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Biblioteket som en språkplanerande institution: En studie av språkplanering på färöiska bibliotek.

This thesis is about language planning in Faeroese libraries as seen from the countrys specific situation, with Faeroese as a mothers tongue, but with great dominance of the Danish language within media. The purpose of my thesis is to examine Language planning activities within the library, and the consequences this planning has for the system. Different theories about Language planning provides a framework for my model of the library as a linguistic eco-system with actors performing status planning, represented by the government with its influence in cultural politics, the librarian with his or her library tasks and the user with his or her needs. The thesis has a qualitative attempt, and the empirical material consists of different documents about the country and materials from interviews made with seven qualified librarians, employed within general libraries in the Faeroe Islands. The analysis shows that the librarian in different ways promotes the Faeroese language within library activities, and because of the attention paid to the user in the public library he/she influences the librarians planning.

Att tala fritt är stort, att tala rätt är större - En komparativ analys av statens användning av språk som instrument i nationsbyggnadsprocessen i Ukraina och Kazakstan

This thesis is a comparative analysis of language policy in the Post-Soviet states Ukraine and Kazakhstan, wherein the states are seen as rational actors using language as an instrument in the nation-building process. With a take-off point in an underframe of theories on the nation, national identity, instrumentalism, power and the particular role of language in the nation-building process, this thesis shows that language is a key instrument used by the two states.The Ukrainian and Kazakhian language policies create and put across a certain image of the nation, by emphasising the titular languages as symbols of the new states. The line of argument in the language policy is a balance act between large-scale promotion of titular languages and a careful and inclusive attitude towards the Russian language. The biggest differences are that Ukraine, compared to Kazakhstan, has a more comprehensive and consequent language policy with a deeply rooted historic rhetoric. The most obvious instruments of the states in language policy is censuses, corpus-planning and the state choosing one official language..

Språkstimulerande arbete i förskolan

AbstractMy purpose with this essey is to study how they work in preschool whir language- stimulation. I will try a way to work with this trough intervjus whit teacher at preschool. My main questions are: Way dose teachers use language- stimulation? How dose teachers use language- stimulation when it comes to there way of working and methods? Do the teachers think that language- stimulation help the childrens development?To answer these questions I interviewed 6 teachers I central Sweden and used this as data. I have written about language, language- development in a biologik and theoretical aspect, teachers plan, language- stimulation, playing by language sounds and TRAS (early registration of language development) in my literary review.My result shows that working whit language- stimulation helps children in there language- development, it also develops there self-image and identity.

Exploateringsvilja kontra bevarandeambitioner avseende ?Lyckornas klimatiska kurort och havsbads-anstalt?

Title in original language: Exploateringsvilja kontra bevarandeambitioneravseende ?Lyckornas klimatiska kurort och havsbads-anstalt?Language of text: SWENumber of pages: 58.

Torslanda Utveckling Möjligheter Konflikter

Examensarbete/D uppsats 20 poäng programmet för fysisk planering vid Blekinge Tekniska Högskola.

Stadens arena - Lokalisering och funktion

Arbetet behandlar idrotts- och evenemangsarenors lämpliga lokalisering i staden i förhållande till dess funktioner och effekter..

Språkutveckling i förskolan : -en intervjustudie om pedagogers arbete med språkutveckling för barn

AbstractIn my work on language development in preschool the purpose was to examine how and to what extent the pre-school supports children with special needs in their language development. Trough qualitative interviews with four preschool teachers, I wanted to see how they work with language development in preschool. In the study, Main questions asked in the inquiry :How do teachers and support children?s language development?What techniques, resources and tools available to facilitate language development? The conclusion that I made from my inquiry is that the primary language stimulation methods teachers use to encourage children?s language development are rhymes telling, books reading and song singing based on active selection of pieces that match the children?s maturity level.And how they are using different language stimulation techniques Karlstad model, TAKK (Signs of augmentative and alternative communication) and TRAS (Early registration of language development) to promote children?s language development. Keyword: Language development, language stimulation, treatment, communication, methods..

Rothenburgsort - en urban trädgårdsstad

Stadsförnyelse i innerstadsnära läge. Utarbetning av en strukturplan för stadsdelen Rothenburgsort i Hamburg.

Husbåtar - framtidens boende med flyt

Examensarbete om moderna husbåtar med Sverige som utgångspunkt. .

Inkludering och språkutveckling i klassrummet för andraspråkselever ? utifrån ett lärarperspektiv

The purpose of this study is to investigate what five primary teachers in five different schools with many second language students have for an idea about inclusion, language development, practices and environment of the multilingual classrooms. In my study I discusses teachers 'views on the multilingual classroom, inclusion, development of language in a language developing classroom environment and the importance of language skills has for multilingual pupils' language development and learning of the Swedish language. The method used was unstructured interviews using a digital recording device. The results showed that for these five teachers, meeting second language learners was in there everyday teaching, while it is a challenge to motivate and support them on their level. The teachers work diligently to find a balance and a working classroom environment for the multilingual classroom where all students, regardless of conditions, background, experience, knowledge and language could be offered an equal opportunity to education. .

Vinterkvarter och sommarparadis - en fördjupning av översiktsplaner för Rälla och Stora Rör på Öland

Ett samrådsförslag till fördjupning av Borgholm och Mörbylånga kommuners översiktsplaner för orterna Rälla och Stora Rör..

Ett sökande efter stadsideal : En fallstudie om stadsideal i Karlstad

This study shows how city planners and politicians in Karlstad plans different parts of the city, what type of model/ city ideals they use when planning, and how it is expressed. The study was made using a qualitative method, were a discourse analysis was vital for the elected planning document and blog posts. Qualitative interviews were also made with five people with significant meaning, who hold different positions in the city planning of Karlstad. In the produced material, it appears that the city planners and politicians in Karlstad are planning for traditional city ideals as a foundation in the planning, with influence from new ideas as for example sustainable planning and economic growth. In some parts of the city a modern and rational planning remains.

Att säkerställa god språkutveckling i förskolan : En undersökning om hur pedagoger arbetar för att främja varje barns språkutveckling

The main purpose of this study was to examine how preschool teachers are working to promote each child's language development and whether they can ensure that they do that. Therefore I wanted to find out what a good language development implies for each teacher, how they work to promote each child's language development in daily practice, how they measure the actual language development and also what conditions the teachers have, to engage in a language development way to work. For the study, I chose a qualitative method, with structured interviews and all together I interviewed six preschool teachers, within the same organization in a suburb close to Stockholm.  The results showed that there is an ambiguity, among the preschool teachers, in what a good language development means, but it can be stated that they do have a language development way to work even if it needs to be developed. Further on, it has emerged that the teachers have the tools to measure children's language development, although they do not have the conditions yet to use the method to the fullest. About the preschool teachers own conditions in order to operate in a language development way to work, I concluded that they have a strong foundation to build on, but they still have much work ahead of them.

C# : Framtidens språk???

This paper is about the new programming language from Microsoft, C# (See Sharp) and the .NET Framework. They are still in beta-version, but will be released on the market in February 2002. This paper presents C#, not in detail but the characteristics that distinguish the language. A comparison is done with C++ and Java, since C# is most resembling to these languages. Both C# and Java have been developed from the mother- language C++.

Chalmers University of Technology

The Division of Language and Communication at Chalmers uses a web-based language tool, named EngOnline, to teach English grammar. The language tool suffers from some shortcomings. These include stability problems and an outdated interface but, above all, there is no documentation. Because of the lack of documentation and EngOnline?s need of maintenance, the Division of Language and Communication has decided to replace the language tool with a new and well documented one.The new language tool was developed using an agile work process; detailed documentation was replaced with more efficient communication.

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