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Journalistik i ett nytt medium : En studie av hur journaliststudenter på två universitet i Sverige använder Twitter

The aim of this study was to find out how Journalism students at two universities in Sweden, Gothenburg University and Linnaeus University in Kalmar, use the social networking service Twitter. We were primarily interested in whether the students are using Twitter as a journalistic tool, which includes gathering, production and distribution of material. The study focused on Journalism students because they soon will enter the working life and therefore can provide an indication of whether Twitter is a part of the future of Journalism. We have used theories of mass communication to describe the development in the area and explore how Journalism has adapted to this change. The study was conducted in the form of a survey in which the students answered questions about how they use Twitter and what they think about the social networking service.

Objektivitet i politisk journalistik : En studie i mediekommunikation

Abstract Mona Sahlin's dishwasher decides the election! Maybe. How Journalism portraits politics is at least not fully objective with focus on societal matters. There is also a change over time indicating an up-going trend of less objective Journalism. Other results of this case study indicates that politicians are more inclined to participate in Journalism than before and that politics presented as scandal is increasing.The aim of this study is to investigate objectivity in political Journalism over time. Using the quantitative content-analyses the study encoded 600 journalistic articles subjecting politics in the Swedish society.

Den tolfte spelaren : En kvalitativ studie av hejarklacksjournalistik i den svenska sportjournalistiken.

This study aims to gain greater knowledge about the phenomenon cheerleading Journalism and its existence in the Swedish sports Journalism. We did this by making an impact in the media debate, to thereby identify key aspects of cheerleading Journalism. These elements are then used to reach a preliminary definition of the phenomenon. This was followed by qualitative interviews with six Swedish sports journalists from newspapers Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter, with the aim to find out how they behaved the phenomenon. The results of the earlier debate and the answers from the respondents show that cheerleading Journalism is nationalistic, biased and seeks an inclusive effect on its audience.

Kulturjournalistiken idag : och hur rapporteringsfokuset ändras på dagstidningarnas kultursidor.

As our society moves into a more technical era, Journalism and the reporting of culture have had to follow. But where has that left the cultural critique, and journalist/reviewers, in our local newspapers? This bachelor thesis will try to map and explain the change of the cultural presentation in the local newspapers from the day it was firstly introduced as a genre in the modern journalistic world until today ? 1840 and onwards. Whether it has turned into complete tabloid Journalism or if it's methods are used to expand the knowledge about the cultural object, it shall be discovered with the help of an analysis of the cultural sections in some newspapers ? both from the last quarter of 2012 (October - December) and one date from two years prior to that.

Fredsjournalistik : - En kritisk diskursanalys av fyra svenska nyhetstidningars skildring av Georgienkriget i augusti 2008

The purpose of this essay is to examine how peace Journalism was expressed in Swedish newspapers´ reporting on the war in Georgia 2008. We did this by analyzing whether the reporting was elite- or people-orientated depending on how suffering was expressed and how the war players were described.The method we used was Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). It was applied on news articles from four Swedish newspapers that covered three different happenings in the war in Georgia.We found out that the reporting was mainly elite-orientated, both when it comes to how suffering was expressed, as well as how the war players were described. The newspapers tended to focus on only one party?s suffering and one party as evil-doer, which is elite-orientated reporting and also an indication of war Journalism rather than peace Journalism..

"Hela inlandet ligger ju i medieskugga" : Vilhelminabors upplevelser av lokaljournalistik

In the light of the problems the media industry are struggling with, local news reporting is only one of the challenges the news organizations are facing. When local editors is being moved to the cities the tie with the local community is being severed.The aim of this study has been to analyze how the inhabitants of Vilhelmina municipality talks about their experiences of local Journalism. With methodological inspiration from the Critical discourse analysis (CDA) this study examined the discourses of local Journalism, social media, Journalism's role and municipal policy. The theorectical framework consisted theories of media and democracy, convergence culture and discourse theory.The survey was conducted with four focus groups interviews. The focus groups were divided in different cathegories based on the participants experiences, ages and employment.

Inte för alla -­? En kvantitativ studie om journaliststudenters representation av allmänheten i Nicaragua

In our bachelor thesis we have strived to examine the representation of Journalism students in Nicaragua. The freedom of press is much lower compared to Sweden and the journalist profession is protected by a certificate. It is also a high level of corruption within the country. Our investigation concerns who has access to the journalist education and the goal is to compare that with the public in Nicaragua. To be able to examine the representation among the Journalism students we have chosen seven different aspects to examine, the sex of the student, witch social class they belong to, their academic background, religion, ethnicity, geographical belonging and political view.

?Varför går man inte hårdare fram?? En studie i krigsorienterad journalistik inom svensk public service.

Title:?Varför går man inte hårdare fram? ? En studie i krigsorienterad journalistik av Public Service från Ukrainakonflikten?Authors:Cemil Arikan, Staffan Florén Sandberg and Karl Henrik OlssonSubject:Undergraduate research paper in Journalism studies, Dept. of Journalism, media and communication (JMG) Gothenburg UniversityTerm:Spring 2014Supervisor:Mathias Färdigh, JMG, Gothenburg UniversityPages/words:48 pages/16701 wordsPurpose:The main purpose of the paper was to examine if and to what extent the conflict coverage of two Swedish public service news programmes from the ongoing Ukrainian conflict could be said to orientate towards either war or peace Journalism.Method:Quantitative and qualitative content analysisProcedure:News broadcasts from Rapport 19:30 and Dagens Eko kvart-i-fem, covering the Ukrainian conflict, over a period of two months, were analyzed from the normative perspective of Johan Galtung?s peace Journalism theory and Wilhelm Kempf?s theory of war and peace discourse.Results:Both Rapport and Dagens Eko were found orientating towards war Journalism. Reports were given, in a great extent, to events of violence and verbal threats.

Nyhetsjournalistik : En studie om Aftonbladets nyhetsjournalistiks möjligheter att leva upp till objektiv samhällsgranskning

The purpose of this study has been to find out what possibilities the journalists at the newspaper Aftonbladet have to live up to the proposed ideas and values that defines Journalism, as well as how these values are presented to the readers. With this as a starting-point we have studied what kind of society Aftonbladet presents to its readers as well as how this society is supposed to work and also what it`s like. To be able to answer this question we have first researched through theories and earlier studies, literature about Journalism, media science, semiotics, history and laws. With the help of the investigation we found fitting tools to perform the analysis. With the theory as groundwork we have, through the qualitative approach analyzed seven news articles from seven Aftonbladet newspapers during one week.Our study shows that the Afonbladet?s journalists have not been able to present occurrences in society in a correct and impartial manner - because they exaggerate insignificant details and neglect to show real attention to serious societal structures by using sensationalism, dramatization and a very superficial approach to the stories that they are conveying.

Twitter och nyhetsrapportering : En studie om Twitters roll för journalism och kommunikation

Since the emergence of social media websites as an established part of our society, the landscape ofcommunication has undergone dramatic changes. Especially in the field of Journalism, the impact ofsocial media websites, such as Twitter, has been the subject of discussions about the actual partsocial media play in communication and news reporting. The general opinion has been that socialmedia has revolutionized the way we communicate and that a shift in power is taking place as themasses now engage in, and affect, our societies way of spreading information. This study is acritical discussion about whether Twitter in particular, and social media in general, has affected thejournalistic field in the extent that many claim it has. By comparing theories about traditionalmedia, such as television and newspapers, with recent studies about Twitter, we conclude that it isto early to establish the role of social media.

Fint och fult i film : En studie av finkulturell och populärkulturell diskurs i svenska filmrecensioner

The discussion about high culture and popular culture in our society has been going on for decades. In few places is it as loud as within culture Journalism and the critics? society, where the question of what is good taste and what is dumb entertainment constantly gets brought to the surface. Film is a particularly vulnerable area, since it is such a universally appealing and rather young medium. In America and England several studies have been performed of the reviewing society and reveiwers? use of high and low art-discourse in their writing.

Kriget i Afghanistan - ett nödvändigt ont? : En kritisk diskursanalys av New York Times ställningstagande till och framing av kriget i Afghanistan

AbstractTitle: The war in Afghanistan ? a necessary evil? (Kriget i Afghanistan ? ett nödvändigt ont? En kritisk diskursanalys av New York Times ställningstagande till och framing av kriget i Afghanistan)Number of pages: 41 (41 including enclosures)Authors: Jenny Häggmark, Madeleine JanssonTutor: Christian ChristensenCourse: Media and Communication Studies CPeriod: Fall term 2011University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala UniversityPurpose/aim: Our main goal with this paper is to examine and describe how The New York Times have framed the war in Afghanistan in their editorials, and how their position on the war is reflected in the editorials. We are also interested in finding out if their position on the war has changed during the ten years of war. Are the New York Times editorials characterized by peace or war Journalism?Material/Method: To fulfill our aim with this paper we are going to use a qualitative method of content analyzes, the critical discourse analysis, when we analyze the editorials selected.

Krig och fred -080808 : Freds-, krigsjournalistik och propaganda i mediernas rapportering om Georgienkriget: en komparativ studie av Sveriges, Rysslands och USA:s press

Abstract Title: Krig och fred - 080808. Freds-, krigsjournalistik och propaganda i mediernas rapportering om Georgienkriget: en komparativ studie av Sveriges, Rysslands och USA:s press. (War and peace ? 080808. Peace Journalism, War Journalism and Propaganda in the Media´s Reporting on the Georgia War: a Comparative Study of the Swedish, Russian and American Press.)  Authors: Daniel Lövgren & Tatiana Makarova Tutor: Anna Roosvall Course: Bachelor Thesis: Media and Communication, PR Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to compare how the press in Sweden, Russia and the USA reported on the war in Georgia 2008.

?världens mest fruktade terrororganisation? en diskursanalys av rapporteringen om Islamiska Staten

Title: ?världens mest fruktade terrororganisation? en diskursanalys av rapporteringen om Islamiska Staten Author: Martin Landin Subject: Undergraduate research paper in Journalism studies, Dept. Of Journalism, media and communication (JMG) Gothenburg University Term: Autumn 2014 Supervisor: Gabriella Sandstig, JMG GothenburgPages/words: 34/16295Purpose: The purpose is to examine the discourses that characterize the news about the Islamic state (IS) in Swedish newspapers, and to study how these discourses are expressed. Method: Critical Discourse Analysis Procedure: 10 articles from Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet were analysed through Critical Discourse Analysis. Results: The analysed articles shows tendencies of orientalist discourse and of a propagandistic discourse which is a part of war Journalism..

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