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Tillfällig partiell isolering av limfärgsbemålat trä vid behandling med fuktbaserade metoder - en jämförande studie av cyklododekan och mentol

Uppsats för avläggande av filosofie kandidatexamen iKulturvård, Konservatorsprogrammet15 hpInstitutionen för kulturvårdGöteborgs universitet2013:12.

Slamfärger och dess miljöpåverkan

The paint market of today is a jungle whit an enormous range of different paint types; there all has different properties and different compositions, some with big influence on the environment and some whit less influence on the environment. It could even be difficult for an expert to always know what should be used on which surface and what would be the best out of the environmental point of view.This work is not intended as a total review of all the manufactures range of colours; only as a deeper dissertation about distemper paint in general, in particular Falu Red Paint. Whit focuses on the environmental issues.The work is especially for those who are ready to paint but don?t know what paint they should chose and people that has a interest in paint and environment, perhaps it also could be of interest for professional painters even when there probably isn?t any big news for them. The information is compiled from the Internet and downloaded brochures from the Internet..

Svårigheter vid färgundersökning av arkitekturbundet måleri Fallstudie: Färgundersökning av en lågerhuggen gördellist i södra valvet på Stockholms slott

This bachelor thesis discusses various difficulties with architectural paint research. The difficulties are exemplified through a case study ? a paint research on a furrowed string-course in the southern vault of the Royal Palace of Stockholm, which was carried out November ? March 2009-2010 on behalf of Statens Fastighetsverk. The paint research was made in order to receive information about the string-course and to get inspiration for a renewed color scheme on it. The base material of the string-course is Gotlandic sandstone and the surface of it is furrowed.

Layout för målerianläggning

AbstractThis project is mainly focused on how the company OGO AB can organize its warehouse so that they can store painted articles.The warehouse should include how many pallets it is needed for the paint shop. Our purpose is also to calculate the space that is needed for the new warehouse.It is important for OGO AB to know witch kind of trucks they need for the new warehouse that with be located between the production factory and the paint shop so that the transportation of article goes smoothly..

Ett rikare språk med bildmunta : Vad är ett rikt språk och kan bildskapande stimulera till ett rikare språk

A richer language when painting before speaking? ? What is a rich language and can painting stimulate towards a richer language?In this work I seek to answer two questions. What may a ?richer? language mean and does it become richer when the informants, as a preparation, paint what they are going to talk about in front of the class, than when they do not paint? This I try to do by studying earlyer research about how to measure the richness in languages and by analysing video recordings of speeches when the students in an sfi-class (Swedish for foreigners) painted or did not paint before the speech, and by analysing the richness in their language. The result is my own definition of what rich language is in this context, and a conclusion that painting stimulates the students to use more words and to use specific words that they need to bring the audience their message..

Att skapa nya rum : Roomservice - en annan form av marknadsföring

Due to the technical development the enterprises of today are forced to creative thinking when it comes to marketing of their products. An example of one of these new methods are the development of product placement which has come to an interesting turn namely advertiser funded programming (AFP). Instead of the product just being a small part of the storyline it has become the story itself. The purpose of this study is to analyse how the advertiser funded tv-production Roomservice, a Swedish home styling program, communicates with it?s viewers as well as how they perceive the message.

Vägen till en framgångsrik utlandsetablering : en studie av Akzo Nobel Nippon Paint AB:s etableringsstrategier

Establishment can be described in many terms. This term is about a company that is establishing on the European market. For many companies, this can appear as a difficult, time- and resource taking process but to advance and develop it is not enough to have a good position on the Swedish market. The company Akzo Nobel Nippon Paint AB, which this composition is about, has taken the risk to leave the home country and explore the unknown. The process was careful and long-termed but also profitable.

Nedfästning av oljemåleri på puts.En fallstudie från salongen på Mostorps slott i Halland

This thesis, designed as a case study, is about complications concerning conservation of a decorative oil paint on lime plaster from the drawing-room in Mostorp castle sited in the county of Halland in south-west of Sweden. The building was built 1878-80 with an exterior of granite. The interior walls were made of clay bricks, lime mortar and lime plaster. The oil paint is applied to a layer of putty. The combination of different materials, which are organic and inorganic, affects the movement caused by internal and external stress.

Ytbehandling baserad på hampolja

The varieties of paint are today very big, but many of the more popular paints are less than environmental friendly. The uses of fossilized fuel in paints are common because these paints dry fast and are color true. It would be beneficial for the environment if more renewable source were used to produce paint. Linseed oil is an old base for oil paints. It is renewable and easily procured.

Miljö i fokus - En studie av de bakomliggande drivkrafterna för den ökade miljömedvetenheten inom svensk kemiindustri

BACKGROUND & During the last century, the Swedish chemical industry has developedPROBLEM: considerably in regard to respecting the environment. Following various discharges and pollutions during the first half of the 20th century, environmental concepts such as CSR, Responsible Care and REACH have developed in order to improve the situation. Today, environmental issues play a central role in the society, but what are the reasons behind this increased environmental commitment? PURPOSE & The purpose of this thesis paper is to study the driving forces behindDELIMITATIONS: the increased environmental awareness in companies. Is this mainly due to stricter legislations, or do factors like pressure from the general public, the industry or customers play a more vital role? Furthermore, do economic incentives exist, that make it interesting for companies to invest in environmental awareness? Since the chemical industry spans over a wide spectrum in regard to environmental issues, this paper will focus on a specific area of the industry.

Barngruppens storlek i förskolan ? en kvalitetsfråga? : Sex pedagogers reflektioner

This research is about six pedagogue´s and their reflections about the size of the children´s group in the preschools. Then I will discuss the pedagogue?s recommendation on the significance of the size of a children´s group learning and development and it´s practical significance for the preschool function. The pedagogue?s statements will be discussed in relation to The Swedish National Agency for Education (TSNAE) guidelines on group size.The theoretical framework of this essay will take an overview of the social cultural perspective, the group size and its significance for both the children´s learning and development, for interaction and communication and TSNAE advice and guidelines.

Textstorlekens påverkan

Purpose;the purpose of this study is to investigate whether a product ad observer's purchase intention, perception of product quality, brand image perception and price perception is affected depending on the size of the text that was used in the ad to communicate the product price.Methodology;the study was conducted using a quantitative method through a survey. The implementation of the study has been done by using three variants of the same suit ad where the three different variants have been manipulated on the text size on the price information, by reduced / increased the text size. The implementation has also been carried out using two different ad sender, with three ads for each sender.Result and conclusion;the text size on the price of a product ad mainly affects the observer's price and quality perception, where the small text will have a positive effect on quality perception and a negative effect on the quality perception. Even brand image changes depending on the text size where small text will have a positive effect..

Lokalt glättade ytor på matt oljemåleri - tre metoder som kan regenerera ytstrukturen

Uppsats för avläggande av filosofie kandidatexamen iKulturvård, Konservatorprogrammet15 hpInstitutionen för kulturvårdGöteborgs universitet2014:01.

Äggstockens normala storlek och struktur hos tik :

There are only a few published studies on the normal variation in ovary size in bitches. All of the previous studies have been made on the beagle breed. This study was performed on indian street dogs with the objective to measure ovaries and structures in the ovaries after ovariehysterectomy to decide if smaller dogs have smaller ovaries and how small and big they can be in the normal dog. The structures (follicle and corpus luteum) where also measured to get a maximum size for normal structures in the bitch. This information can be valuable when examining the ovaries of the bitch with ulstrasound.

Födoval hos juvenil piggvar (Psetta Maxima) : effekter av bytesstorlek

The effects of prey size on prey choice in different cohorts of juvenile turbot (Psetta maxima)were studied in three nursery areas at Gotland. Prey length measurements showed that gobies(Gobiidae) increased in average length during the season, while mysids (Mysidae) did not.Experiments on predation capacity of different size classes of turbot on different size classesof prey showed that juvenile turbot easily can eat gobies that are up to two thirds of their ownbody length, while the body size of turbot does not have any effect on the predation capacityon mysids. Stomach content of 217 turbots, less or equal 35 mm, was analysed to see if therewas any change in diet during the season, but there was no significant change in diet. Theoverall conclusion was that early settlers most likely have an advantage due to greater accessof alternative prey..

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