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Yttrandefrihetens gränser : En prövning utifrån tre fall och tre teoretiker

Freedom of speech has been a well discussed subject. Great philosophers and theoretics like Plato, Voltaire, Locke and Mill have again and again showed the importance of Freedom of speech. Since the world have become bystanders to a series of events that can only classify as crimes aganst Freedom of speech, it has become more important to study the phenomenon and analyse it. By finding cases where the Freedom of speech has been compromised and analyse them in frames of three different theories, the argument of truth, the argument of democracy and the argument of tolerance, this paper makes the boundaries of Freedom of speech a little clearer, and also makes a discussion about how reasonable the boundaries are possible. Everything according to the three theories.

Säkerhetspolitik, Medborgare & Frihet

The terror attack in New York year 2001 was a turning point in international politics. New policies were reformed in both USA and EU to secure their citizens from terrorism. The power of the institutions has developed and the question is; how does the new security policy affect people?s Freedom? Is it the agencies new policies that are restricting the Freedom or the actions of a terrorist? The purpose of this study is to examine if the security policies in USA and EU are protecting their citizen?s Freedom. Many individuals are not aware of how much the security policies are affecting their lives.

Frihet ? dess innebörd och betydelse ? För patienter med ett palliativt omvårdnadsbehov utifrån sjuksköterskans perspektiv

Introduction: Palliative care is based on an active total care where the patient's independence and participation are included. Few studies have been based on a concept of Freedom in relation to this target group.Aim: The aim of this study was to describe the perception the nurse has about "Freedom" - its significance and meaning from an existential perspective for patients with palliative care needs.Method: A qualitative content analysis based on a narrated and written down text from focus groups with adequate examples. The starting point in the focus groups was to focus on existential issues in relation to patients near death. Based on the concept of Freedom, has the printouts been analyzed, categorized and codedFindings: Nature, identity, integrity and self-esteem are important aspects for our approach to Freedom but Freedom is also about existential questions where hope, reconciliation, Freedom and forgiveness are included.Discussion: Discussion: We all have our own definitions and meanings of Freedom. The largest and perhaps most important fullest Freedom is our inner Freedom - our own existential Freedom.

EU och informationsfriheten. En idé- och ideologianalys av informationsfriheten i EU:s datalagringsdirektiv 2006/24/EG.

This master?s thesis is about Freedom of information ideas in the European Union data retention directive, 2006/24/EC. The directive means that data about electronic communications services will be retentioned. The aim of the thesis is to examine what ideas related to Freedom of information that appear in the directive and how these ideas belong to the ideology of Freedom of information that is common within the library community and to the juridical restrictions. In the light of surveillance tendencies that have occurred over the last years, the most well-known is probably the USA Patriot Act, it is interesting to study how Freedom of information ideas appears when surveillance is legislated.

Rätten att fritt uttrycka sigoch rätten att inte bli kränkt : ett gränsdragningsproblem

Purpose/Aim: We have a right to Freedom of the press, but we do also have a right not to be exposed to slander, we have a right to not be insulted. A study about this rights and crimes in the swedish law.Material/Method: literature, Internet, cases, Commission of Inquiry's recommendation. A qualitative research methodMain results: There is a very strong Freedom of the press in the Swedish constitution. Mostly it stands immovable. The Freedom of press can be restricted in case of slander.

Ekonomisk frihet och nationers välstånd

This bachelor thesis examines the relation between countries? degree of economic Freedom and their economic performance. Economic Freedom as a concept is defined as the degree of market economy within a nation.The variable of measure that is used is the Frasier institute Economic Freedom of the world index (EFI). The paper is built upon the Solow growth model and is extended by incorporation of additional variables; among which of course economic Freedom. The study is performed through regression analysis, based on the neoclassical model both on rich countries, poor countries and on all investigated countries.Two investigations are performed: i) the impact from economic Freedom on countries level of GDP per capita and ii) the impact from economic Freedom on the growth rate in GDP per capita.The finding is that economic Freedom can be seen as a relevant determinant of differences in GDP per capita growth rates between nations.

Om man är fri, är man då lycklig? : En studie av begreppen frihet och lycka i Thomas Hobbes politiska filosofi

With a background in the 17th century?s English political events, but also the ideological scene of that time, the purpose of this essay is to analyze two concepts, Freedom and happiness, in Thomas Hobbes?s political writings. Hobbes is well known for his political works, mostly for Leviathan, where his thoughts about government and religion are exposed. But what does he say about Freedom? And what about happiness? The study shows that Hobbes?s political thought is quite original from this aspect too.

The USA Patriot Act : - en analys av debatten om frihet

This thesis takes a closer look at the USA Patriot Act and the literary debate that has followed the passing of that Act. The aim of the thesis is to define what Freedom is for the two opposing sides using McCallum's Freedom model.The literary analysis shows that the most common argument from authors who are pro Act is that in desperate times like these one must relinquish a part of the individual's Freedom to ensure the safety of the collective. Amongst those authors who are against the Act concerns are raised for the possibilities of abuse as a result of increased government power such as the ability to detain immigrants for long periods of time, surveillance and increased exchange of information between federal agencies..

"Boken är kvinnans ljuva hämnd" : Boven i mitt drama kallas kärlek av Unni Drougge och debatten av boken läst som en performance

With a background in the 17th century?s English political events, but also the ideological scene of that time, the purpose of this essay is to analyze two concepts, Freedom and happiness, in Thomas Hobbes?s political writings. Hobbes is well known for his political works, mostly for Leviathan, where his thoughts about government and religion are exposed. But what does he say about Freedom? And what about happiness? The study shows that Hobbes?s political thought is quite original from this aspect too.

Barns religionsfrihet i förskolan : En kvalitativ intervjustudie

AbstractMany opinions are divided on what religious Freedom should protect and the area is unexploredin preschool. Is it the parents, the child or preschool teacher right? The aim of the studywas to investigate Maria klasson Sundin´s concept and theoretical models of religious Freedomfor children through three Swedish preschool settings and also how three teachers interpretsand expresses children's Freedom of religion. Through a qualitative interview study theaim was to investigate how the concepts of religion, autonomy and Freedom is interpreted andexpressed by the teachers so a picture through this three concepts can categorise the teachersin a model; Freedom of thought, tradition and life interpretation model so a broader picturecan be made to understand how the children's Freedom of religion is expressed in the preschoolsetting and how the teachers work. The Result showed through the analysis that themodels fail to categorise the teachers in any theoretical model but on the other hand the understandingof preschool teacher?s expression and interpretation of the concept of religion,autonomy and Freedom showed both diversity and lack of knowledge on the subject mattersreligious Freedom which fall within the child rights issues.

Svensk yttrandefrihet i ett EU-perspektiv : - Hur svenska medborgare kan komma att få ett svagare meddelarskydd och ensamansvar ioch med EG-rättens konflikt med svensk grundlag vid grundlagsregleringen 2010

AbstractTitle: Swedish Freedom of speech compared to european Freedom of speechNumber of pages: 57Author: Gabriella BoodeTutor: Göran SvenssonCourse: Media and Communication Studies CPeriod: Spring 2009University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science,Uppsala UniversityPurpose/Aim: The purpose with the dissertation is to see if there has been a limitation inSwedish Freedom of speech since parts of the European union laws is superiour to theSwedish constitution as Freedom of the press regulations and Freedom of speech constitution.A more narrow purpose is to find out how the specific Swedish rights such as individual?slegal right to publish information are influenced by the European union laws and are superiorto the Freedom of the press regulations and Freedom of speech constitutionThe survey will also try to find out the effectiveness with the Lisbon Strategy ?s emergencybrake and its purpose to protect the Swedish Freedom of the press regulations and Freedom ofspeech constitution. How big is the difference between the different member states concerningthe protection of the Freedom of speech?Material/Method: The data collected for this thesis is retrieved through personal interviewswith representives from experts with in the field as Uppsala University and the SwedishGovernent.Main results: It is obvious that Sweden has the strongest protection of Freedom of speechcomparing to the other EU member states. No other EU country has as detailed constitution asthe Swedish constitution TF and YGL.

Att vara eller inte vara Charlie : En retorisk analys av opinionsmaterial fra?n svenska webbtidningar efter attentatet mot Charlie Hebdos redaktion

This study aims to examine the argumentation regarding Freedom of speech and the statement ?je suis Charlie? (?I am Charlie?) in eight opinion articles from different Swedish web magazines. Two doctotral dissertations who?s main topics are the Freedom of speech and different types of arguments regarding Freedom of speach, was used in this study. The study also uses the actual Swedish law surrounding the Freedom of speech, as well as the Freedom of the press and breaches of these laws.

Upplevelser av att leva med ett självskadebeteende : En litteraturgenomgång

In 1809 the citizens of Sweden where given the Freedom to practice their Christian faith through the Swedish constitution of 1809, 16 §. This proclaimed that there should be religious Freedom in Sweden, albeit restricted to Evangelical-Lutheran faith. Although after the law regarding dissenters was passed in 1860 by choosing another church than the Evangelical-Lutheran church you lost some civic rights, for example you could not become a public official. The Freedom to choose religious affiliation was given through the Law of Religious Freedom in 1951. The purpose of this study is to evaluate in what way the concept of religious Freedom has developed in Swedish law between 1809 and 1951.In the background I treat two historical events and one era, with focus upon religious Freedom, which have in my opinion influenced the view of religious Freedom in Sweden during the chosen period of 1809?1951.

Är ökad pressfrihet dåliga nyheter för korruption? - En kvantitativ dataanalys som testar styrkan i sambandet mellan pressfrihet och korruption.

This paper aims to broaden the discussion on how press Freedom can be a powerful tool in the war on corruption. Previous studies have shown a significant relationship between more press Freedom and less corruption, it also shows that the causal link runs from press Freedom to corruption and not the other way around. There are quite a few studies on the impact of a free press on corruption and therefore there is a lot more to be published on this issue.This paper looks at press Freedom as one of the most important parts of a democratic society and that it plays a vital role in reducing corruption as both an informant on key issues and also as a ?watchdog? on society. But press Freedom cannot be seen as an ?easy fix? in a country or the international community's struggle to reduce corruption.

Frihetens regim : Nyliberal subjektivering hos Foucault

This paper focuses on the role Freedom plays in Michel Foucault?s analyze of liberal and particularely neoliberal governmentalities. From his perspective, neoliberalism operates through the strategic production of entrepreneural subjectivity and distribution of self-governing. Here autonomy is central for governing, which raises questions about what Freedom can mean at all in Foucault, and how resistance can be possible. Through Foucault?s thinking on liberal Freedom, we can gain a better understanding of his philosophy on subjectivation and resistance..

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