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BOI och litteratursociologi, En undersökning av litteratursociologiska uppsatser skrivna inom Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap 2005-2008.

This study is a text analysis of 30 master?s theses, written by students at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science in Borås 2005-2008, concerning the subject Sociology of literature. The aim is to twofold; to show how the subject Sociology of literature manifests itself within these LIS theses and to produce discourse arguments concerning Sociology of literature as an LIS subject. The theorists I refer to in my study are Thomas. S Kuhn, Frickel & Gross and Richard Whitley, who devoted themselves to the theory of science.

Existentialismen är en sociologi : en essä om sociologi i en fragmenterad samtid

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the base of Sociology from an existentialistic perspective. The discussion takes it's position in the debate on the crisis of Sociology, and aligns with Alvin Gouldner's understanding of the crisis. Gouldner believed that the crisis of Sociology was mirrored in a sociological method that failed to describe the social reality that it meant to describe; a lack in self-criticism and self-reflexivity, a lack in self-containment in relation to state interests and a lack in moral engagement. This raises a number of questions, which I discuss in the essay. What is the role of Sociology in our society? How shall we form a method that responds to the social reality that we sociologists aim to describe? How can we make Sociology more moral?Existentialism offers a starting point to describe these questions.

Gränsöverskridande Ljuddesign

Transcending sound design is possible. There are unseen possibilities and a great potential for improvement and development in sound and music design ? but there is a great difficulty penetrating the obstacles that lies in the way for such development to take place and to exist. The difficulties in being negotiable and productive lies more within the limits of the audience it has to gain, than in itself. It is as though music and sound design has to evolve very slowly, in an almost evolutionary style; one step at a time, to be accepted.

Möte med det okända: en studie om integration och socialt kapital

Our purpose with this study was to look at the connection between social capital and integration. Particularly if meetings between people from different cultures can increase social capital and in that way affect integration. We start by identifying the social integration perspective we are going to use through out the study and then we introduce social capital theory as a way of narrowing down the field even more. The study was done through six semi structured interviews. We interviewed three women that was established in the Swedish society and three women that had immigration background.

Vår nätverkande verklighet: Bemanningsföretags ställning på den informationella arbetsmarknaden

Bakgrund: Bemanningsbranschen har vuxit väldigt mycket sedan 1990-talets början, då en avreglering av arbetsförmedlingsmonopolet skedde.Syfte: Att få en överblick över bemanningsbranschens utveckling samt att se vad den har för ställning idag på den informationella arbetsmarknaden.Utgångspunkter och upplägg: Uppsatsen börjar med en bakgrund och översikt över bemanningsbranschens utveckling sedan tidigt 1990-tal och framåt. Som teoretiska utgångs-punkter används begrepp som nätverkssamhälle, informationell arbetsmarknad, flexibilitet och individualisering. Huvudsaklig metod är fyra semistrukturella intervjuer som gjorts med fyra kvinnliga anställda på fyra olika bemanningsföretag. De teoretiska utgångspunkterna har sedan kopplats till empirin för analys.Slutsatser: Bemanningsbranschen är väl anpassad till den informationella arbetsmarknaden. Den har en stadig och stabil ställning, finns till för att den behövs och är här för att stanna..

Kan fritidsintressen och socialt stöd minska upplevelsen av stress på arbetet? En studie kring forskare i forskningsmiljö i Lund och Malmö, våren 2003 och 2005

Hur handskas vi med den arbetsrelaterade stressen och finns det faktorer som kan minska den? I denna studie undersöks upplevelsen av stress och socialt stöd i forskarmiljö. Undersökningens deltagare består av 45 forskare i Lund och Malmö som besvarat en enkät. Enkäten lämnades ut våren 2003 och 2005. Syftet var att undersöka om fritidsintresse och socialt stöd kan minska stressen som kan uppkomma i samband med arbetet.

Studenters attityder till arbetsmarknad och lön

This essay examines whether feminist theory can give a plausible answer to the question: does female and male students have different attitudes towards the labour market and towards wages? Further more, I examine if factors such as class and ethnicity affect student's attitudes. These questions are investigated through a quantitative study of students at four educations on two different universities in Sweden. Two of the educations have a high degree of female students, and the other two represent educations with at high degree of male students.The main conclusion is based on the quantitative research results. Female and male student's attitudes are similar in some cases.

Anmälningsskyldigheten inom skolan : sex rektorers förhållningssätt till anmälningsskyldigheten inom skolan

The purpose of the study is to examine what effects the law has on principals? approaches to mandatory reporting of child maltreatment (Social Services Act 14:1§). Moreover, the aim is to study if the regulation gets the impact intended. To respond to the purpose, legal science methods in the form of Sociology of law were employed aided by qualitative semi-structured research interviews. The interviews comprised six principals in six different schools in the Stockholm area.

Gränsöverskridande Ljuddesign

Transcending sound design is possible. There are unseen possibilities and a great potential for improvement and development in sound and music design ? but there is a great difficulty penetrating the obstacles that lies in the way for such development to take place and to exist. The difficulties in being negotiable and productive lies more within the limits of the audience it has to gain, than in itself. It is as though music and sound design has to evolve very slowly, in an almost evolutionary style; one step at a time, to be accepted.

Attraktiv arbetsgivare : En kvantitativ studie inom Luftfartsverket

This study was carried out at Luftfartsverket (LFV Group, Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services). The aim was to study what characterizes an employer of choice and further to examine how well the employees at Luftfartsverket feel that their employer lives up to this image. A quantitative method was applied in the form of a selfdeveloped questionnaire. It was answered by a random sample of employees at Luftfartsverket.The results showed that salary, good leadership, good relations to colleagues and a sense of participation were important factors to be an employer of choice. In the organization at hand good colleagues were the most fulfilled factor whereas good leadership were the least fulfilled factor.

Ökad jämställdhet genom ett kvinnligt nätverk? Om jämställdhetsarbete i ett företag i byggbranschen

I denna uppsats belyser vi hur jämställdhetsarbete kan bedrivas inom en organisation genom att studera ett kvinnligt nätverk hos ett stort svenskt företag i byggbranschen. Syftet med vårt arbete är att bidra med en kritisk diskussion om nytta och funktion av praktiskt jämställdhetsarbete i en samtida arbetslivskontext. Frågeställningen blir därmed: Hur fungerar jämställdhetsarbetet inom det undersökta kvinnliga nätverket; Vad är bra, vad är problematiskt, och hur kan det bli bättre? Uppsatsen baseras på en kvalitativ undersökning i form av semistrukturerade intervjuer gjorda med åtta kvinnliga anställda på företaget, samt på en analys av nätverkets projektplan. I arbetet kommer vi fram till att nätverket har en potential, då man från företagets sida satsar tid, pengar och kraft på nätverksarbetet.

Vad är viktig kunskap i Samhällskunskap? : En analys av läraruppfattningar

Title: What is important knowledge in social studies- An analyse of opinions among teachers in social studiesThe aim of this paper is to increase the awareness about how teachers in Social studies think about goals and substance in the subject. I also want to get a picture about what kinds of problems teacher?s experiences when teaching Social studies. My expectations told me that Social studies are complex to teach, because it derives from several university disciplines such as Political science, Economics, Sociology, Law and Geography, which I believe makes the subject harder to define and what to give priority to. Finally, I want to increase the awareness, if it seems to be any fundamental essence in Social studies as a subject.To achieve my goals with this paper I have studied relevant literature about Social studies.

Regler och normer i fängelser: ur ett utifrånperspektiv

The purpose with this study was to investigate the rules and norms there is in a prison. The rules in a meaning of the one that the prison have that the interns must follow and the norms and values. This study is from an outside perspective, which is in this case between the prison warders and the interns and the relation between the interns. The essay is based on nine interviews with prison warders from four different prisons in south of Sweden. Habermas theory about systems and lifeworld and prior research by Donald Clemmer and Ricard Nilssons B-essay in law of Sociology is used to support the results.

Dinosaurier i Kurdistan pratar kurdiska : En studie i hur barn i förskolan tänker om och uttrycker sin flerspråkighet

This is an ethnographically inspired study focusing on multilingualism in a Swedish preschool setting. The purpose of the study was to find out how the children perceived their multilingualism and how it was expressed by the children in the interaction with teachers and peers. The research questions were as follows: How is the multilingualism expressed in the day to day interaction in preschool? What significance does the daily interaction with peers and educators have for the children?s perceptions of their multilingualism? How do the children perceive their multilingualism and the value in their multilingual abilities?  To answer these question methods inspired by ethnographical studies were used, namely participant observation and semi-structured interviews with the children.   Theory was used from two areas; childhood Sociology as theorized by Corsaro with the ideas of peer cultures and interpretive reproduction, and the Sociology of language with the theory of collaborative empowerment as introduced and developed by Cummins. The children in the study were seen as social actors who are important here and now and who contribute to the development of society.   The study showed that the multiple languages were visible in the preschool, but that the Swedish language was upheld as the norm and the language of communication; no children were recorded playing in their ?home language? during interaction with other children.

Skolkuratorers upplevelser och kunskaper gällande ångest hos unga kvinnor : En kvalitativ intervjustudie

The aim of the study was to examine the knowledge that school counsellors in Swedish schools have about young women with anxiety disorders. The study also examines how the counsellors act when there is a suspicion or a case of anxiety in a female student. With a qualitative approach eight school counsellors were interviewed. The theoretical approach that was used is the Sociology of knowledge. Some of the study?s conclusions are that anxiety disorders are frequent among young girls.

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