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Hur påverkar rörelse barns prestation i skolan?   How does movement affect children?s performance in school? : How does movement affect children?s performance in school?

This report is a qualitative interview study which central content enlightens how movement and sports effects children?s performance in school. With the help of five different teachers in three different schools questions like; how does movement effect the performance of children in school? Have been answered.Lots of research and litterateur shows that children is doing better physical and mental, the concentration level is improved and the performance in school is better when exposed to more movement, also there are less conflicts and the students gets better motor skills.Comparison with the ?Bunkefloproject? has been done, which was a project in the south of Sweden where they let the children have physical education every day and then they examined how this effected their performance in school. With this basis this report will examine the teachers view on the subject.The result shows that the teachers think that there should be more movement in the daily schedule for the children because they seam to be more happy and concentrates better after movement.

En komparativ studie av vinstdelningssystem bland advokatbyråer

Law firms are defined as knowledge-intensive companies. Due to the dependency regarding the resource of knowledge among the firms employees and to the fact that they often are categorised as a type of professional service firm. The purpose of this study is to investigate the different types of profitsharingsystems as a form of reward with focus on the theoretical differences and effects of the True Partnershipmodel and the Stockholmmodel. In addition to these models we will look into the Human Resource processes of; recruiting, integration, retaining and development of employees. The main purpose of the study is to examine the theoretical level on how the profitsharingsystems effect different Human Resource processes and through the knowledge of these connections using this as an analogy when to analyse other law-firms and knowledge?intensive company?s.

Holländska sjukan En litteraturstudie om effekterna av holländska sjukan på Botswanas textil- och boskapsindustri.

Botswanas ekonomiska tillväxt utgör ett sällsynt exempel på ett afrikanskt land som har lyckats använda sina naturtillgångar till att driva på en ekonomisk utveckling och samtidigt minimerat effekterna av den så kallade Holländska sjukan (HS). HS är ett ekonomiskt fenomen som går ut på att en växande sektor som baseras på naturtillgångar skadar landets tillverkningssektor och leder därmed till en indirekt de-industrialisering. Botswanas diamantindustri står för drygt 35% av BNP:n och hela 75% av exportintäkterna vilket gör att landet har en mineralbaserad ekonomi. Detta faktum har gjort landet väldigt intressant för forskning. Aktuell forskning har med hjälp av ekonometriska metoder visat att landets tillverkningssektor har undvikit eller drabbats minimalt av de effekter som HS utgör.

Vibrationsträning vid knäledsartros

In cooperation with Hälsoteamet Halmstad a pilot study was made to see if whole body vibration exercise has any effect on muscle strength, movement and experience of pain in people with knee osteoarthritis. Today whole body vibration exercise is a revolutionary exercise method that needs more studies to show the positive and negative effects. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease where more cartilage is destroyed than replaced. The most common symptoms are pain, stiffness, restricted movement, muscularly atrophy, tenderness and instability. The cartilage needs pressure to rebuild, it is therefore important that the patient exercise.

Riksteatern: Hur styrs folkrörelsen?

Riksteatern is a Swedish movement which was formed during the 1930s. The movement now consists of 230 local societies and had 545 000 visitors last year. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how a movement, mainly financed by the Swedish government, is run. To be able to understand this, the theories of Pierre Bourdieu are used together with organizational theories. The empirics are collected mainly by semi-structured interviews made with employees at Riksteatern.

Effekten av traktkil på det distala benets rörelsemönster hos travhäst :

Changing of the hoof angle is a common method for the treatment of many lameness-related conditions (Moyer 1980; Stashak 2002). Various studies in the literature have indicated different results of the effect of changing the hoof angle on the movement of the distal limb. Our study investigated the effect of raising the heel of the forelimbs by 10,7 mm on the movement of the distal limb. Horses trotted on a treadmill at several predetermined speeds. The kinematics of the distal limb was determined and variables including the extension of the fetlock joint were determined.

På jakt efter miljörörelsens sångtradition

Is there a specific tradition of songs within the swedish environmental movement? What kinds of music has been performed in different situations and what does it mean to the movement and its inner life? The essay deals with a town meeting and action against plans of establishing passenger flights at a former military airport in Uppsala, looking at the action as a performance and as a ritual. The second part of the essay is built on interviews of three veterans of the movement's organisations one of which is as a singer-songwriter originally active in the peace movement of the 60's. The paper is about the songs and the situations in which they were sung, concluding that there is, the limited material considered, little evidence of considerable transfer of songs within the movement, though some coherence exists. The connection to between environmental movement and the swedish radical music movement of the 70's is also slightly mentioned.

The Zeitgeist Movement : ?Allt kanske inte är som mamma och pappa sa?? EN SOCIALPSYKOLOGISK STUDIE MED FOKUS PÅ ETT ANTAL DELTAGARE I THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT

This study´s focus was a group of participants of a social movement called The Zeitgeist Movement. The purpose of this study was to understand and convey what causes participants of this movement to engage despite that the prevailing culture teaches them otherwise.With qualitative methodology of participatory observation and semi-structured interviews with ten participants, our objective has been to answer the following questions: What are the driving forces that make these people act, which approach do they have to ?reality? and how do they relate to it, and what are the potential consequences with this approach?The study has shown that their critical and questioning attitude towards their perception of reality and their social constructivist view of it lead to conflicts between them and their fellowmen. The data was then analyzed with Alfred Schütz phenomenological theories in synthesis with Zygmunt Baumans critical societal analysis and theories.The study's focus was on the Gothenburg chapter of the Swedish Zeitgeist Movement. We did not make any comparisons with other national or international chapters of the movement..

Hälsoeffekter av djur inom äldrevården

Mainstream contemporary phenomenology understands the phenomenology of movement and dance through ?the lived body? of Merleau-Ponty. This paper rather suggests a phenomenology of movement and dance based on an understanding through ?the danced body? with ability to meta-feeling. It is here argued that we need to use a phenomenology of dance to understand the phenomenon of movement whatsoever.

Rekgrupperna i de svenska ingenjörbataljonerna : Är de bara ögon i terrängen eller har de möjlighet att bita ifrån?

This paper describes the Swedish reconnaissance squads in the engineer battalions, their equipment, tasks and organization. An analysis is made to compare the present weapons and fire power of the reconnaissance squad with an extended weapon alternative. The analysis focuses on the abilities effect, protection and movement in different situations typical of a reconnaissance squad.The facts that are presented in this paper are mostly founded on the new field manual FältarbR Dyktjänst 2007, which regulates much of the reconnaissance activities. The aim of this paper is the making of a contribution in the developing progress of the new field manual and the reconnaissance squads in Swedish engineer battalions.The result of the analysis shows that the extended weapon alternative would be an asset..

Ingenjörpluton : Kung på en sak eller klåpare på tusen?

This essay is about the engineer platoon. The engineer platoon has many different tasks and from my own experience sometimes too many. The platoon is able to build bridges, clear mines and to perform all kinds of construction work in rural or in urban terrain.In this case study I compare goals/demands for the battalion to goal?s set up for the company and finally what effects this has on the engineer platoons abilities. The main question is, if the engineer platoon really can solve all tasks given to them in the document TOEM? Abilities such as effect, protection and movement are the bearing parts of the case study.The materials I have analyzed are mostly from documents published by The Swedish Armed Forces.

Rörelse i en sydafrikansk skola : En studie om lärares syn och tillämpning

AbstractAccording to a lot of people, movement contributes with a whole lot of positive things such as, learning, a better bodyknowledge, fellowship and koncentration. Movement has also proved to support many things regarding childrens development. According to Gun Sandborg-Holmdahl who is a teacher in pedagogic and Birgitta Stening who is an physical education teacher, movement and games commits many of the human senses wich contributes childrens ability to use their amagination and also spontanity. Games and movements have also shown to have good effects when it comes to childrens increased feeling to learn things. I have in this study, studied the South African school and their wiew on movement in school.

E=(motion)2 : Mellan rörelse och dans

Mainstream contemporary phenomenology understands the phenomenology of movement and dance through ?the lived body? of Merleau-Ponty. This paper rather suggests a phenomenology of movement and dance based on an understanding through ?the danced body? with ability to meta-feeling. It is here argued that we need to use a phenomenology of dance to understand the phenomenon of movement whatsoever.

Hur påverkar nya religiösa rörelser medlemmarnas Identitet? : En kvalitativ studie i avhoppares uppfattning.

The purpose of this study was to try to develop a better understanding of the process that being a member in a new religious movement might imply, and to find out how the identity of a defector changes from the time upon entering the movement, while they are within the movement and after leaving the movement. We also wanted to examine what kind of help and support would be needed around a defection. The study focuses on identity and our questions were: How does the defector describe him/herself and his/her identity before joining the new religious movement until the period after defecting? What demand for support and help may there be when defecting from new religious movement? The theoretical starting point was The Identity Theory, Structural Role Theory and KASAM. A qualitative method was used and four defectors from new religious movements were interviewed.

Bemanningsföretagens strid i kampen för det mänskliga kapitalet

The study explores collective action in Sweden between 1980 to 1995 using time-series data from the European Protest and Coercion Database. In spite of severe hardship during the crisis of the early 1990s, Swedish strike-rates declined. However, contention merely shifted from workplaces into the streets; there was indeed a protest movement against austerity, as shown by a series of large demonstrations, and some riots, between 1989 and 1993. Further analysis indicates this movement faded as it was increasingly chanelled into the electoral campaign of the labor pary; having won the 1994 election, the organised labor movement no longer had an interest in sustaining the protest movement against austerity..

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