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Global form av reklam och dess vetenskapliga debatt : En kvalitativ studie av fyra globala kampanjer

I?ve chosen primary to analyze commercial form of advertising by world leading companies; McDonald?s, Coca-Cola and HP due to their implementation of global advertising. The fourth campaign that?s being analyzed is not of commercial type instead it?s characterized as an informative campaign that the ideal organization Amnesty is carring out.  The study has been successful in gathering data that could be presented in correlation with already established theories and then comparing the results. The goal of the research is to create an understanding regarding global advertising as well as the scientific debate that?s going on within the subject.

Art and Advertising

The thesis examined whether there is a distinct boundary between art and advertising. The collected data showed how art and advertising are linked to each other and also differ from each other, in particular through the latter half of the 1900?s. What was happening in society came to have great impact on what happened in art and advertising. In postwar Germany, capitalism realism evolved from the German pop art where the art was removed from the art gallery and placed on the streets where the people were, in an era that was characterized by a gap between the rich and the poor.

Reklamprat: effekter på upplevt reklamvärde och köpintention

This thesis provides the first test of the effects of ?advertising talk?, i.e. comments, discussions and opinions about advertising. Despite its prevalence quantitative research on advertising talk has been scarce and this study is thus an attempt to fill in some blanks. Hypothesizing that advertising talk will enhance consumer-perceived advertising value as well as purchase intentions and that the effects are more pronounced for talk generated by consumers as compared to marketers, I use a fictional campaign to measure responses in an experimental study.

ÄPPLEN OCH PÄRON: Varför PR och reklam inte kan mätas på samma sätt

Inspired by the current debate over the effectiveness of Public Relations (PR), the authors of the following thesis have sought to analyze how PR and advertising differ in terms of how they affect consumers. The subject of the thesis was chosen due to the lacking knowledge of how PR shapes consumer attitudes and intentions. The authors wish to upset the institutionalized myths which dominate in the PR-business. One example of such a myth is that the effectiveness of PR can be measured by the number of press releases an activity produces and that PR?s superiority over advertising is due to its higher trustworthiness.

Är Grönt Skönt?: En studie om hur effekten av grön marknadsföring påverkas av förekomsten av miljöargument inom produktkategorin

Al Gore may have helped put global warming on the agenda. However, it is not a new subject. Neither is so called green marketing a new phenomenon within branding and communication. As more and more companies establish environmental strategies there exist beliefs that the environmental focus is becoming a triviality, which is the reason for this study. Implementation of words such as ?environmentally friendly?, ?green? and ?global warming? is becoming more and more widespread and frequently used within marketing communication.

Gerillareklam - överraskande effektivt: En jämförelse mellan gerillareklam och traditionell reklam

The consumer of today is bombarded by an increasing number of commercial messages, which makes it harder and harder for brands to cut through the clutter. Because of this, new methods are developed and introduced to the market every day. One of the most widely discussed of these methods is guerrilla advertising. Even though the method has received numerous praises there are not any academic proofs supporting these arguments. The authors, of this thesis, have examined if guerrilla advertising is more or less effective compared to traditional advertising and what the reasons for the result are.

Den globala uppvärmningen i skolans läromedel : En jämförande studie av sponsrade och förlagsutgivna läromedel

Today the talk about global warming and climate change are on top of the public agenda. There for schools and schoolbooks also debate the issue of global warming. A newcomer on the school stage is the sponsored school materials that studies show to be a growing phenomenon. In a debate like that of global warming which is filled with uncertainties and so much political and economic interest, I find it interesting to study how these schoolbooks talk about the issue.In my study I have tried to analyze and compare how school materials for primary school discuss the phenomenon of global warming. I have compared two different types of schoolbooks.

En argumentation om berättelser - En studie om effektivitet och reklamkapital för repetitionsstrategier

Despite narrative advertising being an increasingly popular strategy among brands today, little research has examined the different expressions of repetition variation strategy in comparison to its alternative, argumentative advertising. Still unexplained is whether the appreciation and recognition created from successful storytelling-based commercial campaigns is a result of execution or the format itself. This study aims to investigate four repetition variation strategies, three narratives and one argumentative, to determine which one is the most effective and also which one that generates the highest advertising equity. An experiment was conducted through exposing four groups of Swedish High School students to text-based advertising manuscripts customized after format, where each group was exposed to ads on two separate occasions. The result showed evidence of narrative advertising being easier to comprehend, which according to theory should lead to higher advertising effectiveness.

Reklamens värde: En kompletterande syn på advertising- och brand equity.

At several occasions, an important question has been brought forward within the world of advertising and media. This is the question of whether or not ?good? advertising should be encouraged by the media. The question has an origin in a belief that such advertising can create values not only for the advertiser, but also for the medium. Although this question has arisen in business media, and although many managers work from the assumption that such relationship exists, there are none or little proof that it actually does.

Om reklam på Facebook : En attitydundersökning bland ungdomar

This thesis deals with young people´s attitudes towards advertising on Facebook, which type they prefer and how it should be presented. The purpose of the essay is to offer advertisers a better knowledge concerning the Facebook users advertising preferences. This knowledge can be used to produce advertising with a higher chance of acceptance among Facebook users. The results have been collected by a quantitative survey and they are presented in statistic form. One of the main results was that young people wanted a more individual adapted type of advertising.

Kommentera och sprid. : En kvalitativ studie i reklamproducenters syn pa? viral reklam i Sverige.

The purpose of this study has been to examine a few Swedish advertisment producers opinions on the subject of viral advertising and especially the ethical aspects of hidden viral advertising. The specified purpose of this paper is to:To clarify the underlying reasons for the use of viral advertising.To clarify the advertising producers ethical views on hidden viral advertising.The essay is based on a qualitive research metod of an abductive nature where the empirical data is derived from interviews with three advertisment producers. Through a stratified selection method we contacted agencies that in one way or another uses digital solutions as an advertisment method. All interviews were conducted via the digital chat room Skype, one of the interviews were conducted with both picture and sound and the other two with audio-only.The following points are the essential conclusions of our study:Hidden viral advertising is seen as a rare promotional method in Sweden today, however, the viral-spread effect is more commonly used.The economic factors together with the spreading capacity of the viral advertising is contributing to one of the biggest reasons behind the use of viral advertising. In addition to these, viral advertising is seen as an effective way to stand out from traditional advertising.Viral advertising where the sender is hidden or unclear is always seen as unethical.

Användarens attityd till reklaminslag på webb-TV : En studie om hur användaren upplever reklam i ett nytt medium

The technological development contributes to an increase in advertising when it comes to media. Those who are working to develop advertising are constantly looking for new ways to reach consumers in unexplored contexts. Web TV is a relatively new technique that involves the distribution of television across the Internet. This study intend to investigate how users perceive advertising appearing on web TV, and contribute to the knowledge about how advertising adapt to new media. To reach the results of this study, we used quantitative data, collected in the form of web-surveys and qualitative data collected through semi-structured interviews.

Native Advertising - En Ulv i Fårakläder

Along with the increasing trend of online advertising comes an increasing avoidance behaviour from the observers. The marketing communication now requires a valuable content, which leads to the creation of new online advertising forms; including content marketing, advertorials, online ads and the latest rising star - Native Advertising. The last-mentioned also constitutes the basis and object of study for this paper. The purpose of this study is to shed light into this relatively unexplored topic and concretize the true effects. There are many examples of how Native Advertising is framed and implemented, but little hard facts and real figures.

Infographics i reklam - Om informationsvisualisering som metod i reklamkommunikation

This thesis examines information visualization, infographics, as a method of advertising. To answer the initial research question of what makes infographics an appropriate method for print advertising, a practical infographic-based advertising campaign has been designed. This, together with three other campaigns, has been the basis for an analysis focused on function, appeal and persuasion. The result tells us that there are benefits to using infographics for an advertising purpose, because the method can act both attention-grabbing and convincing, depending on how it is used and designed..

Ett pulshöjande reklammedium -Är det effektivt att exponera konsumenter för reklam i en gruppträningssal relativt i ett traditionellt reklammedium?

It appears that it has never been easier for the marketer to create and distribute advertising messages. The technical development has created new possible channels, which in addition to the traditional advertising media has resulted in consumers encountering loads of commercial messages every day. Unfortunately for the marketer, the overload of messages has contributed to an extensive advertising avoidance. This forces him to think outside the box in order to come up with attention-grabbing and innovative methods to reach out to consumers. This paper aims to examine if facilities for group exercise classes at fitness centres could be a potential advertising medium due to the unexpectedness of encountering advertising in those premises.

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