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NOVA : Funderingar kring ett shoppingcenter med utgångspunkt i fenomenologin

This thesis deals with a Swedish shopping centre, NOVA, from a phenomenological point of view. Starting in my own experience of the Architecture I discuss issues such as gender, consumerism and the image of the ideal society, the Heterotopia, as they appear to me in my studies of the building.Divided into three different themes I then discuss the aspects I?ve found through my meeting with the Architecture in comparison to a number of texts on the subject.My phenomenological analysis, combined with earlier research, presents to me a number of aspects more evident than others, as I do my own interpretation of the building and its Architecture..

Värdet av Enterprise Arkitektur i en verksamhet. En kvalitativ studie av hur man förklarar värdet av att använda Enterprise Arkitektur i en verksamhet i olika mognadssteg

The purpose with this report is to highlight the value which Enterprise Architecture (EA) can bring,including the effects that can emerge, for a business. In the report we also study how Enterprise Architecturemay serve as basis for generating even more business value. The study is based on a theoretical frameworkwhich covers the following perspectives; Architecture design, strategy development, management of changeand evaluation of IT-investments. Gathering and analysis of empirical data has been performed using acustom-developed model which is based on a model from Sogeti called Dynamic Architecture (van DenBerg and van Steenbergen, 2006) and Innovation Value Institute?s maturity curve (Innovation ValueInstitute, 2008) for Enterprise Architecture management.Explaining the value of Enterprise Architecture is invariably an important topic since many organizationsexpect to be able to generate quick value of the investments made in Enterprise Architecture.

Kunskapsorganisation av ämnesområdet arktektur : Klassifikation eller indexering av samlingarna på en arkitekthögskola?

This thesis analyses the problem of how to organise a multidisciplinary domain of knowledge like Architecture. The study is both theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part include discussions of theories of knowledge organisation. Two different principles of classification were examined in relation to the domain itself, as well as in relation to the educational programme at the School of Architecture at Lund University and comparable schools in Sweden. The empirical part is a case study carried out at the School of Architecture at Lund University.

Att välja perspektiv : "Arkitektur i Sverige - Funktion, konstruktion och estetik genom tiderna".

This essay tries to show how The Swedish Museum of Architecture, Stockholm, with the exibition Architecture in Sweden - Function, Design and Aesthetic through the Ages, presents and represents Architecture. It is stated that this is done in a multi-perspectival, multimedial fashion, with the aid of, for example, photography, models and mixed material surrounding the wide concept of ?Architecture?. One chapter discusses the relationships between the exhibition on site, the exhibition catalog and the museum´s website. Another chapter argues that there can be no essential or perfect representation of Architecture, although this utopian wish most certainly exists even today.

Stockholm temporary : relevancy & potentials for implementing temporary architecture in Stockholm

Temporary Architecture is an alternative urban planning concept which has been adapted in many cities worldwide during the last decade. There is however no common definition for temporary Architecture and it is diversely labelled and applied. In 2013 it also became publicly introduced in Stockholm via the approval of the city's first architectural guideline. Temporary Architecture is presented in the guideline as a potential tool for exploring public spaces among other Architecture related themes. The ideas for temporary Architecture are ambitious and promising. The problem is that they are vague and leaves questions regarding performance unanswered.

En SOA utvärderingsmall med fokus på integration, arkitektur och tjänster : Ett praktikfall på Logica

Today, there are no standardized ways to characterize SOA, many are talking about SOA and many say they are using SOA. One way that we have chosen to characterize this phenomenon is through an evaluation that will indicate whether SOA have been used in the development. Basedon a Service Oriented Architecture literature study, we have created an evaluation pattern resulting SOA principles of integration, Architecture and services. This evaluation was applied to Logica's own integration system AgrCom through an empirical study to result in a response indicating whether AgrCom is SOA based. The results of the evaluation show that AgrCom is part of an SOA solution but not an SOA as a whole concept.

När rummen råder : En studie om skolan som disciplinerande rum

This study titled When the spaces dominate A study of the school as disciplinary rooms is a study where the emphasis is on quality and where the results are based on observations. The purpose of the research was to analyse rooms and other artefacts in the school as seen from Foucault?s analysis of power. He emphasised that power is expressed in human relationships. To understand how that power is used one can study the techniques adopted and resistance offered.

Arkitekturtävling, Europan 9, Tjörn : att tävla i arkitektur (2007:26)

To me, competing in Architecture has always been slightly odd and at the same time exiting. These competitions are one of few occasions were Architecture is almost like art. The competition generates a variety of ideas and projects and these are often expressed in a more appetizing and artistic way than traditional Architecture. It?s also an art to master the special circumstances and requirements of a competition.

 Utvärdering av Revit Architecture :  Med hänsyn till Autocad Architecture

This Degree project summarizes how it is to work in the CAD program Revit Architecture. This was done because AQ Arkitekter in Eskilstuna is interested in how Revit works. Especially compared to AutoCad which is the software they are using today. Will their work become more efficient with the new software?The starting point was to find out how it is to work with Revit when you only used AutoCAD Architecture before.

Kan landskapsarkitektur ses som konst? : en inblick i landskapsarkitekters syn på det egna arbetet

Comparing your own work with art has been an obvious standpoint for landscape architects, especially during the midst of the 20th century. With this as background this essay intends to find out if there are any change to this condition visible today. This essay discusses the two notions of ?landscape Architecture? and ?art? with the intention of describing what they mean. A connection to todays active landscape architects is given through an examinating part of the essay.

Romernas hus : Ett romskt kulturcenter på Djurgården i Stockholm

The project investigates features of Romani Architecture.

Ideologier i biblioteksbyggnaden ? en fallstudie av Arlövs bibliotek

Library Architecture today is a complicated history. Public libraries are no longer merely a place for book storage, but also a virtual library a social meeting place and a place for study. All these diverse tasks and roles emerge in the democratic designing process of a new library and also transform into the Architecture. The underlying process is the evaluation and negotiation of the libraries overall tasks and ideas, ideals and values. Multiple ideologies are incorporated in library Architecture.

Landskapsarkitekturens ekonomiska värde : en explorativ studie om utemiljöers inverkan på fastighetsvärden.

Can landscape Architecture be seen as an economical asset rather than as a cost? Can well designed outdoor environments affect real estate values? This study investigates the economical value of landscape Architecture and its influence on real estate prices. Research results on the relation between landscape Architecture and real estate values are here compiled together with a survey made among players on the Swedish real estate market of their attitudes towards the problem. This study shows that the players on the Swedish real estate market often are unaware of the economical effects of landscape Architecture pointed out in the compiled research. The study also shows that to use this information in actual projects several steps need to be taken: better knowledge of the problem, more and better compilations of research results, effective channels to spread the compiled information, proper employment and implementation of the knowledge. Extended knowledge of the relation between landscape Architecture and real estate values will result in new ways of making money on outdoor environments. This would in turn have consequences for how the real estate business treat outdoor environments and how landscape architects work. The study is divided into four main questions: 1: Is there a relation between good landscape Architecture and real estate prices? 2: What is the view of the players on the real estate market in this matter? 3: Is there more knowledge, research and practical models at hand? 4: What future steps can be taken to broaden the knowledge and apply it to real situations?.

En jämförelse mellan betongarmeringsverktygen i TEKLA Structures och ADT

Vid uppritandet av byggmodeller på WSP Group i Norrköping använder man idag två program: TEKLA Structures och AutoCAD Architecture. En av anledningarna till detta är att armeringsverktyget Impact Reinforcement i AutoCAD Architecture fungerar bättre än armeringsverktygen i TEKLA Structures. Då man behöver armering i en TEKLA Structures modell exporteras denna till AutoCAD Architecture där armeringsjärnen sedan ritas in. Jag har därför undersökt skillnaderna mellan de båda programmens armeringsverktyg, resultatet är att Impact Reinforcement är lättare att använda medan TEKLA Structures tar längre tid att lära sig, men skulle kunna göra arbetet effektivare med rätt kunskaper..

Fortlevnaden av det klassiska arvet i Köpenhamns maktrelaterade arkitektur

En undersökning av användandet av klassicerande arkitektur i Köpenhamns maktrelaterade arkitektur i stadens offentliga, urbana rum..

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