on the basis of their cultural background.

åååååÅÅÅÅÅ TEMPO!! : En studie kring studenter och dryckesvisor

The aim with this essay has been to see how Students use drinking-songs and what function they have. I have also wanted to see how the traditions are carried on between the Students. In order to do this, I have been observing three parties organised by three different student associations at Växjö University: Västkustens nation, Föreningarnas Festeri and Isterbandet. I have interviewed five people that have been attending the dinners. I have used Alan Merriam?s theory of use/function and made interpretations of his theory.

Resursskolans betydelse för eleverna

Students who regularly cause trouble in school, how can they learn anything? That is what we asked ourselves after having visited a special school for ?troublesome Students? (in Swedish resursskola). Our main purpose has been to find out how these Students have experienced the help they have been given in those schools.We have interviewed Students, parents and a social worker in order to find out if the alternative pedagogical methods used by those schools give the Students better opportunities to perform their schoolwork. The interviews have been made two or three years after the end of their studies in compulsory school (grade 9). We have used a qualitative method with semi structured interviews and also an evaluation model.

Sen så kommer den och förklarar vid bänken; alltså bara för mig : Om elevers upplevelser av stöd och hjälp i matematik

The study's purpose is to describe Students' experiences of help and support in mathematics. To investigate this, I adopted the questions: What does it mean, according to the Students, to get "help and support in mathematics?" Are there differences in the description of help and support depending on the age of the Students? What different kinds of help and support do Students feel that they get from their math teachers? What different kinds of help and support would they like to have? The study is based on a qualitative method, group interviews, with three groups of Students, one from each stage of primary school in one municipality in Sweden. The Students were at the time of the interview in grade 3, 5 and 8. The interviews were analysed from a sociocultural perspective. The results show that what the Students primarily consider as the meaning of help and support it is to get individual support from their teacher.

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